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What Is A High Terpene Extract? Understanding The Concentrate Of The Future

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts or HTFSE are not terms that roll off the tongue easily, but as concentrates become increasingly popular, these aromatic and potent extracts are now the connoisseur’s go-to products. But what is a high terpene extract, and how is it made?

The cannabis concentrate scene has come a long way from its literally explosive homemade BHO roots. Today, we have a variety of concentrates, including distillates, live resin, shatter, budder, crumble, caviar and now sauce. These products have a higher THC concentration than the natural flower, and some, like live resin, have a higher terpene concentration.

But if you are interested in the health benefits of terpenes or you just like the natural taste and aroma of the cannabis plant, the product you have to try is the high terpene full spectrum extract or HTFSE. But what are high terpene extracts, and are they worth buying?

This article explains what high terpene extracts are, the difference with high cannabinoid full-spectrum extracts, and how they are made. Read on.

What Is A High Terpene Extract?Image of High Terpene Extract in a Jar. What Is A High Terpene Extract? Buy weed online in Canada.

Full-spectrum extracts can either have cannabinoids or terpenes as the dominant compounds. Extracts with higher terpene concentrations are known as High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts or HTFSE, while those high in cannabinoids are known as High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts or HCFSE.

HTFSE, also known as sauce or terp sauce, is a type of cannabis concentrate that contains all the essential compounds found in the weed plant, except lipids and fats. However, high terpene extracts contain between 13-40% terpenes, much higher than other concentrates and most full-spectrum extracts. 

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts (HCFE), on the other hand, contain higher levels of THCA than HTFSEs. High-quality high terpene extracts may have up to 50% THCA in addition to the 13-40% terpene concentration. But what other differences do the two extracts have?

Difference Between High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract And High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum ExtractDifference Between High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract And High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract

HTFSE vs HCFSE have many similarities, but there are also some very distinct differences that you must note to avoid confusion.

Both types contain the full plant profile – cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Depending on the conditions, when a full spectrum extract is created from a cured flower, it can be either HTFSE or HCFSE. 

The HTFSE layer takes on a gritty liquid, sauce-like consistency, while the HCFSE crystallizes into a sugar-like or diamond extract. This is because HCFSEs are almost 90% THCA while HTFSEs contain about 50% THCA – (high quality) and a higher terpene content (13% to 40%), which gives it the runny, liquid-like consistency. 

HTFSEs are also typically made using high-quality frozen bud to preserve the terpene content of the cannabis plant it’s extracted from. Now you may be wondering, is HTFSE the same as live resin?

Live resin is the other cannabis concentrate that is made using frozen buds. To understand the differences between High Terpene Extract, HTFSE and live resin, we have to look at how the former is made. 

How Is Terpene Oil (HTFSE) Made?Scientist in lan making HTFSE. Buy weed online from mail order marijuana dispensary west coast cannabis.

The process of making high terpene extract requires highly specialized equipment and four main components – pressure, extremely low temperatures, a solvent with a low boiling point and high-quality buds from a weed strain of your choice.

The process of making high-quality HTFSE starts with the procurement of terpene-rich buds. It is essential that the inputs be of premium quality. Most producers prefer using premium frozen buds rather than cured flowers to produce HTFSEs.

It’s common for cannabis growers to flash freeze buds after a harvest to preserve the fragile terpenes found in the natural plant. While cured buds can still be used as the starting materials, drying and curing means some of the compounds in the live plants are lost, and therefore, the end product won’t be of the same quality as one made using frozen flower.

The frozen buds are mixed with the solvent to extract terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids from the plant materials. Low temperatures are maintained throughout the process to preserve the terpene profile of the buds.

The extract also goes under an extra process to remove lipids, fats, and waxes. What remains after the process is a mixture of the solvent and cannabis concentrate. The mixture is then put on low heat to remove the solvent from the concentrate. 

So how does this process differ from live resin? Live resin is made using flash-frozen cannabis buds and a solvent such as butane. The method also uses low temperatures, and the solvent is purged in a vacuum oven. HTFSE can be made with cured or frozen bud using a solvent process. The solvent is then purged at low temperatures. 

HTFSE made from frozen bud could be considered live resin, but it is not if it’s made from cured buds. Like most cannabis concentrates, there is no set industry standard on what extract is considered live resin or not. That’s why we recommend buying weed online from a reputable marijuana mail order dispensary like West Coast Cannabis to ensure you get the right products.

How To Consume High Terpene ExtractAttractive woman vaping High Terpene Extract from online dispensary west coast cannabis.

The most popular way to consume HTFSE is via dabbing. To use this method, you need a dab rig, a glass pipe (bong) made specifically for vaporizing concentrates. Dab rigs have a nail that is heated using a torch (or electronically if you have an e-nail).

When the nail reaches the optimal temperature, you can take a small amount of the high terpene full spectrum extract and introduce it to the nail. The concentrate is vaporized instantly, and you inhale the vapour.

Other consumption methods include using vaporizers such as vape, dab and terp pens. HTFSE is also added to a special vape cartridge, known as a sauce cart.

Terp sauce can also be added to a joint, blunt, or bowl to add extra THC potency to the flower and improve the flavour and aroma. If you add it in a joint, ensure the terp sauce goes a little further than the end you will light, so it’s vaporized by the heat and not burned.

3 Best High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

1. High Voltage HTFSE/Sauce 1gHigh Voltage HTFSE Sauce 1g. Buy weed online in Canada from the best online dispensary.

Get this premium HTFSE from High Voltage extracts in BC and enjoy the best cannabis flavour and aroma ever. This product typically has between 20-39% terpenes, 20-30% other cannabis biomolecules and up to 50% cannabinoids. Buy High Voltage HTFSE weed online from West Coast Cannabis today.

2. Couch-Lock Terp Sauce – IndicaCouch-Lock Terp Sauce Indica cannabis extract for sale online from west coast cannabis mail order marijuana weed dispensary.

This terp sauce is extracted from the popular Couch Lock strain, a cross between the classic Afghan and Northern Lights #5. This bud is incredibly potent, boasting THC levels of up to 28%. Its effects range from a long-lasting body buzz to an intense couch-lock.

Buy Couch-Lock terp sauce online today and enjoy a unique flavour profile.

3. Mike Tyson Terp SauceMike Tyson Terp Sauce from mail order marijuana online dispensary west coast cannabis canada.

This high-quality West Coast Cannabis terp sauce is extracted from an extremely rare 100% pure indica named after the legendary pugilist – Mike Tyson. This strain has a high THC concentration and a unique flavour profile, making this terp sauce a must-try.

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