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What Is Crumble Wax? A Beginner’s Guide To Canada’s Driest Cannabis Concentrate

Cannabis concentrates are slowly taking over as the most preferred weed products to buy online in Canada, and crumble wax is among the most popular types. But why is crumble, the driest concentrate on sale, attracting so much attention among cannabis users? And is it worth buying crumble wax?

Crumble’s growing reputation can be attributed to its versatility, high THC potency and a robust flavour profile that only a few can match. It’s also among the most affordable concentrates, and if you buy weed online from West Coast Cannabis, you can save an extra buck or two.

But is Crumble Wax worth trying, or should you stick to shatter and other dabs? And what’s the best way to smoke crumble?

What Is Crumble Wax?Crumble Wax or honeycomb was cannabis concentrates from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary to buy weed online.

Crumble wax, aka honeycomb wax, is a cannabis concentrate known for its versatility compared to other extracts. While most concentrates have a sticky consistency, crumble is dry and airy and is identified by its malleable texture that “crumbles” when handled.

This consistency is one of its greatest strengths and downfalls compared to other types of weed concentrates such as shatter, wax, live resin and distillates. But as you will soon find out, they also have a lot in common. 

While you can crush it and easily add it to a bowl, joint, or spliff, this crumbly consistency also makes it harder to handle than other sticky concentrates such as BHO wax. Therefore, it is advisable to have a scoop shaped dab tool to pick up the crumbled pieces when dabbing. 

Crumble is created through solvent extraction. Many companies use butane as a solvent in combination with heat and pressure, although more producers are adapting the use of supercritical CO2 for cleaner concentrates. However, crumble created through CO2 isn’t as “crumbly” as one created using butane.

Honeycomb wax is created through the same process as other BHO extracts, but the dry texture that collapses when handled is due to the purging method in the production process. Some producers also whip up the mixture before purging to make it airier. Crumble is nothing more than a whipped-up shatter that is purified at a very low temperature, making it dry and crumbly.

Crumble is generally light yellow, although it may change over time to amber. Crumble falls apart with little effort, but does it have any other benefits over other concentrates? Also, how do you smoke crumble wax?

Why Choose Crumble Over Other Concentrates? Benefits Of CrumbleMan smoking crumble outside. West Coast Cannabis mail order marijuana online dispensary.

1. Highly versatile

With crumble, you have a wide variety of consumption methods, including smoking, dabbing, vaping and edibles. But can you eat crumble wax? More on this later.

2. Highly potent

Compared to flower and some concentrates, this product is very potent with THC content ranging from 60% to 90%. As such, you only need a minimal amount to get outer space-high. It can be 3-6 times as strong as a regular flower.

3. It is very flavourful

This benefit is attributed to its unique preparation method. Crumble, unlike other concentrates, is purified at lower temperatures and for longer than other BHO concentrates. The lower temperature and extended purging time preserve volatile terpenes, which add to this dab’s flavour, taste, and even benefits.

Crumble delivers a tastier dabbing experience than shatter, wax, and other concentrates except live resin.

How To Make Crumble Waxlab technician making crumble wax. Buy shatter online, THC concentrates, supreme thc cartridges at online dispensary canada.

How do you make BHO crumble wax? And can you make crumble weed at home? The answer to the second question is yes; however, the process is hazardous as butane is highly flammable and can cause explosions and fires.

The production of dabs at home is also dangerous due to the toxic nature of the solvents used. Extraction by amateurs can cause injury, property damage, and even death. It’s, therefore, best to leave the production to professionals.

That being said, you can make crumble with dried and cured cannabis bud, or you can use fresh, flash-frozen nugs. However, crumble wax made using fresh, frozen buds is considered a type of live resin. 

First, the cannabis flower is mixed with the solvent – i.e. butane, to extract all the available terpenes and cannabinoids such as THC and CBD from the plant materials. The next step is to cool down the mixture and separate the concentrate from the lipids and fats through a process known as winterization. The mixture is now ready for the final step, which makes the concentrate different from others.

The final step is to remove the butane or other solvent. This process is called purging and involves heating the mixture to evaporate the solvent. However, with crumble, this process is quite different. The mixture is placed in special-purpose vacuum ovens and heated at low temperatures for one to three days.

The producers also whip the mixture to create an airier and lighter crumble dab.

Do You Know How To Smoke Crumble Wax?

Wondering how you can smoke crumble wax like a pro? Here are the best ways to smoke crumble wax and whether you can eat BHO crumble.

Best Way To Consume Crumble

1. Dab Crumble Wax

This is the most preferred method of consuming this concentrate. All you need is to set up your dab rig. Not quite sure how to use one? Here is our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to use a dab rig like a pro.

All you have to do is heat up the nail until it’s the right temperature using the torch, let it cool down for 45 seconds if it’s made of quartz and 10 if it’s titanium. 

Use a scoop-shaped dab tool to take a small piece of the concentrate and put it on the hot nail as you inhale from the other side. Ensure all the concentrate is placed on the nail to avoid wastage.

Use a carb cap to regulate airflow as you inhale.

2. Vape Crumble

If your vape is designed to vaporize concentrates, all you have to do is place the crumble to the chamber, turn it on and inhale. However, be very careful with dosing as this is a very potent product.Using a grinder to break up weed buds and roll a joint. buy weed. weed online. buy edibles canada. order weed online canada.

3. Smoke it

Crumble wax is not made to be smoked on its own, but you can add it to dry flower to add more THC potency. Simply sprinkle it on the dry flower in a bowl or joint and light it up.

4. Can you eat crumble wax?

There is no specific answer on whether it’s okay to eat crumble on its own. You can, however, incorporate it into your edible recipes. It’s decarboxylated and therefore ready to use, unlike raw flower. 

All you have to do is dissolve it in some warm – not hot, olive or coconut oil and infuse it into any dish. 

Best Crumble Wax To Buy Online In Canada

1. Berry Gelato CrumbleBerry Gelato Crumble for sale from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary for weed online.

This crumble is known for its sweet, fruity and creamy berry flavours with sour tropical hints on the exhale. This potent crumble produces cerebral energy that leaves you focused, euphoric and motivated. 

Buy Berry Gelato crumble from West Coast Cannabis mail order marijuana dispensary today.

2. Crumble Alien Space Cookie (Hybrid)Crumble Alien Space Cookie crumble. Hybrid cannabis concentrate.

Looking to buy crumble online in Canada? This potent concentrate is derived from Alien Space Cookies, an evenly balanced (50:50) indica/sativa hybrid. Alien Space Cookies is incredibly rare to find and if you are looking to buy cannabis concentrates online in Canada, this may be your best chance.

This crumble hits you with a happy high at first, but as it comes down, it turns into a highly relaxing body buzz that will leave you couch-locked. These balanced effects and benefits make this crumble a worthy consideration if you are to buy weed online.

Buy crumble online in Canada from West Coast Cannabis, the country’s top online dispensary for many strains and products, from flower to cannabis concentrates and mushrooms. All our products are tested by each team member so you can be sure what you buy is what we use ourselves.

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