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What Is Sativa? Differences With Indica, Benefits, And The Best Strains To Buy In Canada

For centuries now, cannabis plants have been classified as either sativa or indica. This dichotomy of marijuana types has been adopted by breeders, online dispensaries in Canada and even consumers. But are they different? What is sativa weed, and what does it do to you?

Although they may not be very different today, these categories may still be helpful if you are trying to buy weed online and have to predict the effects. In this article, we look at what sativas are, what they do to you, and where to buy the highest quality weed in Canada.

What Is Sativa Weed?Sativa cannabis plants growing outdoors. What Is Sativa? Buy weed online in Canada from online dispensary west coast cannabis.

The indica – sativa classification started in the 18th century when French Biologist, Jean Baptiste Lamark, proposed a classification system based on some samples of the cannabis plant he had gotten from India. This classification was based on the physical properties of the plants and not by their chemical makeup.

Lamark stated that sativa plants were taller with thin feathery leaves while the indicas plants grew shorter, bushier with thick stubby leaves. He claimed that the difference in their physical traits caused the differences in effects and uses. 

Lamark’s classification wasn’t perfect. Botanists challenged it, stating there was only one cannabis breed – Cannabis sativa L, which adapted to different environments hence the difference in physical traits and effects. But by then, it was too late as people interested in the healing powers of weed had adapted the sativa – indica classification system. But what is sativa today?

Today, we still use the sativa – indica system to classify and predict the effects that a marijuana flower will cause. When people talk of sativa weed today, they refer to the tall and willowy subspecies with long slender leaves.

This type of marijuana originates from warmer environments, such as central and south America, Africa, and Asia. But what does sativa do to you? What are some of the reasons people use this weed?

What Does Sativa Do To You? Why You Should Use Sativa Strains

Now that you know what sativa weed is, how does it make you feel? Here are some of the reasons people use sativa weed.

1. To Enhance CreativitySativa weed can be used for creativity. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

Sativas are the best option if you are looking to get out of a rut or tap into your creative side. Sativa strains are associated with a head high that sometimes spurs creativity as your thoughts roam freely, allowing you to choose the best ideas you wouldn’t otherwise consider when sober.

For accuracy purposes, some people experience even more mind-blowing thoughts on indicas. However, these tend to cause drowsiness and may put you to bed even when consumed during the day. This is probably not what you want when taking on a creative task.

That’s where sativas come in. Most sativas allow you to focus and stay alert at whatever time of the day, to the extent that they are only recommended for wake and bake and daytime use unless you want to find yourself awake, cleaning your apartment at 3 am.

Sativas are the best option if you are trying to get some work done. Whether it’s painting, writing or even making music. The best part is that sativas don’t make you sleepy.

2. Pain ReliefMan with wrist main in need of sativa weed for pain relief. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

Does sativa help with pain? Yes, sativa strains may help with pain relief, but as with the No 1, this property is not exclusive to sativas. Pain relief induced by weed is caused by various chemicals found in the cannabis sativa L species called cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD have been shown in numerous studies to have pain-relieving properties. Combined with their anti-inflammatory qualities, these cannabinoids found in sativa strains may help manage pain caused by various chronic conditions, including arthritis.

Cannabinoids aren’t the only compounds in sativa strains with pain-relieving properties. Terpenes, the aromatic compounds produced in the trichomes, have also been shown in research studies to cause a reduction in pain sensation. When combined with cannabinoids, the pain-relieving effects are amplified. So it’s safe to say that sativas may help reduce pain.

3. MotivationHappy woman drinking coffee working from home. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

If you are wondering about how sativa makes you feel, it’s associated with euphoric and uplifting effects that spur creativity and lift your moods. Motivation is not something that is lacking when consuming sativa buds. 

People use this bud in the morning for that extra push to start their days in what many stoners call. Sativas are known for their head highs, usually uplifting and energetic. So if you are looking for some strain to motivate you to finish that project you have been sitting on for weeks, sativa buds may be the best option.

4. Anxiety Reliefbuy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

Many sativa strains are associated with uplifting and euphoric effects meaning they can be powerful anti-anxiety agents. They keep you active and help you make the best out of your day. This and the heady effects may help reduce anxiety scores.

CBD, the second most common cannabinoid in sativa and indica plants, has also been shown to have potent anti-anxiety effects that may help promote the overall anxiolytic qualities of sativa plants. 

That said, overconsuming sativa weed may cause bouts of anxiety and paranoia, making the primary condition even worse. So dose carefully.

5. Promote Social Interactions/ ActivitiesAdult friends celebrating outside eating pizza. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

If you dread hanging out with others or just being in social settings, maybe all you need is a few hits of a sativa bud. Sativa highs are stimulating, which could help people loosen up and enjoy themselves in social situations.

Sativa buds are effective conversation starters and can help some people remove the “social awkwardness” caused by social anxiety. Sativa flower tends to boost your self-confidence and lift your spirits, leaving you happy and ready to chat with anyone that comes your way.

3 Best Sativa Strains To Buy Online In Canada

1. AAAA Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) AAAA Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF)

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a 70% sativa dominant strain popular in Canada for its unique high. This strain’s effects aren’t like anything you have encountered before. Its scent combines skunk, catpiss with a diesel scent that makes it hard to ignore.

As for the taste, it has intense orange and banana tastes and leaves a spicy aftertaste in your mouth. This strain is very potent, with tests showing its THC levels average 25-28%. Buy this ATF weed online today for the ultimate sativa experience.

2. AAA Durban Poison AAA Durban Poison

Looking for the authentic sativa experience? Durban Poison, a strain that originates from South Africa, is one of the last pure sativas that you can order online today. Durban Poison is known for its sweet aroma and energetic effects.

This strain is perfect for starting the day or as a pick-me-up in the late afternoons. Order Durban Poison weed online from West Coast Cannabis.

3. AAAA Super Lemon Haze AAAA Super Lemon Haze

This super energetic strain is a blend of Super Silver Haze and the legendary Lemon Skunk. These prestigious genetics combine to form an award-winning 80% sativa strain ranked first in the Medical Sativa category at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup.

This strain has high THC levels – 25-28% and candied, lemon flavours and aroma. Purchase Super Lemon Haze bud online from Canada’s top mail-order marijuana dispensary today.

Where To Buy Sativa Weed Online In Canada

Buying weed online is more convenient than traveling to your local dispensary. However, it’s not without its risks that’s why finding a reliable dispensary for mail order weed in Canada is essential. If you are looking to buy weed online, West Coast Cannabis is the top dispensary for high-quality weed sold at the best prices.

West Coast Cannabis also has fantastic offers and ships weed to all parts of Canada. Order weed online from us today and experience a smooth shopping experience, high-quality weed and delivery to anywhere in Canada. 

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