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Are These The Best Ways To Smoke Shatter?

Cannabis enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new products that deliver high THC content with ease. One of the increasingly popular ways is to use cannabis concentrates like shatter and wax. But what is shatter, and how do you smoke it? 

Smokers looking for a heavier hitting high are turning to shatter, or wax, a marijuana concentrate that can pack up to 90% cannabinoid concentrate. Shatter is a relatively new addition to marijuana consumption methods, but how on earth do you use shatter? 

This article tells you how to dab/smoke shatter with and without a rig, where to buy it, and recommends some premium wax products you can buy online in Canada. Read on!adult male smoking weed

What Is Shatter And How Is It Made?

Shatter is one form of dabs – the catch-all term for cannabis concentrates. The name “shatter” describes its hard glass-like consistency that tends to shatter or crack when broken apart. Shatter has an amber/gold colour and is translucent (sometimes transparent). But how is shatter made?

Like other cannabis concentrates, wax is extracted from the plant materials using a solvent, in many cases butane or CO2. In the case of butane, the raw plant materials are blasted or soaked in butane, which extracts cannabinoids and terpenes and is later heated to get rid of the solvent.

This process leaves behind butane hash oil (BHO) an amber-coloured liquid that solidifies to form wax and shatter. However, shatter and wax differ in consistency.

Wax is usually whipped, stirred or shaken during the production process, which irritates the extract’s molecules, resulting in a creamy, opaque final product. 

Shatter is not agitated during the process, resulting in a more translucent appearance and a brittle consistency. 

However, the level of transparency achieved is not an indicator of the potency or quality of the product. Therefore, shatter is not necessarily more potent than wax and vice versa. Always refer to the label/certificate of analysis for THC/CBD levels in the product.

Wax is softer and malleable, which makes it easy to handle using tools like scoops. On the other hand, Shatter tends to break apart, making it a little trickier to scoop and dose. However, despite its brittleness, shatter is more stable and tends to last longer than wax. Now that you know what shatter is, how do you smoke it?image of best shatter to buy online in canada. online mail order marijuana dispensary

4 Easy Ways To Smoke Marijuana Concentrates

There are several ways to smoke marijuana concentrates like shatter, with or without a rig. However, you have to be careful with concentrates, especially if you are new to cannabis entirely.

Dosing concentrates is delicate as they are way more potent than flower and edibles. But once you have gotten the hang of it, you can achieve new heights of unique cerebral effects and physical relief. Here are several ways to smoke weed shatter with or without a rig.

1. Using A Dab Rig

Dab rigs are the most common way to smoke cannabis concentrates. A dab rig is basically a special bong made for using concentrates. Unlike a regular bong, the dab rig contains a nail and a dome, two essential parts for smoking THC shatter. 

The traditional dab rig setup includes a nail – which is like a bowl for your bong. This is where you put your concentrate. They are usually made of quartz, ceramic or titanium. The rig also contains a dabber – the tool used to apply the wax to the nail, a carb cap, and a torch.

So how do you dab with a dab rig?

The first step is to heat the nail using your torch. Some people heat the nail until it’s red hot. Turn off your torch when the nail is hot. If your nail is made of quartz, let it cool down for about 45 seconds so that it isn’t too hot. 

Using the dabber, apply shatter directly onto the nail and begin inhaling slowly. Rotating the dabber tip will help prevent oil from sticking to the tool, reducing wastage. If you have a carb cap, use it to cover the dab. This helps regulate airflow and creates a “mini oven” that vaporizes shatter at a lower temperature.

Some dabbers say that this produces smoother vapour.

However, this process only explains how to dab this wax concentrate using the common rig setup. Dabbing technology is always evolving, and now e-nails are becoming increasingly popular.

E-nails, or electronic nails, are quartz, ceramic or titanium surfaces connected to an electricity source that delivers heat to the nail. E-nails have temperature controls, unlike regular nails. E-nails are used in conjunction with a dab rig.

E-nails cut the need for a torch and give you full control over your nail’s

How To Smoke Shatter Without A Dab Rig

Thankfully, there are several ways to smoke shatter even without a dab rig. Here is how you can do it without a rig.

2. Wrapping It In A Joint Or Blunt

This is one of the easiest and most accessible ways of using shatter. Break it into small pieces when rolling a joint or blunt and sprinkle some into the bud before closing it up. Just ensure you add it further from the end to prevent burning by the open flame.

Remember, you want the concentrate vaporized, not burned. You can also add the wax to a pre-rolled joint or blunt without much effort.woman rolling a marijuana joint. buy marijuana concentrates, shatter, oils, wax online at west coast cannabis

3. How To Smoke Shatter In A Vape Pen

Wondering how to use this concentrate in a vape pen? Some vape pens can vaporize concentrates. Ensure you read the specs, as most vape pens are designed only to use vape oil or specific vape cartridges.

If your vape pen can be used for concentrates, it’s recommended to use higher temperatures than you would for cannabis flower, but not as high as for other cannabis concentrates.smoke from a THC vape pen. best online dispensary in canada to buy weed online.

4. Smoke Shatter In A Bong

No rig? No problem. You can use a bong to smoke shatter. Just pack the bowl about half full, add a few pieces, and fill the bowl the rest way up with ground bud. Light up and enjoy!

Filling the bowl with bud keeps the flame from coming into contact with the concentrate and ruining it. Instead, the wax is vaporized by the heat, which preserves most cannabinoids and terpenes, providing a stronger high and smoother male smoking shatter from a bong. what is shatter? buy weed online from the best mail order marijuana online dispensary in canada.

Can You Eat Weed Shatter?

It’s not advisable to eat raw concentrates as THC-A must be heated to decarboxylase into THC. Eating the wax without decarboxylating would just be a waste of product as it will cause almost no effects.

So can you eat shatter? If it has undergone decarboxylation, it may produce desirable results when eaten. However, we recommend that you use the above methods to consume shatter instead.woman thinking about where to buy weed online at a canadian online marijuana dispensary west coast cannabis

Where To Buy The Best THC Shatter Online In Canada

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You can now order tested weed online, such as this premium Durban Poison Shatter (Sativa) that delivers a strong, happy head high that is great for creativity and daytime use. Or this heavy-hitting So High Shatter made from the legendary indica-dominant Death Bubba strain.

If you would like to try different concentrates, we have Mix&Match Multi Packs that contain budder, live resin, crumble, diamonds, wax, and caviar.

West Coast Cannabis products are tested by our team members, so you can be sure we only sell what we would buy ourselves. We offer safe and secure delivery all across Canada, buy your weed online with us today, and we’ll deliver straight to your door. 


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