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What Is Wax Weed and Benefits of Wax Weed

The average stoner has a deep and inventive mind. In doubt? How else can you explain the ingenuity behind the various forms of consuming cannabis today? 

While the greatest marijuana connoisseur may not have the creative quotient of Davinci or Picasso, they are certainly not your average thinker.

Gone are the days when cannabis lovers were confined to just dried flowers. So besides smoking the usual joint, you now have the luxury of dabbing cannabis concentrates such as weed wax. So, what is wax weed?

The last decade has seen weed wax making great inroads into the cannabis community. But exactly what is wax weed, and what benefits does it hold for a cannabis lover who loves to experiment? 

There is just one way to find out. Read on. 

What is Wax Weed?

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What is wax weed? Weed wax is a highly concentrated form of cannabis essential oil. It is produced from a technique known as butane hash oil extraction. 

Unlike some cannabis extracts with a glassy or honey-like consistency, weed wax has a texture similar to flaky clay. 

It cuts the appearance of thick honey or ear wax. But here is the exciting part. 

Weed wax is one of the most potent cannabis extracts, with THC levels ranging between 60-80%. 

When you compare this percentage to the amount of THC in traditional cannabis, weed wax easily dwarfs them in this department. 

So, is wax weed different from typical weed? Let’s find out. 

What is Wax Weed? The Difference Between Weed Wax and Weed

Although weed wax is made from weed, they are not entirely the same. So what is wax weed and how is it different?

Weed wax is the concentrated version of weed where all those valuable cannabinoids and terpenes get extracted to produce a stronger product.

 Some people erroneously think all waxes are concentrates. But they are not. Aside from waxes, there are different types of wax dabs

They include shatter, oils, budders, honeycombs, crystalline, crumbles, and sugars. 

Look for cannabinoid makeup, consistency, and potency to distinguish each of these concentrates. To understand what is wax weed better, we have to look at how it is made.

How Is Weed Wax Made

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To understand what is wax weed, we have to understand its processing. Weed wax is typically made through a process known as butane extraction. The butane extraction technique separates cannabis resin from unwanted plant materials. 

Marijuana buds are carefully packed into a tube, and butane is passed through them. 

Excess butane has to be evaporated from the concentrate after the preliminary extraction. 

The concentrate is then spread onto a baking sheet and expunged in a vacuum oven at low temperatures. You can then scrape into storage containers. 

The final result is sticky cannabis that should be allowed to cool and solidify to form shatter or cooked a bit longer to create weed wax. 

If you have wondered why weed wax is more potent than traditional marijuana, it is all down to butane extraction. 

During the process, THC gets extracted, leaving behind an oily substance known as butane hash oil. 

But before you consider making your weed wax using butane extraction, you must understand that the process is dangerous if performed incorrectly. 

Butane is highly combustible. You must apply extreme caution when handling it. More so, inhaling butane vapour in high quantities can be very harmful. 

The procedure must be done in a well-ventilated area. But that’s not all. 

Butane vapours can gather at low levels (floor), which can ruin your procedure if handled poorly. 

Leave the butane extraction technique of producing wax to the experts with fancy and sophisticated equipment. 

There are much safer DIY ways of making weed wax in the home, and here is one of them: 

Ice Water Extraction


Wondering what is wax weed’s easiest extraction method? The ice-water extraction method of making marijuana is most suitable in the home. That’s because it is less dangerous, and the chances of an explosion are minimal. 

Some of the products described in this “what is wax weed” guide are made through this process. However, the process can be time-consuming, and it takes patience to pull it off. But it is worth the stress if you can go all the way. 

Here are the ingredients you need for the procedure:

  • A high-quality THC or CBD strain of your choice. 
  • Some packs of ice 
  • Purified water 
  • 5-gallon bucket 
  • Cheesecloth 
  • Stir sticks 
  • Bubble bags 

Begin the process by placing your bubble bag in layers. Start from the smallest to the largest. Now add about 3-4 ounces of high-quality cannabis before pouring half a bag of ice on them. 

Ensure you add enough purified water to cover the cannabis under the ice. Mix the ice, water, and buds for about twenty minutes, then let it settle for another 30 minutes. 

Now lift the bubble bag part out and allow it to drain into the bucket. 

Once you are done, set your bag aside, remove the next bubble bag, and scrape out the material (weed wax) at the bottom of your screen.

Deposit the wax into a cheesecloth and continue the process for other bubble bags until you have reached the last one.

Now fold the cheesecloth on top of the goo and carefully press to remove the leftover water.

The end product is a mix of different grades of marijuana wax based on the number of screens you use. 

Note that you can mix all your concentrates if you wish. You can repeat this process to remove as many trichomes from your buds. 

There you have it—a DIY method of making weed wax in the home. 

Now that you know what is wax weed, you might wonder, “what exactly do I have to benefit from going through the stress of making a THC wax.” 

Benefits Of Weed Wax

The main benefit of weed wax is its potency. Of course, nothing beats the intense high of a cannabis concentrate. A high-quality wax contains zero butane and a huge amount of THC. Premium-grade stuff. 

In addition, wax weed is commonly consumed using the dab vaporization method, which has little effect on the lungs. 

Furthermore, weed wax delivers an instant effect you would love. The good news is that patients can get instant relief from insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Now, to move on from what is wax weed, how is it used?

What Is Wax Weed And How Do You Smoke It?

The common way of smoking wax is using a specialized water pipe called a dab rig or an oil rig. The dab rig offers you an instantaneous high. The effects of dab wax are not only immediate but potent. You can also smoke wax in a bong. 

Smoking wax in a bug is easy if you follow the correct procedures. Finally, you can also smoke wax using a pipe. You will find many pipes that are suitable for smoking wax. now that you know what is wax weed and how to use it, what is the best weed wax?

Best Kind of Wax to Dab

Here is some popular wax you can dab for the ultimate cannabis experience: 

1. Shatter

Shatter is the most popular dab among cannabis concentrates. It’s an amber color with a hard glass texture that is almost transparent. Like its name shatter, such as Premium Shatter Alien Cookies would shatter when you use a dab tool to break it.

2. Sugar

Sugar has the consistency of actual damp sugar. It has a wet, sappy consistency with a color that varies from bright to deep yellow. Sugar wax, such as Caviar Sugar Cookies, works well with a dab tool even though it doesn’t have the same consistency as shatter.

3. Live Resins

If you are looking for one of the best quality waxes, look for live resins. Live resins can preserve the full profile of terpenes, which offers a full dab experience.

 Live resins have a dark yellow colour and are exceptionally sticky. Live resins such as High Voltage Extracts – Live Resins are easier to work than shatter. 

4. Crumble

Crumble wax concentrates such as Crumble-Northern Light Indica act like their name. It has a colour that ranges from yellow to orange with a matte finish. It typically crumbles when you use a dab tool to scoop it.

5. Bubble Hash

Bubble hash has a paste-like colour, although it’s less bubble-like than its name suggests. The bubble effect is only triggered when torch flames are applied to this wax before it begins to bubble. It comes in a variety of colours, including blonde gold.

6. Honeycomb

Honeycomb wax is nearly identical to crumble wax. It has a dry texture that is pretty porous. It does resemble a natural honeycomb. When you dab it, it usually crumbles into small pieces. 

Where Can You Buy Weed Wax

You have the answer to what is wax weed, you may be wondering where you can buy cheap wax weed online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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What Is Wax Weed? Conclusion

Now that you understand what wax weed is and its benefits, you know it offers a delightful cannabis experience for veteran and beginner cannabis enthusiasts. However, don’t compromise on quality and enjoy good wax.

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