Green Crack Strain: A Classic Strain With Uplifting Effects

Are you looking for a little boost to get you through your day? 

Do you need a weed strain with uplifting effects guaranteed to fire up your creative engines and get you excited about your task? Then look no further than the Green Crack strain.

The strain got its shock value name from the famous weed connoisseur and activist Snoop Dogg.

The name is a reflection of the strain’s intense and upbeat high. However, some cannabis activists prefer Cush or Green Cush to avoid a reference to cocaine and prevent weed stigma.

Other cannabis users prefer to use Green Goblin to keep the name family-friendly.

Green Crack strain is a Sativa dominant strain propagated by interbreeding Skunk No.1 strain with Northern Lights Indica strain.

Green Crack strain is a classic bud. Therefore, there is a difference in plant variations. Some genetic information on Green Crack points to Afghani Landrace lineage.

This highly potent weed strain comes in with THC levels of up to 24%. Though these THC levels are a bit low compared to other hybrids in the market, they are enough to leave an impact that lasts a long while without a debilitating calm down.

Here is a table showing the percentage of components found in Green Crack strain.


Green Crack Strain Appearance, Scent and Flavor

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Green Crack strain has dense and tight buds. This bud structure is very common in indica buds, and they form in a clustered manner as opposed to chunky buds.

The buds are often forest green; however, in colder conditions, they’ll have streaks of purple throughout.

Milky white trichomes coat the buds giving them a sticky glistening appearance reminiscent of diamond rings in displays.

Reaching out from these glistening buds are the sticky pistils. They come in red-orange rustic colours.

Green Crack strain has a dynamic scent profile. Expect intense citrus and fruity scent with earthy-wood mellowing undertones when properly cured.

However, some versions may have skunky musky scents with diesel fuel undertones.

Expect a scintillating tang at the top of your taste pallet as the smooth smoke swirls around your mouth on the inhale.

You’ll immediately experience a tangy mango flavour with spicy underlays that will leave your palate stimulated and wanting more.

The smoke has a surprisingly harsh yet spicy flavour on the exhale. 

Green Crack Strain Effects

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Green Crack is an energizing strain with a high head and body effect accompanied by strong euphoria.

After your last toke, a warm cerebral rash will wash over your body with a notable shift in sensory input on the onset of your high. Usually, users report a sense of time dilation.

Green crack THC content is responsible for the punches it packs as far as feeling inspired and motivated.

Such high THC levels make the strain psychoactive, leading to shorter spacey effects accompanied by distortions in memory and time perception.

The strain is perfect for daytime use because of these uplifting effects. Green Crack will boost energy when you want to get some work done, go out with friends, or relax at home on a slow day.

While these are the effects often associated with the Green Crack strain, it’s worth mentioning each human system processes weed differently.

Also, the variation in the genetic component of Green crack will make the effects vary across individuals. Green Crack strain may have sedating effects on some people but uplifting and euphoric for others.

Possible Adverse Effects Of Green Crack

While Green Crack can inspire a burst of energy and pure bliss, some negative side effects are associated with the strain.

You might experience anxiety, headaches and rapid heartbeats while consuming Green Crack.

Other negative side effects include dizziness, dry mouth and eyes. 

You might also experience repetitive thinking that can easily plunge you into panic and paranoia when you take Green Crack in large quantities.

Medical Benefits Of Green Crack

The medical benefits of Green Crack are attributed to the combination of terpenes and the THC components of the strain.

The three dominant terpenes that give Green Crack its medical appeals include:

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  • Alpha-pinene
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Myrcene

1. Alpha-pinene

A-pinene is a terpene with attention and memory-enhancing effects. For this reason, may be suitable for treating conditions associated with memory impairments by creating a focused feel.

This terpene also has anti-inflammatory effects and, therefore, may be used to treat inflammatory conditions.

2. Beta-caryophyllene

Research has shown that beta-caryophyllene may have antidepressant and anxiolytic effects.

When used together with other compounds found in Green Crack, this terpene may help manage pain, induce relaxation, and reduce inflammation in the body.

3. Myrcene

Mycene component found in Green Crack is also found in mango and is responsible for the unique scent of both.

This terpene can also be found in lemongrass.

Preliminary research on the terpene indicates it may be responsible for the ‘couch-lock’ effects associated with most Indica Dominant strains.

Because of this effect, Green Crack may be used to ease muscle tension and manage chronic pain.

Weed Products Made From Green Crack

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Aside from smoking weed flowers, there are other methods of consuming weed, including dabbing, oral intake, inhaling, or applying topically.

Weed also comes in different forms to make consumption using these distinct methods easier. 

Green Crack is no different; you can buy Green Crack weed strain as flowers, edibles, and concentrates for vapes.

If you’re looking to buy Green Crack strain in Canada, you’ll be spoiled for choice here at Wcccannabis.

If you have a knack for artisanal food and would like a concentrate that matches your impeccable taste, get some Caviar- Gods Green Crack.

Set yourself up for a spectacular culinary experience with a selection of edibles that will leave your taste buds psychoactive excited.

Alternative Strains To Green Crack

If you love the Green Crack strain, you’ll love these alternative strains that pack similar punches.

These strains may have more intense effects than Green Crack, and the scent will also differ depending on the dominant terpenes in the strain.

Purple Bruce Banner AAAA

Purple Bruce Banner weed online Canada. ontario marijuana. edibles canada. pot shop to buy weed online. Dispencary.

Purple Bruce Banner is a Sativa-dominant strain with unique scents of skunky diesel underlaid with sweet strawberry scents.

This strain has powerful effects thanks to its high THC content of up to 27%. 

After your last toke, its effects will set in almost immediately. You’ll get strong bouts of euphoria and creative buzzes with both head and body high.

Lemon Meringue AAAA

Lemon Meringue weed online Canada from online dispensary for mail order marijuana. ganjaexpress. moon rock weed. cannabis dispensary. weed stores.

Lemon Meringue AAAA Is another Sativa-dominant strain with exotic flavour and taste palette featuring nutty flavours accompanied by citrusy diesel scents.

If you’re looking for some refreshing energy that will leave you excited about physical activity, this is the strain for you.

These motivational effects associated with the strain make it ideal for combating depression, pain, and fatigue.

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