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Purple Kush Weed Strain: Why It’s Still A Consumer Favourite Decades Later

Purple Kush weed strain could be the most popular Purple strain had Jimi Hendrix not made Purple Haze. However, it is still widely used around the globe, and in our books, it is one of the best indicas out there. In this purple kush strain review, we take a deeper look into this strain, its effects, and where to buy weed online. 

Purple kush weed boasts the purple aspect in multiple ways, from the over-vibrant hues of its buds to the flavours. But what makes this ‘High Times top 10 Kush strain’ so popular? Find out why it needs to be on every stoner’s to-do list in this comprehensive Purple Kush strain review.

Purple Kush Strain Review

Purple Kush has been regarded as a classic indica for decades now. It’s known for its deeply relaxing effects, vibrant hues, and earthy aroma, and its potent relaxation effects make it a perfect strain for sleep, zoning out, and pain relief.

Its genetic roots start in the Hindu Kush mountains making it a true descendant of the kush landrace strain. But what can you use it for? Here is why Purple Kush is a worldwide favourite.

What Is Purple Kush Weed StrainPhoto of purple kush weed for sale from online dispensary west coast cannabis. Buy weed online.

Wondering what Purple Kush cannabis strain is? Purple Kush is a 100% pure indica strain created by crossing two landrace strains, Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. Purple Kush was first bred in Oakland, California.

As a pure indica, Purple Kush is a rare find in today’s sea of hybrids, but it can be easily found if you know how to buy weed online in Canada. Purple Kush parents, Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush, are indicas, making this strain 100% indica and 0% Sativa, and as we have mentioned before, a rare find.

Purple Kush doesn’t disappoint when it comes to potency. Test data shows that it contains between 18 and 25% THC, making it a very potent strain. With its 100% indica genetics, you can expect a slow but profoundly relaxing body high.

But does Purple Kush live up to its valued parents’ genetics? Despite being bred in California decades ago, Purple Kush still has its parents’ appearances, delicious flavours and relaxing effects. Let’s discuss more on why this strain should be the next strain for you when buying weed online.

Purple Kush AppearancePhoto of purple kush cannabis plants. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

Purple Kush plants grow low and bushy, rarely exceeding three feet in height. As the name suggests, its most notable characteristics are the purple hues selectively bred from the Purple Afghani strain. The purple hues come about when the plant’s anthocyanins are activated in cold growing conditions.

Purple Kush plants have medium-sized, popcorn-like buds with an indica-like dense and heavy structure. The buds are bright neon green with rich purple and orange hairs that shoot upwards. The water leaves are stunning too, with their deep purple to burgundy colours.

Since its parents come from areas with harsh conditions, Purple Kush produces a dense protective blanket of trichomes, making it a perfect strain for creating cannabis concentrates. The vibrant appearance and brilliant qualities combined with its pure indica effects explain why Purple Kush is so iconic in the cannabis world.

Purple Kush Aroma And FlavorImage of fresh grapes and red wine.

When you first crack open the jar, your sinuses are overwhelmed by fruity grape notes with hints of an earthy, almost sandalwood musk. The Purple Kush appeal is not only limited to appearance. When combusted, this strain has a flavour similar to the smell. The fruity and hash-like odour and smoke can sting sinuses and cause coughing.

On the exhale, Purple Kush smoke has a freshly picked grape’s taste reminiscent of sweet dessert wine. 

Purple Kush High And EffectsWoman relaxing after smoking weed she purchased online from west coast cannabis mail order marijuana online dispensary to buy weed.

Purple Kush’s high starts with a warm numbing feeling that starts in the head and washes down the rest of the body, providing a deep relaxation that may progress into sedation. In true indica fashion, Purple Kush will slowly ease you into a deep, undisturbed slumber that will last for hours.

Unlike most indica leaning strains, Purple Kush doesn’t start with a disorienting head high immediately when you take a hit. Instead, it eases into the physical effects, leaving you completely relaxed. Some consumers also report mental effects that are more psychedelic than cerebral stimulation.

Although its effects are not heavy at first, the creeping relaxation effects can put even the most experienced smokers down. Therefore, this strain should only be enjoyed when unwinding or relaxing after a long day and not during the day. 

Purple Kush will also have you giggling. Add this strain into your evening chill time routines with friends, as it may help break down barriers and let you interact freely.  And don’t forget the munchies!

Now that you know all about Purple Kush’s effects, what are its medicinal benefits?

Purple Kush Medicinal BenefitsPerson suffering from insomnia. Purple kush strain review. buying weed online. order weed canada. weed shop online.

Purple Kush weed strain is used to help ease symptoms of a wide range of conditions. Purple Kush’s powerful sedative effects can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, experts recommend taking high THC strains with care as overconsumption may lead to uncomfortable situations, worsening the problem.

If you are experiencing nausea or lack of appetite, Purple Kush may be of help as it causes a heavy onset of the munchies. So when consuming this beauty of a strain, ensure you have some water and snacks nearby.

Purple Kush can also be very effective in helping manage chronic pain, whether it’s mild aches that occur after an intense workout or nerve-related pain caused by more serious conditions. However, you may need to take higher doses to get the full effect.

Purple Kush is also an excellent strain for insomnia. It leaves the body completely relaxed, which is essential if you are trying to fall asleep and being 100% Indica; it’s synonymous with the couch-lock and sedative effects. The heavy body high makes this strain perfect for nighttime use.

Should You Give Purple Kush A Try?Man smoking a joint full of Purple Kush weed strain. Buy weed online. Online dispensary and mail order marijuana.

Every toker should give this premium, 100% indica strain a try. While it may not be found in local stores, you can order Purple Kush marijuana strains from online dispensaries like West Coast Cannabis, Canada’s best mail-order cannabis dispensary.

There isn’t much risk associated with Purple Kush, aside from the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes common with most strains. Anxiety and paranoia shouldn’t be a problem with Purple Kush. Before consuming this strain, ensure you have enough water to keep you hydrated and your mouth producing saliva.

Purple Kush Weed’s deeply relaxing effects and medical benefits make it a must-try strain for every cannabis consumer.

Where To Buy Purple Kush Online In Canada

Purple Kush is becoming a rare find nowadays despite being such an icon in the cannabis community. So, where can you buy weed online in Canada?

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