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We Have Lift Off! Exploring A New Kind Of High With The Space Queen Weed Strain

Space Queen Weed is one of the strains in the market that offers well-balanced effects to those seeking relief from everyday stresses and lack of motivation. 

Space Queen Weed has been around for decades, but it is still one of the most loved buds by both heavy and mild smokers. But does this strain deserve the space queen moniker?

This strain does everything a great bud should. It can give you a boost of energy, and it will have you feeling like you are floating in the sky due to its strong cerebral effects. So get ready to get to outer earth with the true Space Queen!

But the high and energy boost aren’t the only properties that make this strain one of the most sought-after buds in Canada. Space Queen also shines in the flavour and aroma department. But is the Space Queen weed strain worth it? 

What Is The Space Queen Strain?Hand with cannabis plant leaves in palm. Space Queen Strain Review. mail order marijuana canada. order weed canada. buy edibles online canada.

Space Queen weed strain is a legendary bud originally bred by The British Columbia Growers Association. It has grown in popularity worldwide, becoming one of the most popular weed exports from Canada.

Space Queen Weed was created through a cross between Cinderella 99 and Romulan strains. Cinderella 99 is a sativa dominant strain created by crossing Shiva Skunk with the legendary Jack Herer bud. 

Space Queen’s other parent Romulan is an indica dominant nug with a mysterious genetic lineage, although it is rumoured to be a descendant of the White Rhino indica.

But how does this strain compare to its parents? Unlike Cinderella 99 and Romulan strains, Space Queen Weed is a well-balanced strain with 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics. 

This balance is also noted in the effects as it produces both body-focused and cerebral stimulating effects.

Like Cinderella 99, Space Queen produces an energetic, cerebral stimulating high that makes you happy, relieves stress, and leaves you creative and focused. 

However, it also leaves you feeling stoned, with most smokers exposing their spaced-out state through silly grins.

This strain also has light body effects, likely inherited from its Romulan parentage. But unlike Romulan, Space Queen won’t “dent your head.” Space Queen’s physical effects are milder, but you will experience the relaxing, calming effects and the “floating” sensation associated with indica genetics. 

Wondering what strain is almost like Space Queen Weed? Space Jill. Space Jill is a 70:30 sativa:indica strain created by TGA Genetics. It is a recreation of the Space Queen strain but with a more prominent sweet mango and candy aroma. 

Space Jill has gained so much popularity in Canada that there is a rumour that the original Space Queen strain no longer exists and was replaced by the F2 reincarnation. But that is not true. 

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Space Queen Strain Review: Appearance, Flavour & AromaSpace Queen weed buds and pre-rolled joint. budget buds. moon rock weed. weed delivery canada. indica strains.

Space Queen Weed strain Canada nugs are relatively large, dense, and long in shape, which explains why many smokers describe them as football type. The long, dense nugs are green in colour and are covered by a thick layer of resinous trichomes.

Depending on the growing conditions, you may notice specks of purple in the calyxes. The buds are also covered in orange-brown pistils that emerge through the crystalline coating that is fit only for a queen. The Space Queen nugs are pleasing to look at, but how about the scent?

Taking a sniff of these beautiful buds delivers a fruity and spicy aroma that will have you wanting more. This strain has a delectable rare blend of sweet smells, including vanilla, cinnamon, apples, berries, and you may even notice cheesy scents. Some phenotypes produce citrus, floral, herbal, spices and pineapple scents.

Space Queen weed strain doesn’t miss when it comes to flavour, either. The buds produce a sweet taste that pleases your palate once the smoke hits the tongue. The flavours range from citrusy notes to fruity sweetness and tartness of cherries, accompanied by musky floral undertones.

In some phenotypes, you may also receive a woody, earthy or creamy aftertaste. 

The balanced effects, good looks, sweet aroma and flavours of this strain make it a crowd favourite in Canada. But how does it exactly make you feel, and should you give Space Queen a try? Here is more on the Space Queen weed strain review.

Space Queen Weed Strain InfoBudget buds large weed buds in a glass jar. buy online weeds cannabis canada. buy weed vapes canada.

This strain tests at 50% sativa and 50% indica genetics, making it a well-balanced strain. However, its sativa-like effects are still more pronounced, making it an appropriate daytime smoke.

Space Queen buds test at an average of 19% THC, which is not too high or low. This moderate potency makes it an appropriate bud for beginners. Lab tests show that it contains 1% CBD. This strain also carries other cannabinoids, including CBN, CBG, CBC, THVC and CBL.

So how does it make you feel?

Space Queen Weed Review: How It Makes You Feel

This strain is known for its heady high, and energetic mind-focused effects. This strain is highly euphoric, and the first few tokes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face for as long as the high lasts. After smoking a joint, your mind will enter a state of happiness that will leave you in an elevated mood.

Its effects have been described as being akin to a caffeine overdose. You get a high energy boost, and your mind gets filled with myriad random thoughts, leaving you unable to focus on any of them. While this strain is perfectly fine to use during the day, you should only use a small amount if you plan to focus on your tasks.

As the high progresses, the indica side of this strain emerges through a light body buzz that produces a wave of body relaxation and eases stress and anxiety. However, the effects are light and won’t cause couch-lock or laziness. Conversely, this strain is commonly recommended to relieve fatigue.

Like most sativas, this strain also produces feelings of creativity. The Space Queen high is nicely hazy and will have you grinning silly, spaced out. This strain is great to use during the day when you need a pick-me-up but only in small amounts.

Space Queen Weed Strain Medical BenefitsStethoscope and buds of weed. online dispensary. buy online weeds. thc e juice.

This strain is a popular choice among medical marijuana users in Canada. Medical weed consumers recommend it for alleviating fatigue, stress, anxiety and even depression. It is also said to help manage some symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

Space Queen is also recommended for moderate pains and aches but not severe pains. It can also help with nausea and sore muscles, among others. If you are using this strain for medical use, keep in mind its possible side effects, including red eyes, dry mouth, paranoia and feeling dizzy.

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