Why We’re The Top Rated Yukon Cannabis Online Dispensary

Finding good-quality and cheap Yukon cannabis is possible with West Coast Cannabis, the best weed store in your area. If you are new to our Yukon cannabis dispensary, welcome. 

Keep reading to find out some of the must-know facts about the best Yukon cannabis dispensary, what we offer, how you can save money, and much more.

On top of that, you’ll get three outstanding recommendations on how to enjoy Yukon cannabis without breaking the bank.

Scroll on and find out why our Yukon cannabis dispensary is the number one place to get cheap weed in Canada. 

Why is Our Yukon Cannabis Dispensary the Best Option for You?Girl on smartphone buying weed online from Yukon Cannabis weed store West Coast Cannabis. Online dispensary for cheap weed and value buds.

If you are on the hunt for the best cannabis dispensaries in Yukon, chances are you’ve considered purchasing from West Coast Cannabis.

The rumours are true – this is the best Yukon cannabis dispensary for stoners of all preferences! 

Besides being the most budget-friendly and exclusive weed dispensary in the area, we also offer a wide array of fantastic, unique and popular strains. 

Unlike a standard pot store, West Coast Cannabis offers the rarest and most delicious Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids imaginable.

Here are some other benefits you can expect if you place an order at our Yukon cannabis dispensary today.

The benefits include:

  • Cost-free shipping for orders over $150
  • Friendly and reliable customer support
  • Responsive and ultra-fast email support
  • Versatile payment methods to suit your needs

Let’s briefly go through what makes West Coast Cannabis your number-one source for the hottest and most potent Yukon cannabis. 

The first benefit is that you’ll save money on shipping. Compared to some dispensaries in Yukon that offer overpriced shipping,

West Coast Cannabis makes sure you don’t spend a dime if you order over $150. This is fantastic news for all budget buyers and frugal stoners. 

Even though the prices are ridiculously cheap, you can find a wide variety of exclusive dry herbs, concentrates, vapes, edibles, and much more that can typically cost a small fortune. 

At West Coast Cannabis, you can find ongoing deals and sales that further help customers make wiser shopping decisions without compromising quality. 

Indeed, West Coast Cannabis is the only dispensary in Yukon that offers an excellent price-to-quality ratio for all customers, both beginners and seasoned potheads.

Do you have any questions or concerns related to shopping from our online dispensary? Worry not, the customer service will handle all of your inquiries. 

If you are shy or you don’t feel like talking that day, you can also reach out to our Yukon cannabis dispensary and get your problems solved via email. Fuss-free and quick.

Finally, you can choose between a few payment methods, including bitcoin and email transfer. 

As you can see, West Coast Cannabis ensures that each and every customer feels appreciated and valued with service that adheres to the highest standards.

We guarantee the best cannabis experience for the lowest price.

The Best Yukon Cannabis for 2022Man shopping online with credit card for Yukon cannabis from an online dispensary for cheap weed.

End your search for the best Yukon cannabis dispensary and opt for West Coast Cannabis. 

Choose the highest-grade and most effective weed products at competitive prices.

Here are some fabulous budget buds, concentrates, tasty edibles, and vapes to consider purchasing from our online dispensary. 

Hurry up and place an order today! Stocks are limited and they’re selling out like hotcakes!

The Best Yukon Cannabis To Buy Online

1. Donkey Butter AAAA+Donkey Butter weed online Canada from online dispensary for Yukon Cannabis. Buy online weeds. Cheap weed budget buds.

Are you ready to have a giggle? Try out the Donkey Butter AAAA+ top-tier Indica strain and enjoy one of the most sedating experiences of your life.

This is the ideal strain to indulge in after a stressful day at work. 

With THC levels hovering between 28 to 29 percent, the Donkey Butter strain kicks a punch, even if you are an expert stoner or someone with high THC tolerance levels. 

Consumers prefer it for headaches and stress, but medical patients dealing with chronic pain and insomnia will also find it useful.

2. Nirvana AAANirvana budget bud from Yukon cannabis dispensary weed store.

If you are chasing the ultimate euphoric high, you need to try Nirvana AAA, one of the highest-grade and most powerful Sativa-leaning strains at our Yukon dispensary. 

On average, Nirvana provides users with THC levels between 20 to 25 percent. If you choose our dispensary, you are always guaranteed the highest potency and the most exhilarating effects. 

According to users, Nirvana will make you feel energized, motivated, and insanely happy. It is also the perfect solution for depression, appetite loss, and fatigue.

3. Cereal Milk AAAA

Treat yourself to the best of both worlds, Indica and Sativa with this mood-boosting hybrid strain, Cereal Milk AAAA

The name says it all – this is a delicious blend of creamy and sugary goodness with a hint of juicy fruits and fresh berries. 

In short, it’s going to be one of the most addictive hybrids you’ll try in your life. 

However, since it packs up to 29 percent THC, you’ll need to be extremely mindful of dosages!

Due to its strength, Cereal Milk is an excellent alternative treatment for medical patients dealing with depression, chronic pain, nausea, and fatigue.

The Best Edibles to Buy Online in Yukon

4. MOTA Dark Chocolate Bar

The MOTA Dark Chocolate Bar may be the most delicious Yukon cannabis, and a must-have for stoners with a sweet tooth. 

These rich and flavoursome dark chocolate bars melt in your mouth and leave you feeling sedated for hours. In each bar, you get a surprising 300mg of THC for a mere $28. 

Divide it into six squares and enjoy these medicated yummy chocolate bars any time of the day. You can get it in Mint or Raspberry flavour. Alternatively, if you want a more neutral flavour, go with “Plain”.

5. Doobie Snacks – Crystal Drinks CBD

Our Yukon dispensary also features the Doobie Snacks – Crystal Drinks CBD, a refreshing and relaxation-inducing mixture for stoners dealing with stress, anxiety, and the challenges of daily life. 

In each pack, you’ll get 99.99 percent pure CBD isolate in some of the most delicious flavours possible. Plus, these edibles are very long-lasting.

Pick Tropical Punch, Strawberry Kiwi, and Blue Raspberry to feel refreshed on a hot summer day, or go with Hot Chocolate and bundle up with your favourite book.

Ice Tea is another popular choice and a customer favourite for any day of the year. 

The Best Concentrates in Yukon

6. Diamonds – Animal Mintz (Hybrid)

Diamonds are a girl’s and a stoner’s best friend. Check out these Diamonds – Animal Mintz (Hybrid) and find out why these powerful cannabis concentrates are one of the most popular products at our Yukon dispensary. 

Vape or smoke them, the choice is up to you. Usually, you can expect a THC percentage between 22 to 24 percent, making it a perfect hard-hitting and easy way to achieve long-lasting effects. 

You will feel hopelessly sedated, and sleepy. If you are dealing with chronic fatigue or PTSD, Animal Mintz may be a suitable option for you.

7. Kief – Black Truffle (Indica)

Not many, if any cannabis dispensaries in Yukon, offer Kief – Black Truffle (Indica), a product suitable for the bold and brave. 

Remember, kief can contain up to 80 percent of THC (compared to cannabis flower which has a maximum of 30 percent of THC). 

So, this is a potent cannabis concentrate that promises some of the most intense euphoric effects you can imagine. 

The featured strain, Black Truffle, is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is well known for its cerebral and sleep-provoking effects.

If you want to treat ADD or ADHD, depression, chronic fatigue, or chronic stress, the Kief Black Truffle is your product of choice.

The Best Vapes in Yukon

8. So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Gelato 1ML (Hybrid)

The So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Gelato 1ML (Hybrid) is a suitable choice if you want a fast and easy way to enjoy the highest-grade cannabis.

Gelato, for instance, is a top-tier hybrid strain you can indulge in “on the go”. 

For only $30 on sale, you’ll get 1ml of the disposable pen. 

If you are a beginner, a stoner on a budget or someone looking to get the sedating effects of Indica and the focus-sharpening qualities of Sativa, the So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Gelato 1ML (Hybrid) is a fantastic option.

9. So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Diablo Death Bubba 1ML (Indica)

If you are looking for a strain with dominant Indica effects, choose the So High Extracts Disposable Pen – Diablo Death Bubba 1ML (Indica). This disposable pen is convenient, simple to use, and beginner-friendly, not to mention cheap. 

This pungent and flavoursome strain is a suitable choice for medical patients suffering from chronic pain and tension, as well as recreational users looking for an escape from everyday life. 

Since this strain provides up to 29 percent THC, it will ward off all negative thoughts, leaving room for “good vibes only”.

How to Enjoy Yukon Cannabis?

Here are some superb ways to enjoy the best value buds from our dispensary in Yukon. 

Remember, always practice mindful and responsible cannabis use. That said, don’t be cooped up in your room! Instead, go out and explore. 

These are our top recommendations.

1. Kluane National Park and Reserve

Visit the highest peak in Canada and find out what it is like to really feel “high”. The Kluane National Park and Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with heaps of things to see and do. 

Marvel in the stunning sights or if you are lucky, spot some wolves, caribou, or grizzlies! The Kluane National Park and Reserve is located at Haines Junction, Whitehorse, Canada, YT Y0B 1H0.

For more information, contact 867-634-7207 or check out the website.

2. Takhini Hot Pools

image source: Takhini Hot Pools Facebook page

Good kush and relaxing hot pools? Check out the Takhini Hot Spring and find out why this place attracts countless visitors for over 100 years. 

Take a trip into the Yukon wilderness and be amazed by the wildlife. Maybe you’ll get the chance to see the magical northern lights as well! 

The Takhini Hot Spring can be found at 10 KM/ Mile 6 Takhini Hotsprings Rd, Whitehorse.

The operating hours are Mon-Weds from 12pm-10pm, Thurs-Fri from 12pm-10pm, and Sat-Sun from 12pm-10pm. Get more info by visiting the website.

3. Bennett Lake

Relax on the sandy shores of Bennet Lake or try out some exciting water sports while high. Opt for kite surfing, kayaking, and canoeing, or just enjoy the lovely mountain views.

In the summer, you can even take a refreshing swim. 

If you are high on Sativa, you’ll be bursting with energy! In the winter, ice fishing is an interesting option. Bennet Lake is located on Klondike Highway, Carcross, Yukon.

Best Yukon Cannabis; Where Can You Get the Best Value Buds in Yukon?

Purchase the best Yukon cannabis at West Coast Cannabis, the most reliable dispensary in the area.

You’ll find an impressive collection of rare and popular Yukon cannabis for all tastes and preferences. What are you waiting for? Shop today and save your bucks on quality weed!

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