What are your hours of operation?

  • Orders can be placed at anytime, however orders placed before 1PM PST, typically will be sent out same day, orders placed after 1PM PST will be sent out the following day.
  • Orders placed on the weekend, will be sent out the following Monday
  • Email/Live Chat hours are Monday – Friday from 9AM – 7PM PST

How do I place an order?

  1. Visit the “Products” page and review our products by clicking the product title.
  2. Hover over a product and select “ADD TO CART” or “SELECT OPTIONS” to choose the weight/flavour of the product; then “ADD TO CART”.
  3. Click the “CART” or “VIEW CART” when you are done and review your order.
  4. Remove items by clicking the “X” button. Add/reduce quantities by clicking the “+” and “-“ buttons beside a product. Click “UPDATE CART”.
  5. Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” when ready.
  6. Review your billing details, shipping details and order details.
  7. Before placing your order. You need to read and accept our terms & conditions.
  8. Choose “PLACE ORDER” when you are done; if your purchase fails, you may need to setup an ACCOUNT before you can order products.
  9. Check your email for a confirmation letter and next steps to issue an E-Transfer.
  10. Send your E-Transfer and make sure it was processed. We will then process and ship your order.

Can I order outside of Canada?

Sorry, we only ship to Canadian addresses.

Is there a minimum order?

We do not have a minimum order, however orders less than $150 will be charged a flat rate of $20 for shipping.

I haven't received my invoice, what do I do?

Double check your email was inputted correctly then check your junk folder.

Refunds or Exchanges

All consumable purchases are final, no refunds or exchanges. Non-consumable related issues will be looked at case by case.


What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept Email Transfers & Bitcoin. Please follow the instructions below, or contact your banking branch directly for further assistance.

How do I pay with Bitcoin?

1. During checkout, please select the Bitcoin Payment option.

2. Follow the instructions on the next screen. You have to send the exact amount (transaction fee not included) or else our system won’t match it with your order. We need the exact amount. Once the amount is sent, click the “Click here if you have already sent Bitcoins” button.

3. Verification can take between 30mins – 3 hours.
4. Once verification is complete, your order will be converted to processing and you will get an email.
5. Once its shipped, you will get another email with your tracking number.

How do I send an E-Transfer payment?

  1. Register for online banking with your bank. This can be done online, or if you need assistance call your branch directly.
  2. Locate the E-Transfers section in online banking.
  3. Add our email provided along with the total amount shown on the invoice
  4. We will provide you with a secret word for the transfer, The secret word and instructions will be given once you have checked out. Please read carefully.

How much is charged in taxes?

Taxes are already included in our prices!

What are your shipping charges?

Orders over $150 after any  credits/discounts qualify for free shipping, otherwise shipping charges have a flat rate of $20.00.

What happens after I submit my E-Transfer?

Once you have submitted the E-Transfer, we have to wait for the E-Transfer to arrive to us. Your order will be marked off as “Processing” until the payment clears.

Note: E-Transfers are not instant and can take up to 2 days


I have not received my tracking number

Once you have made an order and the payment has been processed, your package will be sent out for delivery. Payments accepted before 1PM PST, will likely be sent out same day, payments accepted after 1PM PST will be sent the following day. Once the Shipping Carrier has scanned the package, we will provide you with your tracking in an email.

Why is my tracking number invalid?

It can take up to 48 hours for tracking numbers to be updated with Shipping Carrier. If after 48 hours and the tracking still does not work, feel free to contact us at (our email) or use our live chat from 9AM PST – 7PM PST.

My package hasn't arrived yet, what can I do?

  • If your package does not arrive by the expected Shipping Carrier’s stated delivery date, contact us through email.
  • You will then file a trace with the Shipping Carrier in an attempt to locate your package.
  • Once a trace has been filed it may take anywhere up to 5 business days, if the trace is successful the package will be on route to you. However, if the package cannot be located, we will send you a 1x replacement of up to $500.
  • We cannot issue refunds due to the lateness of the package as that is solely due to the Shipping Carrier and is not within our control.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages once Shipping Carrier marks the tracking “Delivered”.

My package is being sent to another location, when looking at my tracking number

  • There could be a number of reasons, Shipping Carrier could have entered the wrong postal code as they see a significant amount of packages everyday
    The information you provided us was incorrect, please double check your shipping information and make sure that the information provided is correct.
  • This may cause a delay in an additional 1-2 business days (Note we do not issue refunds if you provide us with the wrong delivery address)

Package Arrival / Missing Items

Package Arrival

Once you receive your package please take videos and photos of you unboxing the product to ensure that you received everything you’ve order and the weight is correct.

If there is any discrepancies please send videos and photos to [email protected]

Is signature required?

Signature is not required, however if you wish to do so, we are not held liable once your tracking shows “Delivered”.

Lost packages

West Coast Cannabis is not held liable for lost or confiscated packages in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, etc due to a high theft rate.

Wrong/Invalid Address

In the case where an incorrect shipping address was provided by the customer for the order which results in an unsuccessful delivery, the customer is responsible for the shipping charge incurred for the delivery, as well as the shipping cost charged to West Coast Cannabis by the carrier for the return delivery. Please note that while we try our best to catch error in delivery addresses before the package is shipped, neither the Shipping Carrier nor West Coast Cannabis is responsible for correcting an incorrect delivery address submitted and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure the delivery address provided is correct and deliverable by the Shipping Carrier. A deliverable address by the Shipping Carrier refers to the correct combination of Street #, Street name, unit of PO Box# (if applicable), City, province and postal code. An additional $20.00 will needed to resend the package if deemed incorrect address.

Unclaimed Packages

If after 15 days your package(s) is/are still left unclaimed at the postal station, the Shipping Carrier will ship the unclaimed package(s) back to us.
Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to pickup the package from the postal station within the holding period. In the case where the package is left unclaimed and is shipped back to us by the Shipping Carrier, we are not held liable and packages cannot be picked up. No reimbursement or replacement package will be sent

Please also check to ensure your shipping address is correct and any unit number or PO Box is added.


Updated Points System Starting Oct 1st, 2019

  1. Point system will be for every 100 points, you get $1.25 off a future order.
  2. Every affiliate points will be changed from 10% to 5% reoccurring
  3. You have until November 1st to use your points before the change takes into full effect. However orders placed October 1st will be at $1.25

If you have any questions, please contact us via live chat or email: [email protected]

Why are my points not showing up?

Please contact us at [email protected] with your order details and we’ll take a look.

Note: Points are added after payment is received and may take time to appear.

How do referrals work?

When a new customer signs up through your affiliate link, all their purchases will show up in the “Affiliate Area” under Referrals.

The dollar amount will accumulate then be converted to points and added to your account every 2 weeks.

If you want your points to be converted earlier for an order, send us an email at [email protected].

Why can't I use my points at checkout?

Points cannot be combined with any coupons. You must choose to use one or the other.

Weekly & Monthly Giveaway Rules

Each order you complete counts as contest entry. You must enter your order number to register as an entry. There is no entry limit! The more you purchase our awesome products, the more chances you have to win! Winners will be announced on Discord, so join today!

NOTE: Each Order Must Be Made Within The Contest Month

  1. You must join our Discord Channel
  2. You must follow our Instagram
  3. You must leave a review on Trust Pilot

Once a winner is randomly selected, we will check to see if all the requirements are met. If all the requirements are met and the winner does not claim the prize on discord, we will re-roll a new winner until the prize is claimed.

ATTENTION: We reserve the rights to remove accounts which are inactive for over a year.

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