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Looking for a dispensary to buy weed online in Canada? We have a huge selection of indica strains to choose from, including some of the most renowned indica strains in the world. From Purple Kush to OG Kush to Granddaddy Purp and much more, our dispensary has the high-quality indica buds you want, in pretty much any quantity you need.

What is Indica?

Indica weed is one of the two different types of cannabis plants, the other being sativa. You can buy this marijuana online in Canada here at our dispensary. The indica plant is shorter and bushier than the sativa plant, and the leaves are shorter and wider, but those are not the only differences between the two. The high you experience from the sativa plant is a more energetic, creative, and uplifting one, while the high from indica weed is more calming, relaxing, and anxiety-relieving. Indica is also good for stimulating the appetite, relieving pain, and helping you sleep.

What Does Indica Do?

Both plants offer incredible benefits, but if you’re looking for a chill body high that’s best enjoyed on the couch, then indica is the strain you’re looking for. Just remember that it’s best enjoyed at night time!

Does Indica Weed Make You Tired?

The short answer is yes. Since indica strains are thought to be more calming, and typically produces feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, you will likely feel tired after smoking this type of cannabis. Even the most veteran weed smoker has been locked into place and slept for hours after a good strong indica. Sound good? Buy your pot onlinedrom our dispensary now!

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Multi Pack - 2 Oz of Flower + 1 Gram (Budder, Shatter, Crumble, Diamond, Live Resin)


Multi Pack - Sample 7g Quarter - 7 x 1g


Multi Pack - Half Oz - 4 x 3.5g


Multi Pack - Oz - 4 x 7g


Multi Pack - Oz - 8 x 3.5g


Multi Pack - Gold Quarter Pound - 4 x 28g


Multi Pack - Diamond Quarter Pound - 4 x 28g

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Multi Pack - Half Pound - 8 x 28g


Multi Pack - Pound - 4 x Quarter Pound


Multi Pack - Pound AA Strains - 4 x Quarter Pound

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Multi Pack - Pound AAA Strains - 4 x Quarter Pound


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 7 x 1g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 8 x 3.5g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 4 x 7g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 4 x 28g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ Pound - 4 x Quarter Pound


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ Half Pound - 8 x 28g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ Pound - 16 x 28g


Mystery AA - Cannabis Pack Oz



Supreme Death Bubba AAAA+


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What Is Indica Weed?

When buying weed online from our dispensary, you’ll notice there’s a choice between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Indica strains give you a deep, relaxing body high as well as soothing mental effects. Not only is the indica weed sold at our dispensary excellent for evening relaxation, but it also has many medical benefits – many people use indica strains to tackle pain, inflammation, migraines, and insomnia.

Compared to sativa strains, indica is much more body-focused and tranquilizing. With that said, it can also help relax your mind and help ease stress and anxiety. You can buy indica weed strains online and tons of options are available from our dispensary.

Indica Cannabis Effects

If you’re looking for an intensely relaxing high, indica cannabis is the best choice for you. Indica marijuana strains deliver powerful physical effects, helping ease your body of any pain, aches, or tension. Indica weed can also help with insomnia, especially as it helps soothe both your body and mind. You may find yourself feeling lazy, couch-locked, and hungry after smoking indica cannabis.

Indica Marijuana Medical Benefits

The Indica weed strains from our dispensary can also deliver a range of medical benefits. Due to their potent physical effects, indica strains are the best strains for pain relief, reducing inflammation, and tackling neuropathic issues such as migraines. They can also help ease your mind to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Indica strains are also good for insomnia as the relaxing effects will help you fall asleep easier.

Indica or Sativa Weed?

Should you use indica strains instead of sativa strains? Indica cannabis is considered the best choice if you’re looking for physically relaxing effects. These strains are particularly great for evening use as they’ll help ease your mind and your body. With that said, they can make you feel lazy and introspective, meaning sativa strains are generally better for daytime alertness and social situations.

Indica or Hybrid Strains?

Are hybrid strains better than indica or sativa strains? The main benefit of using hybrid strains is that they combine the properties of both indica and sativa weed, meaning you’ll get a mix of physical and mental effects. The Indica-dominant hybrid strains from our dispensary are a good choice if you want a kick of mental stimulation along with physically soothing effects, but pure indica strains are better for deep relaxation.

How To Use Indica Marijuana

You can use indica flower by rolling it into a joint. You’ll first need to grind your weed using a grinder before wrapping your ground weed with rolling papers. Alternatively, you can buy indica pre-rolls from our dispensary and start smoking right away. You can also add indica weed to the bowl of a pipe or bong.

Vaping is another popular option. You can use indica weed with a dry herb vaporizer – simply heat your ground weed to produce thick THC vapor. Vaping is considered a healthier and safer option compared to smoking as it’s less harsh on your lungs and still produces powerful effects.

Buy Indica Strains Online In Canada

You can buy indica cannabis online in Canada quickly and easily from West Coast Cannabis online weed dispensary. Simply sign up, add the strains you want to your cart, make a payment via e-Transfer and your order will be sent safely and discreetly. You can also find sativa strains, hybrid strains, and a range of other high-quality marijuana products.

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