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  1. 74988


    Love it, It has me so lifted. im floating in my head. So chillaxed with no bouncing heart or confusion but wait a minute now. If you go on smoking more and your a beginner beware, you will have all those side effects and more. This aint no lil sissy you picking on. It will lay you out if you think your tough.

  2. 621


    I have chronic back pain from a degenerative disc. Every morning getting out of bed was an effort and I froze for an hour after waking up and in pain all day. I have started to use this product at the suggestion of a friend. In less than a week, I noticed a difference. Now I get out of bed and start my day without feeling like I'm 100 years old. Thank you for making this product available. It has definitely made a difference in my life.

  3. 32917


    It helps with my anxiety and depression instantly. I feel this wave of calmness come over me letting me know everything is going to be alright. I’ve also have been going to sleep a lot easier.

  4. 31862


    I have tried soooo many of this type of products, this one takes the number one spot highly recommended

  5. 21530


    I've tried several other companies either the gummies were just stuck together and they had a real nasty taste and they really didn't do much these couldn't be any better! I highly recommend Mary’s Medibles West Coast Hemp brand!! S++++

  6. 127302


    Everytime I take it I feel calm. My work involves a lot of stress and it does help me calm down and function. It helps ease my anxiety and helps me sleep. It tastes really good too!

  7. 15919


    I do love my CBD gummies. They are so helpful I feel so much better taking them. Will remain a repeat customer.

  8. 139872


    The gummies taste pretty yummy and the pain relief is decently fast active, i take them before i go to sleep to help with my back n my hubby tastes for insomnia

  9. 86131

    Arcilio Arruda

    I got a bit of stock an leaf in all 4 of mine last time but it was still worth. I just ran it threw a 120um an It work golden . Looking forward to this one.

  10. 70486


    The taste is amazing, I want the recipe just for the gummies they tasted so good, definitely helped me sleep at night

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