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  • 120904
    Hash – Phoenix


    Excellent Hash, very sticky, smooth, nice high this is my second time and will not be the last

  • 70184
    BOB Vape Carts Mix and Match 3 (Keyy)


    this packaging is fun and bob's white widow was a good friend. dear bob, you make an excellent product on the inside and out. xo

  • 341159
    Enigma Extracts – Premium Carts 0.5g Mix and Match 3

    sharon marie

    these cartridges r so nice. it sweet to know some1 that cares. love u.

  • 338489
    Enigma Extracts – Premium Carts 0.5g

    sharon marie

    the good things are true. these ceramic cartridges are supr sweet. i got the zombiez ... if u r up early in the morning and want to 4get the day b4, this will do the trick.. so yummy and pure. thanks enigma xtracts and WCC and yay for canada

  • 379583
    Holy Grail AAAA


    Received a freebie on my last order, it has strong herbal / citrusy aroma. Looking forward to trying it !

  • 52727
    Hash – Tesla


    Good quality hash, it has a nice mint and piney taste. Smooth not too overwhelming, It's usually my go to on here, can't go wrong with the price!

  • 355470
    Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) AAAA (Popcorn Nugs)


    Great quality buds for the price, nice med-small buds; very dense. It has a nice sweet citrusy taste and aroma, great daytime bud. couldn't recommend this one enough!

  • 285671
    Donkey Breath AAAA+


    oh man, best strain I've had since the peanut butter breath. Great evening smoke and beautiful buds!

  • 146191
    Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) AAAA+


    I always grab a bag of this when it's on sale, and it's always top notch stuff! Most recent sale batch was better than ever 🙂

  • 379567
    Blueberry Icewreck AAAA

    Thomas Wallace

    Very nice body blast and an excellent way to forget where you are. Strong overtones without the headache. A wonderful pain reliever and great sleep-aide.

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