West Coast Cannabis provides high-quality medical marijuana throughout Canada. Our services allow you to buy cannabis oils online at the lowest prices around. We will deliver your package quickly and discreetly, no matter what the size of your order may be.

A cannabis tincture or oil is a product derived from a cannabis flower. Cannabis oils and tinctures are the concentrated forms of THC. Every tincture or oil, like the flowers themselves, will be unique.

Products that have stronger concentrations will offer more of a “high”. Less potent oils can help you to feel focused without psychoactive effects. Whether you prefer Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, chances are that we’ll be able to offer you a product that you’ll love.

The main difference between oils and tinctures is that tinctures include an additional ingredient to help with delivery and bioavailability. Alcohol is the most popular delivery chemical used for tinctures.

Tinctures tend to have more added ingredients than oils. Cannabis oil is usually only combined with a carrier oil to help with delivery.

Since we understand that every customer is different, West Coast Cannabis offers a wide variety of cannabis oil products to accommodate all kinds of needs. Our cannabis oil products include capsules, isolates, and distillates. Our selection and outstanding customer service have led so many people to make the switch to be able to confidently buy oil online.

Capsules are an appealing product because they offer precise dosages. We currently offer Mary’s Medibles, Sativa, Indica, THC/CBD, and CBD-only capsules. Our highest dose capsules contain 250 mg each while our lowest contains only 10 mg. They are also available in 20, 50, and 100 mg sizes, so you can get the exact amount of active ingredients that will be right for you.

Our distillate products include So High oral syringes. We offer them in a wide array of popular flavors, including Gorilla Glue and Grape Kush.
Distillation is done by condensing a product from a vapor. This process yields very potent THC products. So High marks its 1-gram syringe so that you can easily dispense the desired amount of product.

In addition, we offer Miss Envy Isolate products. To make an isolate, the manufacturer removes all other plant derivatives. Our isolates are easy to add to foods or drinks, due to their potency and texture.

While oils are a great product, the increased bioavailability of tinctures makes them one of our most popular product groups. We have several brands and dosage combinations for our tinctures, which will allow you to have greater control over the effects you experience. The concentration and the THC to CBD ratios are the elements that will have the most influence on the effects of each tincture.

Our brands include Alison Wonderland, Diamond Concentrates, and MOTA.

Finding the right cannabis tincture online can be challenging, which is why we offer such a broad selection of products. Whether you are pursuing a better night’s sleep or need to soothe chronic pain, we have a tincture that can help.

West Coast Cannabis provides the best prices for single cannabis products. We also offer several mix-and-match options for our distillate syringes. Our packages help you to save even more on your cannabis products, while giving you the ability to try several different strains. Our mix-and-match kits are also great for sharing.

Our most basic package allows you to choose five different strains, giving you an 8% discount. The next tier includes ten syringes and a savings of 17%. The savings keep on going up as you increase your order size, with a 25% price drop when you order 25 syringes. Our largest kit of 50 syringes saves you 33% over the single-item pricing.

Don’t just Google search and “buy cannabis tincture online.” Before you make a purchase, it is important to understand how products like these work. Both oils and tinctures are usually consumed orally. Other products can be applied transdermally or combined with foods. You can even vaporize oils and inhale them, which is often referred to as dabbing.

If you purchase a tincture or oil in a dropper bottle, you should place the product directly under the tongue. You should hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing. Specific consumption methods will be listed on the box of the product that you buy.

Tinctures and sublingual oils tend to have a rapid onset of effects. Many people report feeling effects within 15 to 30 minutes. The length of the tinctures’ effects will vary, but a general expected timeframe is roughly four to six hours. This will depend on factors such as your individual tolerance and the strength of the dosage.

The effects of your tincture or oil will vary and largely depend on the ratio of THC and CBD. Most people understand that THC has psychoactive effects that can produce the feeling of being high. However, relatively few users understand that CBD acts to counterbalance the effects of THC.
What this means for you is that a product high in THC and low in CBD will produce a high. Tinctures with an even ratio can produce a functional high with minimal psychoactive effects. If your oil or tincture has a ratio such as 20:1 CBD to THC, then you will likely experience an elevated feeling of focus without any high.

You can receive many benefits from using quality cannabis oils. Cannabis oil can ease certain symptoms of physical ailments or mitigate emotional strain, such as stress and anxiety. They are also a great option to improve sleep and to help you achieve a state of relaxation.

When you buy oil online, you will reap the benefits of our huge product selection. You will save money because West Coast Cannabis has competitive pricing that others cannot match. Even if you search for “buy tincture online,” you won’t find better deals anywhere else!

We also take steps to protect your privacy through our discreet packaging. Your order will arrive in a box that is free from any product-related labels. If you are ready to have high-quality THC products delivered straight to your door, then make the switch to West Coast Cannabis today!

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What Are Cannabis Oils?

Cannabis oils and tinctures are liquid products that allow you to get the therapeutic benefits of cannabis orally or sublingually. Both THC and CBD oils can provide a range of positive effects and medical benefits, and these products have become particularly popular due to their convenience and ease of use.

You can buy cannabis oils online in Canada from West Coast Cannabis. Whether you prefer THC tincture, CBD tincture, or even mixed THC/CBD oils, there’s a product to suit your needs.

THC Oils Effects and Medicals Benefits

THC tinctures can give you the same effects you’d get from smoking or vaping cannabis, only without having to inhale anything. A dose of THC oil can heighten your senses, enhance your thoughts, relax your body, and induce a powerful euphoric high. It can also help relieve chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, nausea, stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

CBD Oils Effects and Medical Benefits

Unlike THC oils, CBD oils won’t get you high or induce any psychoactive effects. With that said, many users still feel a sense of calming relaxation from consuming cannabidiol. CBD tinctures are often used to deal with issues such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, and seizures without the intoxicating effects of THC.

THC Tinctures or CBD Tinctures?

Should you use THC or CBD oils? The answer depends on your needs and purposes. If you want an alternative way to get high while still experiencing the medical benefits of cannabis, THC tinctures are perfect for you. On the other hand, CBD tinctures are better for users who want to get the benefits of cannabinoids without any psychoactive effects. You can also consider mixed THC/CBD oils to get a dose of both THC and CBD.

Cannabis Tinctures or Cannabis Topicals?

Are cannabis topicals better than cannabis tincture oils? Both of these product types are especially popular for medical marijuana users as they offer quick and convenient methods to get the benefits of cannabinoids. Cannabis-infused topicals can be applied directly to the skin for targeted relief, but they won’t reach the bloodstream and even THC topicals won’t get you high. Cannabis oils are better for all-around benefits, but you can also use them in conjunction with topicals.

How To Use THC and CBD Oils

Both THC and CBD oils can be used in multiple ways. The simplest way to use cannabis oils is to measure your desired dosage using the dropper and apply the oil directly under your tongue. Hold it there for at least a minute to absorb the cannabinoids into your system. Alternatively, you can also add a dose of THC or CBD oil to foods or drinks such as tea, coffee, and smoothies. Some users take a daily dose of cannabis oil for prolonged benefits.

Buy Cannabis Tinctures Online In Canada

West Coast Cannabis provides a range of CBD and THC oils available for delivery across Canada. To make an order, simply sign up, add your desired products to your cart, and pay by e-Transfer or Bitcoin. All orders are sent safely and discreetly for your peace of mind.

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