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Rolling the perfect joint is an art form that most of us have yet to perfect. Instead of wasting flower and papers trying to get that immaculate roll, why not just pick up some of our picture-perfect pre-rolls?

We offer AAAA grade pre-rolled joints and blunts of both sativa and indica-dominant strains that are ready to go whenever you are. These pre-roll offers that perfectly even burn and that exceptionally smooth yet powerful pull that you’re looking for every time you try and twist one up yourself. They’re not just packed with flower, either. You can have your pre-rolls loaded with hash, sun rocks, moon rocks, diamonds, and more. It’s a decadent THC buffet in the palm of your hand.

If you’re looking for a super convenient, extra potent, cool-looking way to enjoy your cannabis without having the hassle of rolling one up yourself, pre-rolls are exactly what you’re looking for.

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Sesh Hash Joints - Indica


Sesh Hash Joints - Sativa


Sesh Moon Rock Joints - Sativa


Sesh Moon Rock Joints - Indica


Sesh Blunts - Indica


Sesh Blunts - Sativa




The Caviar Collection - Sun Rocks Pre Roll 1.25g

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