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Perhaps the most classic way for you to eat your cannabis is through a fresh-baked cannabutter brownie. It’s a marijuana tradition that extends back decades, and today it’s expanded to include pretty much any kind of baked good you can imagine, because why not make your cannabis consumption even tastier than it already was?

We have a huge variety of baked edibles for you to choose from. If you want to go with the standard brownie, we’ve got a huge selection made from several different sativa and indica strains. Flavor options include Nutella, white chocolate, white chocolate chunk, classic chocolate, s’mores, and more.

If cookies are more your speed, then take your pick from peanut butter, chocolate chip, cookies and cream, dipped Oreos, white chocolate macadamia, and more.

The selections don’t stop there, either: we’ve also got cereal bars and peanut butter cups. You can even get a deep discount on your THC treats with our buy-four-get-one-free Wrecked Edibles mix packs.


Marijuana edibles are one of the most popular ways for people to inject cannabis. And there are likely way more options out there on the types of edibles you can buy than you may think.

Of course, there is the classic edible: the weed brownie. But, at West Coast Cannabis, we have many more marijuana edible options available to satisfy your cravings while also giving you the high you want.

We offer delicious cannabis edibles such as:

  • Marijuana chocolates like truffles, chocolate-covered coffee beans, peanut butter cups, and more
  • Marijuana cookies in almost every flavour imaginable, including popular cookie types like chocolate chip, chocolate macadamia nut, cookies and cream, peanut butter crunch, and more
  • Cannabis brownies that come fully baked and ready to eat. You can find traditional chocolate brownies as well as other flavours like white chocolate and s’mores
  • Marijuana baking mixes. If making your own baked marijuana goods is more your speed, we can help with that, too. Find marijuana baking mixes that allow you to make both cookies and brownies of different varieties
  • Cereal bars that are available in different flavours to match your favourite cereal

Whatever your cannabis edible preference, we have something that will appeal to you.

Marijuana edibles offer users many benefits that make them a popular choice.

First, edibles are a discrete way to take marijuana. Suppose you pull a cannabis cookie out of your bag and eat it: Nobody knows what is in it unless you tell them. This allows users to get the effects of marijuana without making it obvious what they are doing.

Second, marijuana edibles are plain delicious. Marijuana buds can be bitter; however, using them in edible products like cookies and brownies helps mask this taste, making it an easier (and much more enjoyable) experience.

Finally, marijuana edibles offer long-lasting effects. Though it can take about 30 minutes for the body to digest and process the treat, the effects are long-lasting. It’s not uncommon for their effects to last for up to eight hours or more! That gives users quite the bang for their buck.

As an online marijuana store, West Coast Edibles makes it easy for consumers to order their favourite marijuana edible products online. The hardest part will likely be choosing what to buy due to our large selection of products.

Once you’ve filled your cart with the edibles you want, check out by following the prompts. You’ll receive instructions on how to pay at the end (payment is accepted via e-transfer). Once payment is complete, we’ll process your order and send it out to you!

While we have no minimum order requirements, purchases under $150 will have a $20 flat shipping fee. Orders over that minimum amount will qualify for free shipping in Canada.

If you have any questions as you make your purchase or about our marijuana edibles in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help.

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