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So-called “magic mushrooms,” more commonly called shrooms or just mushrooms today, are mushrooms with psychedelic effects. Since before the dawn of history, they have been consumed for this purpose, and many communities developed rituals around them.

Today, mushrooms are used for both their psychedelic effects and for medical purposes. The naturally occurring psychoactive compound in mushrooms is psilocybin, which you can consume in many different ways.

Multiple different species of mushrooms contain psilocybin to varying degrees, leading to a wide variety of options. While there have been concerted efforts to suppress mushrooms in the past, it’s never been easier to buy mushrooms online.

Historically, people have taken mushrooms to invoke the psychedelic experiences that they perceived as intensely spiritual and out-of-body experiences. Many still seek that mystical wonder and a profoundly altered state of mind.

Mushrooms put people into a very changed state of mind, where they can see things differently. Many people report that the psychedelic experience has led them to resolve long-standing issues like grief or shame by allowing them the proper outlook to confront these emotional injuries.

Patients with various mental illnesses use mushrooms to relieve symptoms. Mushroom use is commonly tried by those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. Mushrooms are also widely employed by people suffering from addictions like alcohol or smoking to relieve those addictions.

Much of the success that people see in these areas with mushrooms relies on determining the correct dose and method for taking psilocybin.

There are various ways to take mushrooms. That means that anyone interested in mushrooms can find the method that’s right for them.

Of course, the traditional methods still work today. As it always has been, many people eat mushrooms. There’s no secret to it, you ingest the mushrooms, and your body absorbs the psilocybin like it does any other nutrition.

For best results, thorough chewing is required to release all the juices. If you ingest mushrooms, the effects generally take about 45 minutes to kick in, or less if taken on an empty stomach.

Even though this method is still popular, many people complain about the taste.

For those that would rather avoid prolonged chewing, mushroom capsules are available. These capsules are filled with finely ground mushrooms and ingested. They come in a variety of concentrations and are typically the preferred method for microdosing.

When placed in hot water, ground mushrooms release their juices and the psilocybin within, making mushroom tea. It’s important to use hot (but not boiling) water to avoid destroying the psilocybin. Mushroom tea is one of the most popular ways to order mushrooms by mail, with many flavors available.

Similar to cannabis, mushrooms can be used to make edibles. The most common are cookies, brownies, and chocolate bars that mask the mushroom taste some find unpleasant. There are many options when choosing mushroom edibles.

West Coast Cannabis offers an extensive line of mushroom products. We have whole mushrooms, edibles, teas, and capsules. Within each category, we have a vast assortment of varieties and flavors.

We ensure our customers receive top-quality products through careful testing for quality and safety. Customers can buy mushrooms online from anywhere in Canada with delivery right to your door.

Our products come in varieties for any purpose. Whether you’re looking for an intense psychedelic experience or very mild therapeutic effects, we have what you need.

To give you the best selection, we have mix-and-match options for loose raw mushrooms. These packages are available from 7 to 28 grams and let you choose the individual mushroom varieties you’ll receive.

With mix and match packages, you’ll be able to try out a wide variety of options. They let you save money while trying something new. These packages are great for sharing with friends or making group orders.

Mushrooms can be taken in many different doses for different effects. Each amount depends on the dose’s particular purpose and for certain people. Figuring out which dose is right for you depends on what you’re looking for from mushrooms and your individual tolerance.

Microdosing is one of the most common ways to take mushrooms. These small doses can give you the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms without invoking strong psychedelic effects.

This is a standard dose for people first trying mushrooms. It is significant enough to bring on minor psychedelic effects, but nothing like hallucinations.

This dose is where psychedelic effects really begin. Anyone taking this dose could experience some hallucinations, but the results of this dose shouldn’t be overwhelming.

At this dose, people taking mushrooms will experience significant psychedelic effects. If you’re looking for a trip, this is the quantity you’re looking for. For many new mushroom takers, this dose can be overwhelming.

A dose this strong will be too much for many people and is generally only necessary in individuals with very high tolerances. This dose will likely give anyone profound hallucinations.

At West Coast Cannabis, we make ordering mushrooms online as straightforward as possible for our customers. All you have to do to shop mushrooms online in Canada is take the following steps:

  1. Got to the My Account page to login or register
  2. Provide the required information through a short form
  3. Make your selection from our online store
  4. Provide delivery and payment details during checkout
  5. Pay via E-transfer (see our FAQ page for help)
  6. Receive your email confirmation and tracking number

It really can be that easy to buy mushrooms online. West Coast Cannabis provides free Canada-wide shipping on orders above $150. If you need help placing your order, we have online chat support for our customers.

Making your selection online and receiving your order by mail is the most convenient way to shop mushrooms online. You get your mushrooms by mail. There’s nothing easier than having them come right to you.

Shopping online isn’t just a convenient experience; it gives you more time to browse products at your leisure. You can learn everything there is to know about the different varieties and how much you should order.

When you shop mushrooms online in Canada, you get access to the greatest variety and the best prices. You can make your selection from possible options to make the choice that’s just right for you.

Many people prefer to keep their personal life private, and receiving mushrooms by mail is the most discreet way to buy. You can also read online reviews to find out more about the products and services.

There are many reasons to order mushrooms online, and you can take advantage of those with West Coast Cannabis. We provide a wide variety of goods, great deals, and quality products.

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