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When you’re buying weed online in Canada and see the AAAA+ grade next to one of our pot strains, you know you’re looking at marijuana buds of the absolute highest quality. Extending a notch above even AAAA, the AAAA+ grade implies that the strain is “craft cannabis,” which means it was cultivated by small growers using precise farming techniques that are difficult to replicate in large-scale marijuana farming. The extra care and attention given to these strains mean that they’re better smelling, better looking, more potent, and more effective than pretty much anything else out there. Buy your craft weed online here!

What is Craft Cannabis?

Think of craft weed as something similar to craft beer or small-batch coffee. These products are created with care, precision, attention to detail, and usually quite a bit of passion. The result is something of a finer quality than mass production can possibly replicate. With this kind of weed, you get to enjoy that sort of passion, dedication, and superior quality in beautiful THC-packed Canadian cannabis flower. Craft “marijuana” is also sometimes known as small-batch cannabis or artisanal cannabis. This refers to a small-scale grow operation of weed that emphasizes quality. To be designated as craft, the flower must be grown in a facility that produces less than 10,000 kg of dried cannabis (or equivalent) a year. This illustrates precisely why this type of weed is really all about quality over quantity. Ready to order weed online in Canada?

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Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 7 x 1g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 8 x 3.5g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 4 x 7g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ - 4 x 28g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ Pound - 4 x Quarter Pound


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ Half Pound - 8 x 28g


Multi Pack - Craft Flowers AAAA+ Pound - 16 x 28g



Supreme Death Bubba AAAA+



Oreoz AAAA+



Donkey Butter AAAA+



Layer Cake AAAA+



Mendo Breath AAAA+



Supreme Octane AAAA+


What Is Craft Cannabis?

If you want the highest-quality weed in a range of unique strains, you need to buy craft cannabis. You can browse & shop for high-quality craft cannabis here on our online dispensary & mail order marijuana weed shop.

Also known as artisanal weed or small-batch cannabis, craft cannabis refers to strains that have been made with love by expert cultivators. Like craft beer or craft coffee, every strain of craft cannabis is tailored to be delicious, potent, and incredibly satisfying.

You can buy Canadian craft marijuana online right here at WC Cannabis. From indica to sativa to hybrid strains, we offer a wide range of artisanal marijuana from top cannabis cultivators in Canada.

Why Buy Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis strains are often more potent, more flavorful, and have better bag appeal than any commercial-grade cannabis strains out there. This is because each cannabis strain is made by expert cultivators in small batches, focusing on making every detail perfect. These strains are rare, unique, and carefully produced so you can rest assured you’ll get a high-quality batch whenever you buy craft cannabis.

Is Craft Cannabis Like Craft Beer?

Craft weed can be compared to craft beer – it’s unique, produced in small batches, and every product is carefully tailored by experts to ensure maximum satisfaction. Much like craft beer lovers will try as many flavors as possible, craft cannabis users can try a range of rare and potent strains to get a different experience every time.

Craft Marijuana Effects

Every craft cannabis strain is bred carefully to give users the best effects possible. Every artisanal strain of weed is unique and each offers different effects. However, these strains are designed to offer intensely enjoyable effects. Indica craft strains will give you waves of pleasurable relaxation, sativa craft strains will enhance your mind and senses, and hybrid craft strains will give you a range of euphoric physical and mental effects.

Craft Cannabis Medical Benefits

Is craft cannabis good for medical cannabis users? Definitely. These strains are designed to give you the best effects possible, so whether you’re looking to relieve pain or reduce anxiety, you can find a suitable craft weed strain tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for an indica strain for physical relief, a sativa strain for mental perks, or a hybrid strain for versatile benefits, there are many high-quality craft cannabis strains available.

Craft Weed vs. AAAA Grade Weed

Many users looking for the best marijuana strains opt for AAAA strains. These high-grade strains offer premium quality with powerful effects and rich flavors. They also offer amazing bag appeal, with dense nugs, beautiful colors, and fragrant aromas. 

Craft cannabis strains are just a tier above. These strains are cultivated with care to ensure every batch is just right. Buying a craft cannabis strain is like buying a tailored, handmade product from an artisanal tailor instead of a mass-produced product you’d find in a store.

Buy Craft Cannabis Online In Canada

If you want the best craft strains at affordable prices, you can buy craft cannabis online at WC Cannabis. We offer a range of artisanal, small-batch strains to suit every user. All of our strains are available for discreet home delivery, simply sign up, add your desired products to your cart, and pay via e-Transfer to enjoy the highest-quality weed available.

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