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With a name like Phoenix Tears, you would probably expect this cannabis concentrate to be some sort of mystical elixir. Well, you wouldn’t be totally wrong. Named after the supposedly healing tears of the mythical bird creature known to rise from its own ashes, this super potent oil was created by cannabis activist Rick Simpson, which is why you might also hear it referred to as “Rick Simpson Oil.”

Simpson originally aimed at creating a cannabis-based cure for cancer with his Phoenix Tears. While we do know that marijuana has some powerful medical benefits, there are no real studies to confirm such bold claims. However, Phoenix Tears do offer all of marijuana’s proven medical benefits, as well as a highly potent dose of the psychoactive stuff: THC. Place a drop under your tongue to get started, and then go from there. Available in a few different tasty flavors to make for an even more enjoyable cannabis concentrate experience.


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Forever Phoenix 600mg THC Phoenix Tears - Spearmint Infused


Forever Phoenix 600mg THC Phoenix Tears - Cinnamon Infused


Mary's Medibles - Phoenix Tears 3ml THC

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