WCC Fam! Sorry for some delays, we’re back in full force! Sorry for any delays that we might have caused in the last week! We’re running back to normal and website is faster then ever!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! The winners for January monthly contest have been drawn! Thank you all for supporting WCC, without all we would not be able to run contest, promotions, charity donations, and run these monthly contests! Thank you fam

Here are the winners for the 10 x $200 Store Credit :

  1. 1109430
  2. 1127751
  3. 1106998
  4. 1137756
  5. 1122415
  6. 1127240
  7. 1129365
  8. 1118424
  9. 1119226
  10. 1116336

1x $5000 Cash Prize Or Store Credit (Cash will be mailed to your door)

  • 1114669

Please note our Trust Pilot was disabled please leave a review on Trust Index

Please leave us a review on Trust Index, as our Trust Pilot was taken down. <3

Trust Index West Coast Cannabis

Please add our new Instagram account as our old one got taken down. _WestCoastCannabis_ please share with your friends and family WCC Fam!

New Instagram Link

Our previous Instagram got taken down =( Please add us at _westcoastcannabis_ or click on the link below


Join our discord for weekly contests, giveaways, promotions or just to chit chat with our clients!


Have a wonderful weekend WCC Fam

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