Is the Runtz Strain the Best for Insomnia?

If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, you need to try the Runtz strain. Not only will this sugary explosion satisfy your wildest candy-related fantasies, but with around 20 percent of THC, it will also deliver an ecstatic punch that’ll leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re new to this pothead favourite or you’re looking to expand your knowledge on the Runtz, this detailed article is perfect for you. 

In this Runtz strain review, you’ll learn about the characteristics and expected benefits of the bud, as well as the different phenotypes available. 

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That said, here is everything you need to know about the Runtz strain.

What is the Runtz Strain?

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The Runtz strain, also known as “Runtz OG” is a perfectly balanced hybrid bud of 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica. This Los Angeles-based stoner favourite was created by Cookies Fam by breeding Gelato and Zkittlez. 

You’ll learn more about these parent strains later in this article.

Runtz joints are best suitable for people who love everything sweet. Namely, the flavour profile is a mixture of sugary-sweet, berry, and tree fruit, with a distinct sweet/tropical, herbal, spicy, and earthy aroma. 

If you’re a big fan of pineapples, you’ll enjoy the Runtz. Since this bud is named for the popular candy, you can’t expect anything less than a sugar rush. However, even if you’re not a fan of sweet flavours, we suggest giving this bud a go. 

Although its sharp spicy flavour and aroma are not suitable for all taste buds, it’s a customer favourite for a good reason. 

That said, if you’re looking for a similar cannabis strain with a more mellow flavour profile, we recommend checking out the Sativa-dominant Maui Wowie AAAA or the Indica-dominant Island Kush AAA.

As mentioned, with THC levels ranging from 19 to 29 percent, the Runtz is a psychoactive powerhouse. 

Besides providing powerful psychoactive effects, this strain is also known for its outstanding recreational and medical benefits

Due to its abundance in beneficial terpenes, people around the world love to use it for pain, anxiety, and stress relief. Namely, the dominant terpene is Caryophyllene (pepper), thanks to which Runtz gets its peppery and spicy tone and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

Other terpenes abundant in this strain include Linalool (floral) and Limonene (citrus).

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Thanks to its parent strains, you can expect an evenly balanced effect of Sativa and Indica. If you’re looking for a delicious and aromatic strain that will make you go berzerk (in the best way possible!), this strain is an ideal choice. 

Although we recommend the Runtz for expert stoners, beginners will also enjoy it. That said, if you’re new to the cannabis world and you want to buy weed online, choose a good online dispensary and a quality product. 

You’ll also want to start slow and increase doses gradually if needed. Although the side effects are rare and usual (such as cottonmouth), we always encourage mindful and responsible cannabis use.

Most importantly, due to its excellent genetics, flavour profile, and effects, the Runtz strain has sprouted a family of delicious phenotypes. 

Some of these phenotypes including the mouth-watering Pink Runtz strain and the White Runtz strain have become equally popular choices among stoner enthusiasts. 

Speaking of the Pink Runtz strain, here’s something unique for all weed lovers. Test out this salivating Diamonds – Pink Runtz today and understand why everyone is obsessed with pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid crystalline

The Banana Runtz strain is another trendy option made by breeding Runtz with Banana OG.

Nowadays, you can get this cannabis in different shapes and forms. For example, one of the most sought-after pot store products are Runtz joints and diamonds. 

That said, if you love vaping and you’re looking for a premium-grade product, try out the Straight Goods – Runtz Disposable. These are excellent alternatives to Runtz joints, and they offer 95 percent cannabis distillate with five percent organic terpenes. 

Understanding the Runtz Strain

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So far, we know that the Runtz is a potent and flavourful strain full of beneficial terpenes. To gain an even better understanding of the Runtz, let’s take a closer look at the parent strains that made everything possible, Gelato and Zkittlez. 

Gelato, also known as “Gelato 42” or “Larry Bird” is an evenly-balanced hybrid, and the child of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It’s known for its outstanding euphoric high and powerful relaxing effects. 

According to potheads, you’ll experience Gelato’s effects rapidly. So, what can you expect? In short, numbness and relaxation are paired with productivity and stimulation. Yes, Gelato offers the best of both worlds. 

With THC levels around 16 percent, this hybrid is suitable for both beginners and pot enthusiasts. Just like its baby, the Runtz, Gelato tastes sweet, but with a hint of mint. 

An interesting spin on this strain is Lemon Gelato AAAA, a hybrid made by mixing Lemon Haze, Sunset Sherbet, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

On the other hand, we’ve got Zkittlez or “Skittles”, a potent Indica with more than 20 percent THC. This Grapefruit and Grape Ape mix has a signature candy flavour with a distinct grape aroma. 

Overall, the effects of Zkittlez include feeling happy, relaxed, and calm, while at the same time alert and focused. If you’re looking for the perfect treat featuring this parent strain, check out the Laughing Monkey – Berry Zkittlez 150mg THC

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder phenotypes such as the White Runtz strain and White Runtz strain exist. When you cross Gelato with Zkittlez, you get pure “canna” perfection.

Types of Runtz

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When you browse the internet, you’ll likely come across the Rainbow Runtz strain, the Banana Runtz strain, White Runtz, Pink Runtz, and more. 

We get you, all of this information can be overwhelming — what are these different types of Runtz strains and how are they linked to the Runtz OG? Here’s the full scoop.

Let’s begin with the Rainbow Runtz strain. This Indica is created from a double-cross of DoSiDos and Skittlez. The pear-flavoured Rainbow Rutz strain will make you feel calm, yet energized and focused. 

Although the Rainbow Rutz strain is perfect for alleviating nausea symptoms, it can increase your appetite. So, always have snacks on hand.

The Banana Runtz strain, on the other hand, is a hybrid created by breeding Runtz with Banana OG. This tropical and fruity bud is excellent for boosting arousal. So, choose the Banana Runtz strain for your next date night.

We’ve also got the White Runtz strain and Pink Runtz, both discussed above. Be mindful of the desired effects and flavour profiles when browsing through a pot store or an online dispensary. 

Recreational Benefits of the Runtz Strain

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Thanks to its unique characteristics and effects, in 2020, the Runtz became Leafly’s Strain of the Year. Here’s what you can expect from this potent hybrid. The first thing you’ll hear about the Runtz is that the effects are strong and immediate. 

According to stoners, you’ll feel the initial effects rapidly. Unlike some similar hybrids that take a long time to kick in, there’s no waiting with the Runtz. 

After just a few minutes following the final toke, you’ll experience a strong head-high and a relaxing lift. Slowly but surely, this amazing sensation will spread through the rest of the body, from your head to your limbs and fingers. 

As the high expands, you will start to feel a deep sense of calmness and numbness. This is a highly sedating hybrid that will leave you in a state of couch-lock for hours. Finally, you’ll fall into a deep slumber. 

If you’re looking for the perfect strain to unwind after a long day of work, the Runtz is a good choice. In a nutshell, you may expect to feel calm, relaxed, uplifted, sleepy, and hungry. Yes, this strain will likely give you a strong urge for the munchies.

Medical Benefits of the Runtz Strain

Besides its impressive recreational benefits, the Runtz is also used for medical purposes. Since this strain offers up to 29 percent THC, it’s preferred by patients with medical conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, chronic stress, and insomnia. 

As mentioned, the Runtz will deliver you into a state of relaxation and numbness, taking all of the worries of the day away. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, mood disorders, and elevated stress levels, Runtz may be a viable choice for you. 

Most importantly, if you find it challenging to fall asleep and remain asleep, this hybrid may help. Nevertheless, before self-medicating with any cannabis strain, consult a healthcare professional for expert advice and guidance. 

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