Answering the Question: Is Terp Sauce and Live Resin the Same? 

If you are a newbie to the world of concentrates, then you might become confused with the terminology. 

You’ll encounter sauce and live resin frequently at online weed sites or at brick-and-mortar marijuana dispensaries. You might wonder if terp sauce and live resin are the same things or if there are subtle differences. 

The world of cannabis concentrates continues to grow due to their popularity. Most users who are seeking a strong THC product turn to concentrates for vaping or dabbing. 

The pure concentrate offers a smooth hit (unlike bud), and you can figure out dosage easier if you are using the concentrate to cope with a medical condition.

When you start shopping for cannabis concentrate, the first thing that you’ll notice is the sheer volume of choices. It might seem overwhelming if you don’t understand the differences.

In most cases, concentrates receive their names due to their unique appearance and then they will also sport monikers that further denote the strains used to create the concentrates.

In this article, we will explore the differences between terp sauce and live resin, so you’ll be able to answer the question, ‘Is sauce live resin?’ We will also take a look at Diamond Sauce.

Differences Between Terp Sauce and Live Resin

terp sauce and live resin

Let’s first examine sauce when exploring the differences between terp sauce and live resin. Sauce is a form of cannabis concentrate that is packed with THC. 

It looks remarkably similar to applesauce which is why it is simply called ‘sauce’ by most people. 

However, the consistency is not as runny as actual apple sauce due to the homogenizing process that it goes through to ensure that it holds ample terpenes. 

With sauce, two parts exist: the cannabinoid-rich crystals mixed with the terpene-loaded oil. 

Sauce gives the user double the pleasure because it is exceptionally potent and filled with flavour. 

The fact that sauce is brimming with terpenes makes it stand out from other concentrates to create a remarkably tasty product for dabbing or vaping. 

You’ll find that most sauce contains up to 30% terpenes. 

We suggest using a dab rig or a dab pen to genuinely enjoy sauce and everything it has to offer. 

Learning How Sauce is Made

Sauce is made in much the same way as other cannabis concentrates. 

Extraction methods such as CO2 extraction or butane are used to pull the cannabis cannabinoids from the plant’s fibres. 

The sauce is then further processed with a longer purging process to guarantee purity. 

Interestingly, some concentrates take a few days to purge, but sauce can take a few weeks. The slow process ensures a potent and premium product. 

The reason for the extended time is because the terpene oils adhere to the solvent and more cannabinoid-rich crystals will start to form. 

The cannabinoid crystals then sink to the bottom of the terpene oil. 

The crystals and oils are then removed from the solvent and then combined again to create sauce.

Is Sauce Live Resin?

Many users become confused, and wonder if sauce live resin? Although they share similarities, they are actually different. 

Most concentrate lovers consider live resin a top-shelf product due to its robust freshness and exceptional potency. 

Typically concentrates are named based on their looks but live resin is named after its processing. 

When you first see live resin, you’ll notice that it has a consistency that looks like sauce that contains an abundance of crystals. Usually, the live resin appears a pale-yellow white. 

When the processing of live resin has been conducted correctly the potency can reach 90% or greater. 

It supplies a unique taste and an impressive euphoric impact on the user. Typically, it is dabbed with a dab rig or added to a dab pen. 

How is Live Resin Made? 

Terp sauce and live resin do share some processing similarities but there is one incredibly significant difference: the starting material used to obtain the concentrate. 

Sauce is made using completed dried and cured cannabis during the extraction process. 

Unfortunately, dried, and cured cannabis has lost many trichomes and terpenes from trimming. The loss of the terpenes and trichomes does affect the flavour and potency of the concentrate. 

Live resin is made using fresh frozen weed. The fresh-frozen plant product is frozen at once following harvest using liquid nitrogen or dry ice. 

By freezing cannabis, the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and oils are all conserved for optimum freshness and fragrance. 

An extraction process is then carried out on the fresh, frozen buds to create live resin. 

Is Diamond Terp Sauce And Live Resin The Same?

Many users wonder, is diamond sauce live resin? Is diamond terp sauce and live resin the same? The answer is  – yes, diamond sauce is live resin. The live resin separates into a terp sauce with a mix of solid cannabinoids referred to as diamond. 

The THCA has the ability to bond with itself in the liquid and form what appear to be diamonds in the resin.

Many extraction artists also focus on intentionally forming and perfecting the diamonds in Diamond Sauce Live Resin. 

Live Resin Vs Diamond Sauce

The process of perfecting the diamonds is referred to as diamond mining or recrystallization. Usually, diamond mining is carried out using butane hash oil which is purged with high heat. 

The resin left is then vacuum sealed for three weeks until it starts the separation process. The terpenes float to the top of the resin and the diamond develops at the bottom. 

Consuming Diamond Sauce 

What are terp sauce and live resin? What is diamond sauce? Are they all the same? When you extract diamonds during processing, the THCA is not converted into THC with heat. 

Therefore, you’ll need to heat the concentrate cannabis diamonds whether through the process of dabbing or smoking to gain the THC impact. 

Extraction artists can distill and further concentrate diamonds down to a 100 percent concentration of THC which makes dosing for medical conditions easier and provides greater consistency in treatment. 

However pure THCA diamonds have virtually no flavour because they have been separated from the terpenes and flavonoids, so it is important they be mixed in a live resin sauce to provide flavour and create a more robust experience.  

Trying Terp Sauce And Live Resin

At West Coast Cannabis, we offer a wide array of Live Resin concentrate products to pick between. 

If you are in the mood for an Indica strain then check out our Banana OG Live Resin. It is bursting with flavour and aroma. The THC level hovers at 25%. The strain is great for couch chilling and relaxation. 

If you are seeking a sativa strain of live resin then tangerine berries might prove one of the best choices. Many pain sufferers seek out the strain to treat inflammation and chronic pain.  

Check out our terp sauce which is a cross between Shiskaberry and Cotton Candy. 

It has a wonderful fruity aroma that has earthy undertones. The flavour is a pine and citrus mixture. It can help battle anxiety and depression in users. The mixture is exceptionally flavorful and potent.  

When shopping for cannabis concentrates, do not hesitate to ask our skilled team questions. 

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