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Blueberry OG Strain Review & Info And Where To Buy Weed Online In Canada

The most popular buds in the cannabis community are usually the strains with the best taste, effects, and even the highest potencies. 

But what happens when you take two of the most reliable and dependable buds with all those qualities and cross them? 

Well, find out in this Blueberry OG strain review.

There are many factors that determine how well a strain will do in the market. One of these factors is heritage. 

Almost no one wants to experiment with a bud with an unknown lineage unless it offers something out of the ordinary. 

But if the parent strains already carry some weight around, then enthusiasts may be interested in testing it to see if it’s an improvement of the last classic.

Blueberry OG strain is one such bud. It is not the most potent cannabis variety out here, but it’s a cross between two legendary strains. 

While it benefits from its parents’ popularity, this strain is beloved for its effects. In this post, we look at Blueberry OG and whether it’s worth buying in 2022.

Blueberry OG Strain Review – OverviewTop of Blueberry OG Strain cannabis plant from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada.

Blueberry OG strain is a phenotype of the legendary DJ Short Blueberry strain. The strain has already garnered a massive support base in Canada and is one of the most popular buds for people buying weed online.

The Blueberry OG strain was initially created by crossing the DJ Short Blueberry strain with another classic, OG Kush. 

The bud gets its name from its parents’ names, Blueberry and the OG from OG Kush.

With a name like Blueberry OG strain, you can already tell that the strain delivers great effects and flavours just like its parents. But does it carry on its parents’ best qualities? 

The Blueberry OG strain is known for the fresh blueberries’ taste and aroma, while the OG is known for its dank flavours. 

As a phenotype of the DJ Short Blueberry, this strain genetics are more Blueberry than OG Kush. 

However, you will still get some distinct OG Kush influence from time to time. 

As such, you should expect a fruity experience that is subtly different from the classic DJ short strain.

Blueberry OG Strain vs Blueberry Kush Weed: Are They The Same?Blueberry OG strain and blueberry kush weed buds for same from top mail order marijuana online dispensary in Canada West Coast Cannabis.

Are Blueberry Og and Blueberry Kush the same? This is a question that even most cannabis connoisseurs don’t have the answer to. 

When buying weed online, which should you get? Is one a replacement for the other, or are they the same bud?

Not really. Blueberry OG, also known as Blueberry OG Kush, is an indica dominant hybrid strain with a 70% to 30% Indica to sativa ratio. This strain is not very potent, averaging a respectable 20% THC.

On the other hand, Blueberry Kush is a 100% pure indica hybrid, and it packs massive THC content that tops out at 24%. 

Both strains are offsprings of the two legends, OG Kush and Blueberry, and they may even share some similarities in effects and flavours. But that’s just about where the similarities end.

In this Blueberry OG strain review, we are looking at the 70:30 hybrid, the classic DJ Short Blueberry strain phenotype.

They are distinctively different strains, and they deliver different experiences. So before buying weed from an online dispensary in Canada, ensure you get the correct product. 

Alternatively, you can order weed online from a reputable and reliable mail-order marijuana dispensary like West Coast Cannabis. 

At West Coast Cannabis, we do our best to accurately label our products for a smooth consumer experience. 

We are also available via our customer service contacts if you need further clarification or help choosing the best weed strain to buy online.

Blueberry OG Strain Review: Appearance, Flavour And AromaFresh blueberry fruits. Blueberry OG Strain Review Appearance, Flavour And Aroma. Buy weed online in Canada.

Surprisingly, this offspring of the classics doesn’t have any particular qualities that make its buds noticeable on the first look. 

Instead, you get the ordinary indica type medium to small-sized, compactly packed buds with a dense structure.

Adding to the everyday bud look, the Blueberry OG nugs are bright green with patches of yellow, a frosty cover of trichomes and rusty red/ orange pistils twirling around the dense buds. 

Some plants may take after the original Blueberry, gaining more colours when subjected to cooler temperatures during production.

While the appearance of these buds is not much to talk about, they impress when it comes to the aroma and flavour. This is where this strain shines. The aroma is exactly what you would expect from a strain named Blueberry OG.

Opening a jar full of Blueberry OG buds gives off a noticeable fresh blueberries smell, complemented by a rich earthy tone. This bud’s aroma is more textured than the original Blueberry’s. 

The smell gets more profound when you open up the buds and grind them down for a smoke. 

This is where the berry aroma deepens, and you get other hints of diesel and sourness that the strain gets from its OG Kush parent side. But how does it do when it comes to taste?

Smoking this strain delivers the expected blueberries flavour on the inhale, but the earthiness is more noticeable, unlike the aroma. 

You will also taste the diesel, dank and sour earth notes that will remind you of the more familiar OG Kush flavour profile hidden behind the tart but sweet blueberries.

These complex flavours combine to create an intense blend that will have your palate wanting more.

Blueberry OG Kush Strain EffectsChill adult woman relaxing at home on her sofa after buying weed online from west coast cannabis online dispensary in Canada. Buy weed online.

This strain doesn’t disappoint when it comes to effects. So how does Blueberry OG weed make you feel?

This strain’s high starts with a stunning euphoric rush that lifts you off the ground with feelings of light-headedness. You will be stunned for a moment, but as you regain your focus, you will feel your stress and anxiety melting away, leaving you with positive, beautiful thoughts and happiness.

You will also find yourself grinning from ear to ear with an increased interest in socializing with others. 

You will struggle to stop talking, making this strain the go-to bud if you are trying to have a conversation that lasts for hours with your friends.

But despite the endless rumbling and smiling, your mind will remain strangely focused, and you will find yourself still able to complete some tasks that don’t require much involvement, especially when you take low doses of this bud.

As is typical of indica dominant strains, Blueberry OG weed will also relax your body from head to toe, but the sedating effects kick in only at higher doses. You will also experience intense munchies so keep your snacks near.

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