Here is Why You Will be Obsessed with the Northern Lights Weed Strain

Northern Lights weed is a phenomenal option for stoners looking to feel the best they have ever felt. If you want to learn more about this exciting Indica cannabis strain, you are in the right place. 

This comprehensive Northern Lights weed strain review will educate you about the most important facts related to the bud, including the terpene profile, THC content, flavour and aroma, expected effects, and much more. 

So, if you have been eye-balling the Northern Lights weed strain in your favourite online dispensary, here are the facts you need to be aware of. 

Besides the basic information about the bud, this Northern Lights weed strain review will provide you with answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. For example, find the answer to “Where did Northern Lights weed strain come from?”, and much more.

Are you ready to buy weed online in Canada? Perhaps the Northern Lights weed is perfect for you. Keep on reading to find out.

The Northern Lights Weed (An Overview)

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Before placing an order from your favourite weed store, it is important to learn the basics about the bud you are planning to purchase. Is Northern Lights weed a good strain? Here are the details. 

The Northern Lights weed (also known as “NL”) is a powerful Indica cannabis strain (a whopping 95 percent Indica!) created by crossing the notorious Thai and Afghani. 

Later in this Northern Lights weed strain review, you will learn more about these parent strains. Why? Because the “offspring” strains typically resemble characteristics of their parents. 

That said, the Northern Lights weed strain is one of the strongest buds you can get. Namely, this Indica can reach THC levels up to 33 percent

Although the THC percentage varies from one batch to the next, undoubtedly, Northern Lights cannabis does not play around. If you are looking for the strongest and highest-quality budget buds to enjoy this summer of 2022, choose a reliable weed dispensary such as West Coast Cannabis. 

By opting for a trusted and transparent pot shop, you ensure a seamless and elevated cannabis experience. 

Myrcene is the dominant terpene in Northern Lights cannabis, thanks to which this bud gets its signature earthy scent

Besides giving this strain its amazing pungent flavour and aroma, Myrcene also provides sleep-aiding benefits for consumers. Interestingly, some research shows that Myrcene also has muscle relaxant effects

Other dominant terpenes in Northern Lights cannabis include Limonene (citrus) and Caryophyllene (pepper). 

Overall, if you are a big fan of strains with strong earthy and herbal flavours mixed with refreshing pine, you will fall in love with the Northern Lights weed strain. 

So, is Northern Lights a good strain for you? If you also enjoy heavily-sedating Indicas with a spicy kick, yes, you will absolutely love Northern Lights.

Best Northern Lights Strain Products to Get

What strain is the Northern Lights? It is an Indica you will never forget. With that in mind, you must be excited to give this strain a go. Fortunately, you will easily find a pot shop offering this popular strain. 

However, choosing the right online dispensary is key. The good news is that we have gathered up the two best Northern Lights weed strain products so you do not have to. Here are our customer-approved recommendations for 2022.

1. Northern Lights AAA

Buy Northern Lights AAA weed online from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada. Order weed online.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced stoner, you will love Northern Lights AAA

The pungently sweet and spicy aromas will satisfy all of your senses and have you craving for more. This delicious bud is well-known for its strong and fast-acting psychoactive effects, as you will find out later in this article. 

Typically, the THC levels for this bud range from 21 percent to 23 percent, making Northern Lights suitable for people with a higher tolerance for the psychoactive compound. Of course, with mindful use, even beginners can enjoy it.

That said, stoners searching for the perfect Indica-leaning bud with potent sedative effects need to have this budget bud in their itinerary. Speaking of which, if you are looking to get cheap weed in Canada, West Coast Cannabis is your place to go. 

Often, Northern Lights weed strain can be expensive, so finding deals and special offers is key to saving money. At West Coast Cannabis, you can find many fantastic discounts. On the downside, due to its increasing popularity, Northern Lights AAA is often sold-out. 

So, if you want this bud, you will have to get it as soon as its restocked. Remember, the quantities are limited! If you are dealing with bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, appetite loss, stress, and migraines, you MUST have this Indica strain.

2. Live/Resin – Northern Lights (Indica)

Buy Live Resin Northern Lights Indica weed concentrate. Buy cannabis concentrates online in Canada.

Potheads who want to experience the strongest Northern Lights potency need to get their hands on live resin. This Live/Resin – Northern Lights is ideal if you want to feel everything this famous strain has to offer. 

As a reminder, live resin is different than other cannabis concentrate types, and here is how. 

Since live resin is made with fresh and frozen cannabis, you get all of the terpenes and beneficial compounds that would otherwise get lost or damaged during the drying and curing process. 

Not only that, but this Live Resin Northern Lights product also retains the original pungent flavour, potent fragrance, and valuable terpene profile. Overall, if you value quality over quantity, live resin is a must-have. 

On top of that, customers claim that this Indica will likely give you one of the longest-lasting highs of your life. Although the high is euphoric, it is not uncomfortable. On the contrary, the experience is so pleasant that you will want to do it over and over again. 

You can get this budget bud at West Coast Cannabis, and depending on the amount you choose (from 1g up to 28g), the price will vary. 

However, similar to the dry herb, this live resin is extremely popular. That means that it is not always available. Stay patient, wait for the restock, and get it as soon as you can.

Northern Lights Cannabis: Genetics and Effects

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Where did Northern Lights strain come from? It came from two of the most famous buds in the cannabis world, the one and only Afghani and Thai. Here are some quick facts you need to know about these parent strains. 

Afghani, or “Afghanistan”, is a powerful Indica strain well-loved for its euphoric and relaxing effects. 

Medical patients swear by this strain for pain, stress disorder, and insomnia treatment. Just like its baby strain, Afghani has a pungent earthy flavour and aroma that is going to leave you in a heavy state of couch-lock for hours.

On the other hand, we have Thai, a Sativa we recommend for people who enjoy the finer things in life. 

This fairly potent bud (with THC levels around 19 percent) has the staple tobacco flavour and aroma that will make you feel on top of the world. That said, the flavour profile is not flat. 

Namely, you can also expect distinct hits of citrus and fruity aromas. According to the majority of users, Thai is very effective for stress and depression treatment. Since it is a Sativa, it will make you feel energetic and focused for hours.

All in all, Northern Lights offers the best of both worlds, the refreshing high of Sativa, and the sedating effects of Indica. However, due to its dominant Indica side, you can expect to feel relaxed and peaceful. 

Medical patients often resort to this Indica-dominant strain for insomnia, chronic pain, and depression treatment. Northern Lights is a fantastic option if you want to clear your mind and ward negative thoughts and feelings away.

Due to its fantastic genetic profile and effects, Northern Lights inspired the rise of newbie strains such as Blue Lights. Here are a few facts on Northern Lights and the Blue strain. Firstly, Blue Lights is a strong Indica made by fusing Northern Lights and Blueberry. 

Thanks to the yummy Blueberry influence, this cannabis bud emits a delicious blueberry pungency, making it perfect for lovers of fruity tastes and aromas. Just like Northern Lights, the Blue strain will also throw you into a deep state of sedation for hours upon hours.


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• Is Northern Lights Blue Strain Worth It?

Yes, Northern Light Blue is the ideal option for consumers craving all of the benefits of a potent Indica. Try it out and see.

• What is the Northern Lights potency?

The Northern Lights potency ranges, but it typically ranges anywhere from 21 to 33 percent.

• Is Northern Lights a Good Strain?

Yes, it is! Of course, whether the Northern Lights is suitable for you will depend on what you are looking for. If you want to enjoy a peaceful evening after work or get the best sleep of your life, you will love the Northern Lights.

• What Strain is Northern Lights?

As mentioned, the Northern Lights is an Indica-dominant strain. Due to this, you can expect heavily sedating effects.

• Where Can I Get the Best Northern Lights Weed Strain?

You can get this strain in well-equipped online dispensaries in Canada. Luckily, finding cheap weed in Canada is possible with West Coast Cannabis. 

If you want to get the best quality BC cannabis, West Coast Cannabis is here to help. Take a look at the impressive collection of dry herbs, vapes, CBD products, concentrates (and much more), and make your first purchase today.

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