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Ice Cream Cake Weed Review: More Than Just Sweet Flavours

With hundreds of weed strains available today, it can be difficult for new consumers to decide what type of cannabis to try. With many eye-catching strains, flavours and tantalizing names, only a few can match the effects of Ice Cream Cake. In this Ice Cream Cake weed review, we shine the light on this exceptional strain with an incredible lineage, flavours and effects.

What Is Ice Cream Cake Strain Weed?What Is Ice Cream Cake Strain Weed?

Ice Cream Cake is a popular indica dominant hybrid created by crossing the Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 strains. Ice Cream Cake is 75% indica and 25% sativa, meaning its effects are primarily indica-like.

Ice Cream Cake is a rare strain and is one of the most sought-after cultivars. Ice Cream Cake is more than it seems, so if you are looking for delicious cake-like flavours and aromas, you will get that and more.

This strain does wonders in the flavour and fragrance department. Its aroma and taste are considered to be exceptionally delicious compared to other strains with similar traits.  But is it an excellent strain for social events? Is it as tasty as ice cream cake?

Indica strains have had a reputation of being extremely relaxing, introducing profound tranquillity, and just as you think the high is settling down, they tie you to the couch with your body feeling too heavy to move. Ice Cream Cake is no different.

However, due to it being a 75:25 indica sativa hybrid, its sativa genetics produce an energizing, uplifting feeling that’s balanced out by the deep physical, indica leaning effects. However, the cerebral stimulation is still there. Ice Cream Cake is an excellent strain for social gatherings where you and your friends can relax and interact.

Ice Cream Cake is also quite a beauty to look at. The good looks, well-balanced effects, and delicious aroma make it a good all-rounder. But when can you use it? And how does it feel when you smoke it? 

Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake AppearanceIce Cream Weed Strain nug for sale online dispensary. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

Upon the first encounter with this bud, the crystalline cannabinoid-rich trichomes sheen is what draws you in, taunting you to take a closer look and exciting your brain with thoughts of how potent it might be. 

Ice Cream Cake has small dense grape-shaped nugs with a beautiful green and purple colour. The buds are covered with frosty white crystal trichomes with thick orange hairs weaving around the nugs, creating one of the most beautiful buds the cannabis industry has seen.

Ice Cream Cake Weed: Scent And Flavour Info

Opening a container of high-quality Ice Cream Cannabis buds releases a complex aroma that not only makes you realize why it’s given such a sugary sweet name but also draws you in and dares you to take a hit.

Ice Cream Cake has delicious cheesy, creamy notes accented with other scents of fresh lavender and herbs. It releases a light pungent fragrance when you light it, so fair warning, this is not a discreet strain whatsoever. With its good looks and sweet aroma, it’s a star meant to shine, so be sure everyone will know when you light it.

Ice Cream Cake: Flavour

Ice Cream Cake starts with creamy cheese and vanilla flavour that drifts to a nutty, slightly citrusy and herby exhale. Its smoke is smooth and often doesn’t induce coughing unless you are new to cannabis.

Ice Cream Cake is as delicious as the name indicates, and it leaves you with a sweet nuttiness that remains long after you have stopped smoking.

Ice Cream Weed Strain EffectsWoman sleeping on sofa at home. Ice Cream Weed Strain Effects. Buy weed online.

Ice Cream Cake is a beautiful strain inside and out. Its effects begin with cerebral stimulation that lifts your mind leaving you happy and calm. Ice Cream Cake gets rid of all negative and racing thoughts as soon as the high starts and allows you to focus on the positive.

Soon, the ice cream bowl starts melting throughout the body, and the indica side of this strain starts taking over. A soothing body high starts to slowly creep in, soothing out any aches and pains as it spreads throughout the body.

This is when you start realizing that you are sinking deeper into the couch, and before you know it, you are falling into a state of couch-lock. Ice Cream Cake weed will leave you couch-locked, your racing thoughts gone, leaving you utterly relaxed and calm as you drift away into undisturbed sleep.

Ice Cream Cake’s heavy body buzz wraps around you like a comfortable blanket, while its cerebral push lifts your mind and leaves you happy and cheerful. This strain is a perfect way to end your day.

Ice Cream Cake Medical BenefitsMan with lower back pain. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

Ice Cream Cake is a popular strain with medical marijuana users because of its heavy, calming body high and cerebral effects that may help manage a wide range of symptoms from various conditions. Ice Cream Cake may help with chronic pain because of its profoundly relaxing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Its cerebral push lifts your moods, calms racing thoughts and may help manage stress, depression, and anxiety. However, you should be careful with it as its high 20-25% THC levels may exacerbate anxiety symptoms if over consumed.

Its sweet flavours and aromas can also help jumpstart an appetite, making it an excellent strain for people suffering from appetite loss and nausea. Ice Cream Cake weed review also observed intense munchies, and since it’s a heavy indica strain, ensure to keep some snacks and drinks at arms reach when indulging.

Ice Cream Cake’s deeply relaxing and calming effects often leave consumers couch-locked as they slowly drift away to sleep. This suggests that it may help people suffering from poor sleep and conditions such as insomnia. 

New consumers should observe caution when consuming this strain, as taking too much can lead to an uncomfortable high. 

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Get this ultra-potent cannabis concentrate made with Ice Cream Cake extract for high THC levels. This product contains THC concentrations three to four times the flower content. Ice Cream Cake caviar can be vaporized, dabbed or added to smokeable flower to increase the THC kick.

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