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20 reviews for Multi Pack – Oz

  1. omerkassam (verified owner)

    Got this as my first order from WCC. All 4straibs were potent, good quality, and packaged very nicely. Also received a free gift with my first purchase! Thanks WCC!!

  2. omerkassam (verified owner)

    Got this as my first order from WCC. All 4 strains were potent, good quality, and packaged very nicely. Also received a free gift with my first purchase! Thanks WCC!!

  3. ibrahimghadban

    For my first order I did a half oz. Party pack and a 7g party pack. 11 different strains. Some better than others. But absolutely amazing flavour, potency, trim, and smell. Spent the $150 for my first order to get free shipping. Ordered Friday, got it Monday. BC to Ontario.

    This isn’t a paid review, I just give credit where it’s due. WCC got a new customer and I’ll definitely continue to recommend. Fingers crossed. Hoping for good relationship going forward.

  4. roosterjones94 (verified owner)

    Good deal compared to other mix n matches that other sites offer. Variety is always nice especially if you can get a good deal.

  5. cuy15 (verified owner)

    This is a great option to have a variety! I order this multi pack every time I order from here, it’s a great price for some top shelf product! Can’t go wrong. Highly recommended.

  6. iprocesscafe (verified owner)

    Unbelievable amazing ✊ Got to try strains I can’t usually afford!!! Thanks 😊 Great product, quality and service!!!

  7. a_stephen08

    Awesome buds to choose from, I was happy with all the buds I received. I’ll be staying with wcc 🙂

  8. Ahmad (verified owner)

    This is my third time ordering “the 4 strains package”. I’m really enjoying the fact that I get to try all the strains. Every time I order I get top notch quality products. These people at WCC know what they are doing. 100% better then going to cannabis dispensary.
    Thank you guys.

  9. Ashley Brockway (verified owner)

    I love the multi pack ounce deal its great because it allows for free shipping and they have a great deal on it. I just started ordering here recently and cannot get over how amazing all their strains have been!!! I love that I get to try a variety of AAAA strains that I normally wouldn’t be inclined to because of pricing. There is such a variety! Even their AAA strains are top notch! Utmost respect for this company they know what they are doing and do an amazing job of it. Forever a happy and loyal customer!

  10. Doc (verified owner)

    Great Site WCC,

    This is the first time that I have placed a order, being promoted from a few friends of mine that WCC would be the Number 1 Site to deal with. I love the Multi Pack Ounce Promotion ,giving you a chance to try different strains, I ordered all AAAA strains which were all Top Notch! Many wonderful strains to choose from.
    The service and Help that was offered which I loved, made ordering very easy and fast. Placed my order and on the 3 day was In my hands,from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast. Got to say the packaging was the Best I have ever received and the Quick Delivery was awesome.
    My next order will be a new list of different strains to give them a try, Great Work To The Team Of WCC.
    I will be passing on this site to many of my friends, I will now be a Loyal ,Happy Customer in the future………..

    Thanks To All Of The Team At WCC…………….You Made My Christmas!

  11. Doc (verified owner)

    Well, after trying out this site last week ordering my First Multi Pack with the Fast Delivery and Great Packaging the Super AAAA Strains. I was really impressed, thought I would stock up for the Holidays and Ordered another Multi Pack with different strains also received a little gift with my order, of all the strains that I have ordered so far would order them again, great product trimmed to perfection,once again Thanks To The Team Of WCC! You have a Satisfied/Happy Customer.

    Have A Wonderful Safe Festive Season To All!

  12. spankenstein70 (verified owner)

    Very good deal for the quality and amount of strains available! very happy with the variety and potency. Will order again 😉

  13. Doc (verified owner)

    These Multi Packs are Awesome. Every time I place another order, I always love to try New Strains just to see how they smell/taste and how the effects are after I enjoy a nice evening spliff. So far all the strains that I have chosen are AAAA I would highly recommend the Sour Diesel AAAA and the Black Diamond AAAA when available, however all of the AAAA Strains that I’ve tried were Great, just how they were described eg. taste, buzz everything. This order was the 3rd one that I have ordered, will continue to place more orders in the future, all my friends who I told and shared my strains with are well Satisfied with the products….Shipping……Packaging with orders delivered on time!

    Once again my thanks, goes out to WCC and all the crew that makes this site the Number 1 Site to Order from,they live up to what they say regarding Product …..Delivery and with on-line Help If needed. Keep Up The Good work WCC.

  14. Doc (verified owner)

    During this Difficult Time The Covid-19, WCC came through once again.
    This is my 4th order Multi Pack, placed my order March 24th and received it today, which was Great even though there was a weekend involved with No Mail Delivery.

    I always order the AAAA’s and every one that I have had the pleasure of tasting, they have all been Top Notch Strains.

    Sour Diesel………………Black Widow……………..Gods Green Crack were some of the best strains, however they were all Great.

    Keep Up The Good Work WCC……………….Keep Safe.

    For All Those Thinking, Of The Multi Pack You Will Be So HAPPY!

  15. Lester Amarook (verified owner)

    Good deal. Good service. Fast and professional. Will be a return customer for sure

  16. Lester Amarook (verified owner)

    Forgot to add nice quality flower

  17. taylorthaturtle (verified owner)

    If you have a hard time figuring out what you like or what to order, the multi pack is how you go ! My elderly neighbor loves when i get her this , mark down what she likes and order that, she is picky but undecided .this helps alot!

  18. Doc (verified owner)

    Placed another order for a Multi Pack May 31st 2020, during this CoVid crisis received It June 5th 2020, also received a little Gift Pkg which was nice to see. As usual all 4 strains look Great, buds trimmed nicely and the aroma amazing.

    Will order again,as this is the Best way to try out different strains which I enjoy, thanks to all the staff at WCC for making this possible keep up the good work!

  19. mikearnld (verified owner)

    Love getting this. It my usual order. Bummer on the recent 2 increases in price. Was 180 for awhile. But still my favorite purchase. Getting variety helps with tolerance level

  20. Doc (verified owner)

    Once Again, have to give Thanks for the service/packaging/prompt fast delivery, also the Help from the staff when needed!
    Placed my order June 23rd with a weekend being involved received my Goodies June 29th with a surprise pkg added.

    By ordering the Multi Pack OZ you are able to choose what you like, mine however are always the AAAA’s nice Buds well Trimmed and Good Buzz! Always seems like Christmas when Receiving My Pkg.

    Thank you WCC, for making my Day, Hope Everyone Has A Good Canada Day, Lighting UP!

    Keep Up The Good Work!

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