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Looking for the best Medibles money can buy? Mary’s Medibles weed chocolate chip cookies are some of the most potent weed edibles online in Canada.

Things are about to get delicious. Our indica-dominant medibles packs are made with 150mg of THC, meaning it’ll take just one bite for your mind and body (and soul) to feel relaxed in no time at all!

Mary’s Medibles are made from high-quality ingredients like organic tomatoes that were grown locally on their own farm by dedicated farmers who care deeply for their land. This chocolate chip cookie dough coated in cream cheese frosting packs quite the punch when it comes down to being totally couchable or edible if you prefer.

Full-spectrum products are the best way to heal your body and mind. They contain various beneficial compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD or THC that can ease pain relief from insomnia with their full-body effects bringing relaxation all over your body.

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Mary's Medibles 1:1 THC CBD Capsules 20mg


What Does Medibles Mean?

Medibles is a term that combines two commonly known words in marijuana and edibles.

The word ‘medicine’ fits well and resonates with medicinal marijuana patients because of how closely it sounds in comparison to the word ‘medicine’ and its association as a treatment option.

Medibles are often referred to as a slang term for edible marijuana. They can be anything from baked goods, gummies or candies and even drinks.

The term medibles is often used for marketing purposes, with companies using it in their company name and product names like Mary’s Medibles. Now buy weed online from Canada’s #1 weed store.

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