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Blackberry is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Blackberry. This strain produces effects that feel buzzy and relaxing. Blackberry has a pungent aroma that smells like fruit and fuel. Growers say this strain comes in a tight leaf struture with frosty buds. Blackberry grows best indoors and has a flowering time of 9-11 weeks.

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Blackberry OG, also known more commonly as “Blackberry Kush,” is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous OG Kush X Blackberry. This tasty bud packs a powerful punch of fruity and OG flavors and effects all wrapped up into one tight little nug. The high hits you hard with a happy lift that instantly launches your mood into the skies and carries your mind with it. As your head high builds and your mind soars, you’ll start to become spacey and introspective, although incredibly relaxed both mentally and physically. Some users will become incredibly sleepy at this point and oftentimes doze off wherever they happen to be sitting, napping for hours on end. Because of these effects and its powerful 28% average THC level, Blackberry OG is often used to treat conditions such as insomnia, migraines, chronic stress or anxiety, and mood swings. Like the name suggests, this bud is super tasty with a flavor that can only be said to be like freshly picked blackberries with just a hint of kush. The aroma is incredibly kushy, with earthy spice undertones and a surprisingly powerful sweetness to it. This bud has leafy and slightly airy cone-shaped dark olive green nugs with rich purple undertones, fiery orange hairs, and a thick frosty coating of lavender colored crystal trichomes.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 24-28%

Common Usage: Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation, Migraines, Mood Swings

Effects: Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

10 reviews for Blackberry OG AAAA

  1. NickGuy (verified owner)

    Nice fruity essences mixed with the earthy and gassy from the cannabis. And its a indica!

  2. VivianZ (verified owner)

    This indica is great for stress and anxiety. Health is wealth! no need to be stressing during these tough times. Stay safe!

  3. Edwin Barrelo (verified owner)

    Fruity profile, mixed with a very potent strain. This stuff is amazing

  4. Kira_Fox64 (verified owner)

    HOLY!!! Ypu guys are awesome!!☆☆☆☆☆
    This stain is incredible!! Such a treat. The aromas from this strain are very enjoyable. BlackBerry is a must if you love indica & dank exhales. Super pungent. Give this 5 stars

  5. Jojo (verified owner)

    Nice stuff. Fruity flavor with a good high.

  6. Tiffany_jones43 (verified owner)

    Very relaxing bud. My go to for pre bed or just after a long ass day.

  7. slimthug

    Good choice, Pretty dank!

  8. CatcusLover1 (verified owner)

    Ok so I smoke a lot of pot and this is by far the most powerful bud I have ever smoked. it kicked in extremely fast and hard and showed no mercy this is definitely worth it

  9. Reynold (verified owner)

    INDICA is the best. Theres no reason people should not be smoking indica. The claming and soothing effects on this is just the best feeling.

  10. Penelope (verified owner)

    Tastes great. I love the earthyness mixed with the fruit. Nice and dense with rich flavour.

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