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Bubba Doja by Quest Genetics is a heavy indica-dominant strain that combines the legendary Pre-98 Bubba Kush and the deep purple yield machine, Double Purple Doja. With rich flavors of grape and coffee, Bubba Doja offers weighted effects that lock your to the couch and ignite the appetite, making this colorful cut ideal for consumers suffering from insomnia, eating disorders, and anxiety.

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Bubba Doja is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Pre-98 Bubba Kush X Double Purple Doja strains. This potent parentage yields a powerhouse bud with a THC level that typically hits about 27% and relatively mellow effects that last for hours and hours without letting up. The high comes on rather quickly with a lifted euphoric effect that infuses your mind with happy blissful thoughts and leaves you rather spacey and distant. You’ll be pretty sociable in this state, giggling at anything remotely funny and engaging anyone around you in pretty one-sided conversation. As your mind lifts, your body will start to fall into a mellow relaxing body high that leaves you slightly sedated but still completely functional. You’ll be lazy and lethargic, but not totally useless if you need to get up and do anything. These effects and its high THC level give Bubba Doja an edge in treating conditions such as anorexia or appetite loss, anxiety, and insomnia. This bud has light minty green round nugs with bright red orange hairs and a super thick blanket of milky white crystal trichomes. As you break apart each sticky little nug, you can detect sweet aromas of dank woody skunk and peppery pine. The flavor is notably of nutty coffee with a slight woody effect on each exhale.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 27%

Common Usage: Anorexia, Anxiety, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite

Effects: Body High, Mellow, Relaxing, Uplifting


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

21 reviews for Bubba Doja AAAA

  1. Jodie Burst (verified owner)

    Great couch lock . This will hit like freight train !

  2. BrunnanG (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite strains when smoking with others. Everyone seems to be in a great mood (and giggly) after smoking Bubba Doja. Beautiful looking bud with lots of crystals – maybe a little airy but they gave a good count on the 14g I ordered. Nice smell and taste. One of my favourite social strains – good for evenings.

  3. Gordon

    first time trying this strain and i really wish everyone to try this! nice effects!

  4. Josh Hernandez (verified owner)

    Awesome distinct coffee flavour and a certified couch locker.

  5. Sonya Bains (verified owner)

    Don’t plan anything else after smoking this , you will be tied to your couch (or bed) . Great stress reliever

  6. Dwayne Neuman (verified owner)

    Very heavy handed high that will sure to please and lock you to the couch with deep relaxation

  7. Pauly Abdullah (verified owner)

    super caked out nugs and got loads of sweets taste to it. i really enjoy this one and hope to order some more shortly

  8. Brendon Owen (verified owner)

    Couch lock for sure!! You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a kick back enjoy your buzz type joy you feel. Highly recommend!

  9. albin richards (verified owner)

    Nice rich flavors of grape really shines through. Perfect for evening use as it has the tendency to lock you to the couch

  10. Jeremy Leto (verified owner)

    great stuff, high last very long and great taste. nugs are just so beautiful to look at lol

  11. Magie Cho (verified owner)

    got me laughing and smiling and stress free lol i guess it helps alot with my stressful work

  12. jonathanlewis1983 (verified owner)

    What a draw I’m super baked highly recommend to try thanks wcc. Really nice taste as well.

  13. CV (verified owner)

    Very heavy handed high that will surely glue you to the couch, proceed with caution!!

  14. Sanderz (verified owner)

    looking for a great couch lock then this is the one to get right now! Nice flavour and a clean smoke.

  15. Tyler Tolk (verified owner)

    Will induce the munchies for sure . Great for relaxing and will most likely lock you to the couch.

  16. Paul M (verified owner)

    Thank you wcc for the bubba doja, slept like a mf baby . Much needed

  17. Britney Marsh (verified owner)

    This is new to me. Great flowers. Very fragrant and tasty as can be. I’m usually an indica gal, but this hybrid rocks my world. Love it.

  18. Lucy Lauren (verified owner)

    Bubba doja , such a fun name with such great vibes.

  19. Jake Andrews (verified owner)

    it’s a nice tasting relaxing fit, good for depression, euphoric feeling upliftin, a strain I’ll definitely buy again

  20. Migo Rowan (verified owner)

    Betya Doja cat would’ve loved this strain if she still smoked 😉

  21. Marija-Ana💞AddicTHC (verified owner)

    Love the dark nutty cocoa/coffee type nose and taste, smooth potent dense nugs, if you’re a coffee lover this is a must try!

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