Multi Pack (Budder, Live Resin, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds, Wax, Caviar) – 7g – 7 x 1g


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Mix and Match your favorite budder, live resin and or shatter of your choice.




78 reviews for Multi Pack (Budder, Live Resin, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds, Wax, Caviar) – 7g – 7 x 1g

  1. hen6

    One of the cheapest I found! Will definitely buy again

  2. gbergen12

    Everything is potent and at the same time, you’re paying really low for it. It’s worth every buck

  3. zyion_39

    Great deal!

  4. Riley Boechler (verified owner)

    I have made multiple orders from this sale. And everytime I try something and everytime I am taken back. If your looking for something new to smoke with full of flavour. This is the place

  5. jfh (verified owner)

    Pretty good deal

  6. jquand3

    So many choices!!!

  7. davian4

    Why order from somewhere else when you can have the best deal you can find?

  8. bryana86

    You’ll never run out of strain you want to try. They also have new ones and the they are all good quality

  9. shizuka.e23

    Dude you’re really lucky to have this kind of deal it’s worth it plus everything is in good quality. Service is one of the best

  10. Brandon Zacharias (verified owner)

    Great deal will buy again and definitely recommend!!

  11. Shaina Bird (verified owner)

    Love this deal ! I’ve gotten this deal a couple times already.. love the mix&match theme with a good selection to choose from. Would definitely consider ?

  12. darcystewart78 (verified owner)

    great deal love the live resin

  13. Kris Moffat (verified owner)

    On my second order and hasn’t disappointed. Love the mix and match selection, customer service and shipping is great! Will order again.

  14. James Milne (verified owner)

    Best price, product, and MoM around. Don’t hesitate, I’ll be ordering again!

  15. Griffen Quinn (verified owner)

    Love this option! Picked this mix and match every other order. Definitely worth the order

  16. Steven Greatrix (verified owner)

    I agree with everyone else ?. This is not only, a good deal but awesome quality. Ordered twice and am going to do a third. Check it a couple times a week cause it’s constantly changing. On 420 they had diamonds on this sale so it’s always changing. Thanks WCC this site is my favorite

  17. BridgeCity

    You will not be disappointed. Quality is always good, high is always great, taste counts as well. I’ve ordered on this many times and still they continue to deliver.

  18. Jessica Soares (verified owner)

    Great product! This was my first order, It’s all extremely flavourful & smokes clean
    I tried 5 different live resins, a budder & diamonds. You won’t find quality product for this price anywhere else ! Highly recommend

  19. trottier07 (verified owner)

    Simply the best deal!! I recomend

  20. deejben64 (verified owner)

    Thank you guys for the last 4-5 orders I made, probably the best site I heard of so far and very very good customer service along with credibility for there shipping, would highly recommend this mix and match !

  21. CuriousXnature (verified owner)

    Loved the first round I ordered. Happy and excited to be ordering again. Looking forward to some new flavors

  22. Janelle (verified owner)

    Highly recommend ? flavours are on point!

  23. peternqumaluk (verified owner)

    Variety is best.

  24. Tony S. (verified owner)

    Big fan of variety for choices in bulk concentrate products.
    Quality had me reordering this 7g mix n match after first exhale.
    I love the fact that in this 7g mix n match the option of concentrates to choose from.

  25. jad6211 (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering and have been satisfied to the max so far. Amazing price and variety. Quality is insane. Everything is pretty potent. Delivery super quick. Dont miss your chance and grab your stuff ASAP.

  26. Robert Shields (verified owner)

    I use to order from here when I was ordering online ( it’s been awhile) . I was still getting the emails
    One day my boy was out of dabs, so I went on the Hunt. And remembered west cost. Man am I glad I came back.

    I have ordered this two times now. Amazing live and amazing price. .
    I highly recommend
    I order mostly the live.
    Tried the diamonds and ordered a wax this time.
    Thank you for the awesome deal

  27. chrisj (verified owner)

    Great deal, Everything was amazing, Some of the best quality concentrates on the market

  28. Leahl Henry (verified owner)

    Awesome price and I like the mix & match!

  29. Dennis Hart (verified owner)

    Great prices but what’s best is I can get a package in St. John’s nl in 3 days!
    Ye guys are awesome!

  30. Jamie martin (verified owner)

    Great deal. Live resin to diamonds and budder and crumble. Will buy again

  31. Brody Lemoine

    First time buying from this site, great streamlined experience, nice coupon for free extras, would recommend!

  32. yanick-bl (verified owner)

    can chose what you want and really good stuf will buy again

  33. Kessey Tessier

    worth it. You have a great variety of excellent products. You can’t go wrong buy choosing this deal.

  34. yomomandwot (verified owner)

    Just got mine… Holy .. this stuff will make you cook a pizza at 23 degrees for 425 minutes… My mind is melted

  35. Dubbbz (verified owner)

    A fantastic variety, tasty and will always get you off the ground. I can’t believe I didn’t take this up sooner, you guys offer a great deal. The choices mean I can pick news strains and types of concentrates, get familiar with them and stock up. So good I might get a set every time

  36. Zenitude125 (verified owner)

    Nice deal, great concentrate (except for the PK White Widow that came in dry as sugar). Otherwise all concentrate are clean and potent. No candy taste no cover up, these are imo the best I’ve got since I buy on the Internet.

  37. colin day (verified owner)

    Best prices and quality versus “the other guys” who I’ve tried. Shipping took 48hrs to the sunshine coast, shipping says it originates from Surrey so 2 day shipping makes perfect sense in that regard. ignore the tracking information on the Canada Post website that says it’s going to take like a week because that’s a lie they put up just because of the whole covid-19 thing. Unless you live way out in the boonies there’s no way it’s actually going to take a week to deliver just be confident and know that it’s not actually going to take as long as the website says.

  38. TootheMOON”i”go! (verified owner)

    Veteran toker here, by far the highest quality concentrates I have come across on an online site so far. Truly impressive qualities. I will now only order from this site – looking forward to my next order btw, thank you and keep up the amazing work 😀 10 Stars!

  39. wakawakatokutoku (verified owner)

    Best site yet, great product great price. When other sites tried to get my business back they still couldn’t offer competitive prices and when I showed them what good deals I was getting here they said they should have increased prices over covid. West coast can. Has consistently been the lowest price with the highest quality hands down and great service

  40. Simon jodoin (verified owner)

    Very great product and fast shipping the best place for order

  41. gino-7777 (verified owner)

    Very good quality and very good price! WCC ????

  42. 420jsmith (verified owner)

    Awesome selection very fast service couldn’t believe got it in 4 days all the way to Nova Scotia can’t wait to order more awesome high definitely found my new place to order

  43. D Strong (verified owner)

    Best deal for shatter, plus tried the Diamonds. They are amazing.

  44. 420jsmith (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff great selection hard to decide on only 7 love the fast service and shipping thanks WCC

  45. Jacklyn Smith (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff great selection love the taste of the live resins so yummy great service too thanks WCC great staff

  46. yanick-bl (verified owner)

    best way to test product really good strains live resine is a go to

  47. Donna (verified owner)

    Great concentrates for a great price. So many types\strains I would recommend to try, you’re really able to get a feel for what kind of strains you like after an order because of the amount of options and amazing price.

  48. Donna (verified owner)

    Love the flavours that are sweet blueberry and grape makes the experience so much more enjoyable like eating candy yummy

  49. Alexander Markus

    Fucking love it

  50. Jessica (verified owner)

    Love the mix and match option
    I love trying more strains and seeing which I like the best ! Amazing price & great quality

  51. sausageparty (verified owner)

    Great deal and very convenient all the concentrates I smoked all were great and a great smoke

  52. loversatlast (verified owner)

    really great deal like all the other comments have stated. I got pretty high and they had no bad after taste

  53. brucebanner420 (verified owner)

    Soo many choices at a click of a button, I love these concentrates and how cheap they are!

  54. KDotpro (verified owner)

    lots of choices all the concentrates I received were great

  55. SplendidSmoker (verified owner)

    Sick deal, the concentrates I received were amazing each one was a great taste and hit so smoothly.

  56. Proshooter61 (verified owner)

    Great deal huge variety on concentrates.

  57. EasterBunny123 (verified owner)

    The concentrates are da bomb, smokes well and no bad after taste. Great deal!

  58. KevinTru (verified owner)

    SICK! DEAL!! I cannot find a better deal for these concentrates anywhere locally they also are super dank thanks

  59. Grimorce21 (verified owner)

    Awesome deal love the mix and match you cannot find a better deal elsewhere.

  60. KodakBlack1 (verified owner)

    sick deal especially for those who smoke concentrates often. I find myself re-upping on this deal every month. The selection is incredible and the quality of concentrates I receive are awesome. They generally smoke well with no bad after tastes.

  61. LovelySpurs (verified owner)

    The concentrates are awesome! no bad after taste and hits hardd

  62. LuxxuryTax (verified owner)

    Great way to try different type of concentrates and great price. What more to ask for.

  63. AnnieBens (verified owner)

    I highly recommend getting this deal, great mix & match for the price. The quality of the concentrates I received were great tasting and good potency

  64. PeggyLa (verified owner)

    Huge selection on concentrates at a great price no complaints here. All the ones I ordered were above expectations with the way they smoked, tasted and duration of the high

  65. SuperDankBudster (verified owner)

    nice selection of concentrates, my favorite strain is the purple space cookie it hits hard, super tasty citrus and it’s oozing with oils

  66. SuperDankBudster (verified owner)

    awesome selection of concentrates, my favorite was the purple space cookie caviar.

  67. JaredZed (verified owner)

    so glad I found this deal, the concentrates I got are potent ,my favorite was the purple space cookie it was a great smoke with no bad after taste. The high lasted several hours and I was able to function while on it

  68. MikeySwamp (verified owner)

    Great pricing for the concentrates I received. Stuff was loaded with terpenes and had nice aromas. The high lasted a couple hours for me, my favorite strain is the purple rockstar super dank stuff

  69. AkashSingh (verified owner)

    great mix & match deal, best MOM out there. Everything was well packaged and discrete.

  70. RickPeters (verified owner)

    Lots of options to choose from potent concentrates at a great price!

  71. JadonMc (verified owner)

    concentrates are superb every one that I received had a great smooth smoke and after taste

  72. Eve (verified owner)

    awesome deal, peaches & cream live resin is my fav

  73. Anthony Fields (verified owner)

    concentrates are amazing they generally smoke well, no bad after taste, and the high is a mix of a body & mind high.

  74. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Lovely value for the mix & match superb products and discrete packaging

  75. Shawn P (verified owner)

    Best way to try different kinds and strains of concentrates. As for the quality its always on point I haven’t tried a product from WCC I
    didnt like. Price to quality ratio cant b beat u won’t find better. Nothing but good things to say about WCC.

  76. Riffmachine (verified owner)

    This is the way to buy concentrates. Mix and match! Great deal on great products.

  77. CanadianDabz (verified owner)

    Top shelf stuff highly recommended. Always very potent great tasting strains. Good deal on trying multiple stains

  78. bumblebee77 (verified owner)

    I love this package. You can’t beat this price and quality. A house favorite! So many different varieties.

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