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99+% Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate derived entirely from Industrial Hemp Oil that was extracted from the mature stalks and stems of the plant.

Made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.

This product comes in powder form making it extremely easy to work with as an ingredient.

Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, no other active ingredients
*Contains absolutely NO THC*


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

21 reviews for CBD Isolate Powder

  1. Robert Romero

    I used it to make oil. Take it in the morning and at night. Helps me to sleep and minimizes my hip pain from inflammation and arthritis. Great price and great product.

  2. HARLEY19

    I just placed my second order, I use this to make a cream for herniated discs in my back. I was able to get pre-made cream while in California but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything like it in Canada with the same strength. I mix 1 gram of CBD Isolate with 2oz of my favourite hand cream and apply liberally to my back and I get instant relief. Awesome product, very professionally packaged, and fast shipping.

  3. melo420 (verified owner)

    Thanks to the West Coast Cannabis Team for making this product at such a great price. It greatly helps with pain and stress. I had pressure on my chest because of anxiety and after smoking this in a joint, it calmed me and my chest felt normal again. I recomment this product.

  4. Mohamed Atwa

    Honestly the highest quality CBD I’ve ever had. I’m a loyal return customer who’s always looking forward to their next shipment.

  5. jhareths

    I love that Cbd isolate powder is more affordable than the oil. I have been using the cbd isolate powder to help with food cravings and it reduces anxiety, very effective for depression helps me a lot.

  6. Awsome

    This CBD isolate helped me with inflammation,spasms and sleep. I will definitely buy it again. Thank you Fully Activated!

  7. Tinain

    The CBD Isolate is amazing! I’m allergic to coconut so to be able to make my own tincture and be able to use olive oil instead was awesome! I feel wonderful! My anxiety isn’t near as bad and I’ve already noticed my heartrate isn’t as high as it usually is when sitting. Have such a versatile product that allows me to use it when I wouldn’t be able to otherwise, it’s amazing. The powder is very easy to use and the instructions on the link on the product page were super easy to follow.

  8. Felicia

    I had a great experience ordering, this product has helped my 2 dogs one has him dysplasia and the other is a 14 year old beagle mix who is having trouble getting around. I am very pleased with my purchase!

  9. 020491.baileygreen (verified owner)

    It’s an anxiety eliminator, added a good little pinch (less than my pinkie nail) of CBD on-top of my bowl, (Tom Ford strain purchased here) and wow! Right away takes all the tension out of your chest and head, cleared my head provided relief and leaves you at ease. This is coming from someone with severe anxiety issues, CBD helps so much.

    Also it intensifies your high, so there are recreational uses as well as medicinal, well worth the price, Once again, thank you Westcoast Cannabis ?

  10. Dan Foy

    I’m 63yrs old road an raced motorcycles for 50yrs. Arthritis and I are one. I’ve been taking isolate powder and the oil in the morning and a little powder before bed. Ibuprofen no longer needed, pain and anxiety bearable.

  11. ill_lucid (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised. Adds a black cherry like taste to dabs.

  12. Robert K. (verified owner)

    Good product.
    Mix with your bowls , joints , drinks etc.
    Options are really endless on your ways of intake.
    Would for sure buy again.

    Im out.

  13. Leaf (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. So far I used it to make topical cream, edibles, and also added some to my joints. No matter how it’s taken, the performance is stellar. Pain and stress free for hours! Can’t wait to see it come back.

  14. julie.ferron22 (verified owner)

    Wow very impressed…and the price is very affordable

  15. Jeremy Johnson (verified owner)

    Awesome deal on this product. The options are endless on how you prefer to use it.

  16. Weedstarter

    Great for mixing into things like creams and oils. very versatile product and works great.

  17. Mario Richer (verified owner)

    J’essaie pour la première fois. Vous m’avez gagné avec vos bons commentaires de ce produit 😉 reste à voir si ce produit fonctionne avec moi lol . Merci wcc

  18. Nadia Mcleod (verified owner)

    This was amazing quality! It was really easy to use and I love how much use you can get out of this powder.

  19. kh3op5 (verified owner)

    Pure powder, pure power!
    It does relieve the pain in my back. I sleep like a baby with this.
    I use it sublingual.

  20. Anna Roskowick (verified owner)

    holy this is some high end quality CBD isolate powder. looked everywhere for this product but nothing was top quality. so glad i across this site. the delivery came quick, package was discreet and organized. plus the product was amazing quality and so easy to use. will be sticking with wcc from now on!

  21. Pandaguy (verified owner)

    Love the stuff has been helping with my insomnia more ever since I started topping my bowls with the cbd or just dabbing it straight. And it has a super delicious flavour kindve fruity tasting to myself and roommate who claims it has helped with her chronic back pains. Would definitely recommend

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