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Temple Balls are a form of hashish that have been appreciated and cultivated in Nepal and the surrounding regions for thousands and thousands of years. The cultivators carefully separate THC trichomes from other unwanted plant matter such as hairs or pistils to create a greatly concentrated end-product. Often hand-made, Charas Temple Hash Balls require over 20 hours of meticulous, hard-work of hand-collecting even before the curing process. The patient process of curing these hash balls requires weeks of time, allowing for smooth and robust flavour profile and deeper, more potent high. Charas Temple Hash Balls are reminiscent of pure, imported hashish from pre-1990s, and pack a potent punch. Because of the careful and meticulous process that collects the most resinous trichomes with less plant matter as possible, Charas Hash is extremely high in THC and can contain upwards of 55%-80% on average, with some sources reporting that it also contains higher than average levels of CBD! Sourced from regional strains such as Kerala Gold, Malana Cream and other local landrace strains, Charas Hash from this region is known for its pleasant and hearty aroma and flavour profile. The deep aroma of Charas Temple Hash Balls are known for their striking earthy base, with notes of a dry cedar-like woodiness and a mellow, creamy undertones. Charas Temple Hash Balls come in both 14g and 28g variations and stamped with a Tree of Knowledge seal of approval.


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What are Charas Temple Hash Balls? A lost and dying art, charas or temple balls are hand rolled resin or hashish. Charas slightly differs from pure hashish in the sense that charas are produced with fresh flowers while hashish typically is produced with dead or dried flowers. These beautiful and aromatic charas hash balls are considered to be the original form and method of extracting concentrates, first appearing thousands of years ago when humans began using cannabis. The ancient craft consists of hand rubbing fresh cannabis flowers. During this process, the flowers secret oils and THC as compounds are activated by the warmth of friction during rubbing, and live resin collects and builds up in the palm of one’s hands. Thereafter, plant material is removed, leaving behind only the highly potent THC resinous materials. Due to the careful method of extraction, temple balls typically range between 55% to 80% in THC potency. While not as common these days, this artisan methodology is still widely practiced in parts of South Asia such as Nepal, Bhutan and Northern India where cannabis plants grow in the wild.

Traditionally, charas were smoked with chillum pipes, though these days are often dabbed or smoked with joints or bongs. If you’re looking into different ways of experiencing cannabis, using Charas Temple Hash Balls is one way of partaking in the preservation of a magical relationship and intimate cultural practice that humans have had with cannabis for centuries!

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19 reviews for Hash – Charas Temple Hash Balls AAAA

  1. Doobeedoo (verified owner)

    Pure bliss! Top notch product!

  2. Plwhat123

    Smoke a lot of hash in my days, but this one has the kick you need. It is perfect for an afternoon of relaxation and meditation. And the best part I think is you taste the work that’s been put in this marvellous ball of happiness!

  3. Moe (verified owner)

    This is the best Hash I have ever tried. it is very sticky, smooth, excellent long immediate high that last. it will made your very relaxed, tingly, aroused and giggly. over all this is the best quality to $$ ratio hash. will be my regular one

  4. Tommy Helgart (verified owner)

    This hash was amazing, don’t let the size fool you! One of the strongest highs Ive ever gotten from a hashish

  5. Marija-Ana💞AddicTHC (verified owner)

    Pure🔥 Don’t miss out it’s a must try if in stock as sells out quick, once you’ve tried you’ll see why🤘

  6. Jason Hart (verified owner)

    Great flavor profile, This little guy sure packs a punch!!

  7. Eric Gagnon (verified owner)

    Super hash merci wcc je suis jamais déçu de vos produits. Je le recommande le buzz est vraiment fort

  8. Christoper Bernice (verified owner)

    This one definitely packs a punch. High was potent and smooth

  9. mitchel (verified owner)

    this hash is sooo good. if you never wanted to to try something because its expensive I implore you to do so . This is really anazing tasting hash strong uzz super relaxed and happy with a heavy body stone love it deffenetly getting it again 5/5 bang on. Thank YOU WCC your the BoMB!

  10. kweed (verified owner)

    This is real hash and WELL worth the price.

    I have not been impressed with the other AAAA hash from wcc at all.

    Although this is young and really needs to age for a year or so I highly suggest getting this if you want real hash.

    I will be buying more to age for a year or two so it will be a real temple ball.

  11. Jeff (verified owner)

    I was waiting for the mail lady for this one. The first thing I noticed was this beautiful earthy smell. It looks amazing. I sliced off a small bit and rolled it long and skinny to put into a doob. This is reeeally good hash. Especially at this price point. Top notch. I dont give anything 5 stars.

  12. Mellowman (verified owner)

    Very nice tasting like the old time hash. It is gummy and nice and potent . Perfect headstone for both day or night. I give this a 5/5 rating.

  13. annickross (verified owner)


  14. [email protected] (verified owner)

    good quality, my issue is price dropped days after i ordered, paid 350. did not get ball with the tree of life, i got 2 14g balls with no tree markings. it is a very good product n will buy again

  15. Justin Robert (verified owner)

    yummy to vape at 420f
    14g ball lasted me a little over a month

  16. John Chapman (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful stuff , black on the outside and when you give it a scratch it’s golden . It’s very oily also . It can be manipulated and completely flattened for bong hits , make sure to use hemp wick all the time when burning this quality. It’s truly an amazing product overall

  17. John Chapman (verified owner)

    …..the tree of life stamp was there , just half disappeared . I have made temple balls before and they can be so oily that any marking will be gone with age . It’s natural for the tree symbol to be gone ( it’s a good thing really )

  18. Marc-Andre Turgeon (verified owner)

    The people I show it to, some haven’t smoke hash for quite a while, and they’re like “yeah, hash like the good old days”

  19. Felicia Perreault (verified owner)

    One of the best hash I’ve tried.

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