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Double OG is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a cross of the hugely popular SFV OG X Big Bud Afgoo strains. This powerful celebrity child boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 22-24% on average, although it has been recorded upwards of 32% on occasion. Double OG is not for the novice user – you’ll be hit with a potent wave of deep mind and body relaxation that completely knocks you flat on your back. You’ll be helplessly melted into wherever you are sitting with no hopes of moving or functioning at a normal level. As the high builds, you’ll experience substantial pain relief that pulls you into a deep and peaceful sleep. Despite these strong effects, the Double OG high only lasts about an hour and a half on average, making it a not very potent, but overall powerful, strain. Because of these strong effects and its high THC level, Double OG is ideal for treating muscle spasms, tremors, insomnia, and nightmares, among other conditions. This bud has an aroma of harsh citrus and sage with a hint of diesel and a taste of smooth citrus herbs with a harsh diesel aftertaste. Double OG buds have small piecey pebble-shaped forest green nugs with amber hairs and a fine layer of milky white trichomes and resin.


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10 reviews for Live/Resin – Double OG (Indica)

  1. Elias Hernandez

    Double og is a great concentrate strain, perfectly clean and easy on the throat upon your hits. The effects kick in hard and fast. It will leave your body feeling relaxed and the mind buzzing. its a great feeling

  2. Sheila Wane (verified owner)

    Love this strain, really potent. Hit me hard and fast. You’ll feel that classic indica effect hit you

  3. Steven Strayton (verified owner)

    Heavy indica strain that will hit your body and mind really well putting you in a deep relaxation state.

  4. Aleks Vukasan (verified owner)

    Super clean, easy to hit, perfect high. Not much more I need from it

  5. Cheyenne Lowe (verified owner)

    this is an excellent strain, indica dominant so it will have you feeling slightly sedated and the more you hit the stronger it gets. It’s a great feeling. Perfect for those who crave that relaxation mood

  6. Sal Akman (verified owner)

    Perfect way to end off a long day with no interruptions. This will get you flying high and feeling amazing

  7. Aria Frankle (verified owner)

    Double og was the best for me. I was looking for a concentrate strain that would help calm me down without feeling the intense sedation right away. This one eased into the feeling of sedation and it was good. I was able to prepare for sleep and when I did get to sleep it was a long slumber haha

  8. Kennedy Growe (verified owner)

    This was the most ideal strain for helping me catch up on some sleep, definitely got that heavy indica effect going on and your sleep will be uninterrupted and you’ll feel well rested. Just make sure you turn off all your alarms so you can wake up whenever your body is ready

  9. Samiyra Kumar (verified owner)

    If you are a big fan of the long lasting deep indica highs then this is the strain for you. The perfect strain to help get you relaxed and just at a nice peaceful state

  10. Paul Eng (verified owner)

    This knocks me out so fast. Im happy I found a live resin that tastes good and puts me to sleep.

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