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Live/Resin – OG Shark (Indica)


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Premium House Brand Live Resin/Rosin

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This potent favorite is hard to find, especially in the United States, but it’s popular throughout Canada, where it was born. The biggest selling point is its impressive THC concentration, with top levels easily exceeding 18%. CBD content is almost zero, so OG Shark shouldn’t be used for seizure disorders or other conditions helped by CBD. The strain is a hybrid, though the precise ratio of sativa to indica seems to be a mystery. OG Shark has a pungent earthy aroma, with tones of blueberry and diesel. The genetics are unknown, but based on its smell and taste it may descend from the original Blueberry and Diesel strains. The high is largely cerebral, suggesting strong sativa genes, with powerfully upbeat euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. It can treat a wide variety of problems: depression, headaches, lack of appetite, nausea, and insomnia. Negative effects likely include cottonmouth and red eyes. This strain is very highly regarded by those who have tried it, but American patients will have a hard time getting their hands on it without going to Canada in person. It sells across that country but is most popular in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia. It occasionally sells in Washington State, directly across the border from British Columbia, but it’s scarce there.


1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

23 reviews for Live/Resin – OG Shark (Indica)

  1. Patrick Ta (verified owner)

    Great product, helps with my insomnia and now Im able to get a good nights sleep.

  2. mario ramirez (verified owner)

    Helps with my appetitie greatly and the sativa qualilties is quite noticeable. 10/10

  3. Augustus Lovell (verified owner)

    Looks like the picture smells like I’m in Hawaii surrounded by fresh fruit and burns nice and clean tasted great 10/10 for the price I’m really impressed

  4. Lolita perez (verified owner)

    Easy to smoke with no notiecable negatives, Overall a great product.

  5. Cameron Valentine

    great high and nice taste, love dabbing this and will order more shortly lol

  6. Jim Calton (verified owner)

    nice resin made with great quality flower. after dabbing few times got really relaxed and even took my pain away

  7. Kacper Dunlap (verified owner)

    Good lifted high , smokes and burns pretty damn well. Im a fan of this one 🙂

  8. Andy Smith (verified owner)

    great high, just a few dab got me done lol nice flavor as well

  9. Hassan Parry (verified owner)

    Really helps with my insomnia and the flavor is really tasty so its enjoyable and great price as well.

  10. Eman Murillo (verified owner)

    Very sweet and tangy flavor profile with a smooth and not too heavy smoke. literally one dab will get you pretty high so proceed with caution

  11. Gio T (verified owner)

    i love this chill and relaxing feeling i get from dabbing this product

  12. Mike (verified owner)

    truly the best Resin in the market, taste+high+ quality= perfect

  13. 905laosta (verified owner)

    Wow this was apart of my girst order from WCC and i am impressed, this LR hits nice and smooth with a nice taste, highly recommended and will be ordering more!

  14. Kaine Lambert (verified owner)

    1 of the best L/R I’ve ever tried. Really potent with an amazing taste. Also, it helps me to relax after a long day at work. 10/10

  15. Kayan Raymond (verified owner)

    The live resin is my new found favorite smoke. Ive tried every kind they offer and none dissapointed. Highly recommend OG Shark

  16. Nelly Cullen (verified owner)

    good sudden rush of energy and creativity off this.

  17. Jillian Ireland (verified owner)

    It’s was good 👍 strong the texture was solid

  18. Mohammed (verified owner)

    A dab or two of this and youll be locked to your couch, light sweet taste but overall smooth. Make sure you have ntohing to do before dabing this.

  19. Jason Bart (verified owner)

    best resin i have ever tried!! its so good when it comes to getting high and taste

  20. Sammy Crook (verified owner)

    i would rate this almost perfect!! super nice clean taste with great high after just a few hit

  21. Porche (verified owner)

    if your looking at this review, please grab this resin before its sold out

  22. Hicks (verified owner)

    love the texture, i can dab this so many times and never get bored

  23. Patrick (verified owner)

    amazing resin, better get this before its all sold out!!

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