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Live/Resin – Super Sour Diesel (Sativa)


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Premium House Brand Live Resin/Rosin

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Super Sour Diesel, also known as “Super Silver Sour Diesel” to many members of the cannabis community, is a 100% pure sativa strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Super Silver Haze X Sour Diesel strains. This dank bud boasts a moderately high THC level ranging from 25-28% on average and powerful sativa effects. Users describe the Super Sour Diesel high one that is incredibly strong, almost to the point of being overpowering. You’ll feel intensely happy and uplifted but spacey and easily distracted. Despite being a little out of it, Super Sour Diesel will leave you feeling relaxed and creative, with tendencies towards slight anxiety if too much is smoked at once. Due to these potent effects, Super Soudrr Diesel is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, and fatigue. Super Sour Diesel has an aroma of pungent diesel with an earthy hint and a taste of diesel with a sour chemical aftertaste upon exhale. The Super Sour Diesel buds have long, pepper-shaped neon green nugs with minty green patches and leaves. These nugs are spattered with sparse fiery orange hairs and are caked in a thick layer of crystal white trichomes and resin.


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19 reviews for Live/Resin – Super Sour Diesel (Sativa)

  1. peanutjelly (verified owner)

    Good gracious. Huge THC amount in this product. I felt like I stood still while the Earth dropped below my feet. Suddenly the Moon wasn’t far away. Then, back into orbit with a safe and gentle landing back on Earth.

  2. MilkJugs (verified owner)

    Nice Citrus smell upon opening the jar. Smoke nicely taste citry soury? If your looking for a up lifting high this is it.

  3. apple bottom (verified owner)

    Intense happy high, as to be expected with such high THC levels. I think this is my new favorite!!

  4. AkashSingh (verified owner)

    Great cerebral high, tastes sweet and fruity. Pretty good strain for copulating.

  5. Sydney Makayi (verified owner)

    Great sativa live resin, nice body and mind high. Also doesn’t take you much to get high and keep you there for a good amount of time. Keep up the good work cook 😉

  6. Top gun

    top quality LR you can get, so clean when you inhale, taste amazing, high is top.
    lets go!

  7. Zayd Frame (verified owner)

    This is great! Sometimes I feel like I roll a J just for something to do and it’s kind of a waste this is perfect for in between those times. It tastes great and actually has a pretty long lasting effect. Would definitely buy again.

  8. KEVIN VAILLANCOURT (verified owner)

    Great strain. Smokes really well. Very clean. Nice flavour.

    One of my favourites so far.

  9. KEVIN VAILLANCOURT (verified owner)

    Awesome strain with a great flavour profile. This is one of my favourites so far.

  10. FrostLoc420 (verified owner)

    Really good as a weed strain, but way better as Live resin!!

  11. Lily Xu (verified owner)

    Oh yes this is what im looking for. nice one WCC

  12. lynn (verified owner)

    legendary strain came out perfect. sweeet taste and smells amazing

  13. Kuba Willis (verified owner)

    Smoothness on the rig that packs a pretty nice punch. Not to intense where its couchlocking but enough to be ripped.

  14. Phillipa Allan (verified owner)

    Very Nice product !!! The smell 🤩🤩 the taste 🤩🤩 very smooth buzz!! 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Hector (verified owner)

    perfect for adding on to my joint, great high with nice extra boosting taste!!!

  16. jim Jones (verified owner)

    ill make sure i stock this in my home when its available here in WCC!!

  17. Ryan Donnelly (verified owner)

    Very nice consistency, awesome for low temp dabbing. Super tasty!

  18. Rhiannan Donovan (verified owner)

    The taste is amazing. Long lasting energetic buzz.

  19. Jak Benitez (verified owner)

    If i could describe it with one word i learned in spanish class: deliciosso

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