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London Pound Cake, also known as “Pound Cake,” is an indica-dominant marijuana strain made by crossing Sunset Sherbert with an unknown heavy-hitting indica. London Pound Cake offers a loud berry and grape flavor that’s backed by sharp lemon and citrus overtones. In terms of effects, you can expect a head and body high that will leave you blissed out on the couch. Medical marijuana patients choose London Pound Cake to relieve symptoms associated with fatigue and depression. London Pound Cake was originally bred by Cookies.


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London Poundcake is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Sunset Sherbet with another indica-heavy hybrid strain. Named for its insanely delicious flavor, London Poundcake packs a sweet berry and grape flavor accented by nutty lemon and citrus. The aroma is earthy and woody, with hints of nutty lemon and fruity berries throughout. The London Poundcake high is just as delightful as the flavor, with calming and centered effects that are both relaxing and lifting in nature. You’ll feel a light lift at the onset of the high that fills you with a calming sense of centered focus, gently easing away negative or racing thoughts immediately. As your mind settles, a relaxing body high will sneak up on you, lulling you into a slightly couch-locked state that doesn’t cause too much sedation or sleepiness at all. Thanks to these effects and its insanely high 20-25% average THC level, London Poundcake is said to be perfect for the experienced patient suffering from conditions such as mood swings, chronic stress, depression, ADD or ADHD and chronic fatigue. This bud has dense spade-shaped olive green nugs with lots of thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty amber crystal trichomes

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 20-25%

Common Usage: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress

Effects: Calming, Creative, Focus, Relaxing, Uplifting

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39 reviews for London Pound Cake AAA

  1. Kyle M (verified owner)

    I have a high tolerance to weed after many years of smoking top bud. This is a must try.

  2. Lamar Carrillo

    Such a good giggly buzz but also great body effects. Doesn’t cause too much couch lock so I love this for my new daytime go-to strain. Everyone should get a chance to try this strain.

  3. Emily (verified owner)

    Strong and earthy smell/taste. Grinds easily.

  4. Benjamin James

    Such a wonderful smooth hitting strain and oh my GOD the aftertaste is heavenly. Good night time Indica that leave me with enough energy for a movie before I pass out

  5. Nathan Kim (verified owner)

    Still able to get work done around the house but the couch was also extra comfy when I chose to sit down.

  6. Keven Alvarez (verified owner)

    Literally one of the best highs I’ve had.. The aroma is amazing.

  7. Maria Lee (verified owner)

    A great couch buddy for sure, be prepared to do a lot of nothing after enjoying this!

  8. Herschel Aguilar (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this strain, very light but still a good high. Made me really happy and tingly feeling lol

  9. Silvia Benton (verified owner)

    pretty good buzz, I recall I was very relaxed and euphoric. Buzz lasted for around 2 hours, then came down slow. Was smooth on the throat and lungs, very enjoyable. Can’t wait to have some again

  10. Latasha Hughes (verified owner)

    great uplifting mood and really creative, positive thoughts.

  11. Edward Sutton (verified owner)

    One of my all time favs. Awesome body high and the smell is amazing. I always get the munchies and want more to smoke. Super pretty sticky strain as well. Smoke it if you get a chance 10/10

  12. Cindy (verified owner)

    the high is intense but put me a great mood

  13. Geoffrey (verified owner)

    always try the new strains from this site and all of them have never failed to impress me.

  14. Kristen Malvet (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect strain start to end. The smoothest burn !

  15. Tamakichoorp (verified owner)

    This is one of those strains that is indica dominant, but I feel the sativa more. Very good for stress and anxiety. May the force be with you!

  16. Bessie Kirk (verified owner)

    This is definitely some great medical herb. Very pleasant, clearheaded, somewhat euphoric/tingly high

  17. Chin Min (verified owner)

    This strain put me in a positive mood, I really like it

  18. Hoodwink (verified owner)

    Love this strain. Skywalker is my favorite afternoon smoke. Smoke this and pain and anxiety just disappear. Very relaxing buzz. One of the best hybrid/Indica leaning strains around.

  19. James B (verified owner)

    Sticky and firm buds. Just at the perfect humidity, felt like it was just grown.
Smells awesome

  20. McGowanBizarre (verified owner)

    Great strain for stress relief. Highly recommended before going to bed.

  21. Jarrett Law (verified owner)

    Not a drowsy high , can function great off of this stuff

  22. Karen Lee (verified owner)

    Very potent and the aroma is intoxicating

  23. J.R Daniels (verified owner)

    Body feels heavy at first then you will calm and happy

  24. TJay999_ (verified owner)

    This strain kicks ass! Don’t expect to get much done for about 3 Hours!

  25. MrKvp1 (verified owner)

    Smoke this and pain and anxiety just disappear. Very relaxing buzz. One of the best hybrid/Indica leaning strains around.

  26. Minzy (verified owner)

    This strain has been helping me relax and keeping my mind off things at night.

  27. ScholarFrost (verified owner)

    Good day time and is helping with my cancer witt

  28. Angelina Ercan (verified owner)

    I wasn’t expecting this to hit me that hard but it did! I’m so glad it did because I’m loving the price of this strain that should be in their AAAA category

  29. Eva (verified owner)

    Best I’ve had for sure. It’s extremely good if you wanna get just a passive- still functioning high.

  30. JovialPancake (verified owner)

    This is my favorited strain so far! Helps me relax after a long day without the drowsy feeling or being couch locked.

  31. Almira (verified owner)

    The high was very intense and long lasting. I would recommend.

  32. Katie Y (verified owner)

    loved the body high it gave me, great afternoon to chill with throughout the whole day

  33. Marty Lopez (verified owner)

    My husband uses it for sleep and pain relief. It does the job.

  34. Kane (verified owner)

    intense high that gave the the munchies! loved it!

  35. Jonathan M (verified owner)

    Good day use, don’t make me sleepy and keep me energized

  36. Bill Rozema (verified owner)

    You’ll feel the relaxing effects instantly. Shortly after, you might feel hungry, and sleepy.

  37. Barry James (verified owner)

    0 paranoia or anxiety, and all it relieved all my muscle soreness for a full day of surfing. Great relaxed feeling too

  38. Kerenza (verified owner)

    Excellent after a long day. Very relaxing

  39. Oralie (verified owner)

    the high is intense but put me a great mood

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