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A perfect hybrid blend to enjoy in the sunshine! Consuming this creamy smoke will leave you feeling relaxed and grounded. We highly recommend this strain for users who experience stress or anxiety.


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MAC Donuts is an indica-dominant strain that has beautiful, frosted medium to large sized nugs. As soon as the bag is opened, the pungent smell of this strain will surprise you!
This strain creates cerebral effects that spread throughout the body. Patients can expect to feel relaxed and anxiety-free when the high hits. The online medical marijuana community suggested that MAC Donuts is ideal for patients dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress. MAC Donuts will shock you in potency, with a whopping 26 – 29% THC. This strain gives off an intoxicating, gassy and citrus aroma.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 30% Sativa /70% Indica

THC Level: 26 – 29%

Common Usage: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Muscle Spasms

Effects: Calming, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Tingly, Uplifting


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

30 reviews for MAC Donuts AAAA

  1. Jerald Vaughan

    The flavor is out of this world! I was honestly surprised the first time, I don’t taste much flavor when smoking. What follows is an immediate head rush, euphoric but not overwhelming which is accompanied by a deep sense of well-being, relaxation. So far, it hasn’t locked me into the couch or paralyzed me.

  2. Azriel Hadid

    It creeps in slow and then a happy, cerebral, relaxed mood eases into focus. The exceptional pain relieving qualities of an indica balance a nice mental sativa buzz.

  3. Twila Brewer

    Damn! I can’t get over the taste. really incredible.

  4. Tracy Humix (verified owner)

    Great quality product. Gets you high fast, smokes smoothly. No complaints

  5. bryinthe6197 (verified owner)

    feels like the good old days when weed got me higher 😀

  6. Tyla Lee

    frosted nugs taste and smoke was 10/10

  7. Stan Moreno

    Had a blast enjoying this with a girlrfiend…. pretty happy and giggling like crazy. Also felt relaxed and chill.

  8. Brian Ferrell

    This shit was coooooooo. Smoked an 1/8 on my birthday, we was lit as fuck.

  9. Greg Pennar (verified owner)

    Amazing in every way. It lasts so damn long. So you feel entirely blissful and at peace for so long

  10. Greg C (verified owner)

    I think it’s impossible to crossbreed with MAC and not have it turn out good. I really enjoyed this one a lot. Still have a quarter or more of it left. Caked huge buds, perfect cure on this, she will make you cough. But oh man this one is STRONG and packs an intense but very enjoyable buzz that lasts a long time. Dank, gassy, hashy exhale… you’ll go down the donut hole… lol

  11. Katie Moyer

    Top shelf herbs. Str8 up!!

  12. Antaram

    good smell and good hits

  13. Tyson (verified owner)

    High was pretty potent as well.

  14. Lily Ashan (verified owner)

    slow building high, straight vibes from this strain

  15. ThinJoyful (verified owner)

    More of a mind than body high, but super relaxing and an amazing high

  16. Trent Parker (verified owner)

    Great high. Gave me a happy, chill high. Everything was funny. I couldn’t stop laughing 😊

  17. MilestoneLeap (verified owner)

    It slightly increases your appetite, but doesn’t make you hungry per se. No negatives, but you might experience a passing yawn. Also, depending on you anxiety level, an edible will take the edge off for the perfect balance that you seek.

  18. Liam Morgan (verified owner)

    My eyes get so heavy after some time but before that happens its an amzing euphoric high that got me hooked I keep coming back to this!

  19. Lyla Bond (verified owner)

    I’m such a picky smoker 😆 So thank you for crafting this gem 💎

  20. Jude Sellers (verified owner)

    Lots of burstful flavor, although it is not an indica there is a really intense body high mixed in with the right amount of euphoria and excitement. Definitely gonna smoke again soon.

  21. Jay Suzuki (verified owner)

    Great relaxation.

  22. Tyson 26 (verified owner)

    Best I’ve had for sure. It’s extremely good if you wanna get just a passive- still functioning high.

  23. Peter Tilley (verified owner)

    this is for kicking back with friends or just chilling by yourself.

  24. BenefitTickler (verified owner)

    A mind expanding strain that oddly, givez you energy one moment, then the next, your out like a light! Oh those crazy hybrids! Tasty like the childhood candy, and smells good to. Like the mind expansion, must be the thc levels 🙂

  25. Clayton Holt (verified owner)

    Delivers one of the most uplifting, happy, satisfying experiences I’ve been able to achieve from cannabis. That along with this insanely delicious terp profile gets this strain an easy 10/10 from me.

  26. Matt Temime (verified owner)

    It will be hard to stay awake once you use this. I fell asleep within 30-45 minutes when usually it takes me 2+ hours

  27. Bibo (verified owner)

    Best I’ve had for sure. It’s extremely good if you wanna get just a passive- still functioning high.

  28. Karen (verified owner)

    awesome craft!, high was instant !!

  29. Rasheed WIlliams (verified owner)

    The best everyday herb there is.

  30. Fergal (verified owner)

    taste is fruity and good, high is very strong indica vibe. Look and smell is 3.85/5 but high is 5/5

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