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Peach Runtz is one of the latest strains to drop in 2021 from esteemed up and coming UK breeder Spitfire Genetics. It’s a cross using the highly sought-after and often imitated Runtz cut from Cali that they’ve then hit with pollen from the Peach Cubez keeper male also bred by Spitfire Genetics.

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Peach Runtz is one of the latest strains to drop in 2021 from esteemed up and coming UK breeder Spitfire Genetics. It’s a cross using the highly sought-after and often imitated Runtz cut from Cali that they’ve then hit with pollen from the Peach Cubez keeper male also bred by Spitfire Genetics.

The Runtz cut is undoubtedly one of the biggest or possibly even the biggest strain in cannabis today thanks to its popularity in music and popular culture; it boasts a terp profile that has a wicked array of candy, gas and fruity sherbert notes. The phenotypes found in the Peach Runtz vary significantly, the smaller phenos will tend to be Runtz leaning and produce excellent frost from the heavy trichome coverage, whilst the larger phenos are more vigorous and present a better mix of parents. The larger phenos will provide super-dense flowers and large yields, and with a blend of Runtz, Peach, and Zkittlez terps all around this is another sure winner.

The Peach Cubez father that Spitfire Genetics has used for their breeding projects selected for its vigour, exotic terpene potential and resin production.  The Peach Cubez has a lovely of sweet, overripe peaches and soapy, candied Fragrant Z terps. The original Peach Ozz had a poor yield and flimsy flowers, but the Z cube added more vigour, heavy yields and healthy growing traits as well as providing more potential for Z terps thanks to the Zkittlez genetics throughout the lineage. Like Z terps on steroids with a broader spectrum of terps from the Peach Cubez.

Hybrid – 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

THC Level: 20-25%

Common Usage: Anxiety, Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

Effects: Calming, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

29 reviews for Peach Runtz AAA

  1. Jamie Sutton (verified owner)

    Just an average bud to the everyday smoker. But kicks in pretty nice has good taste as well on exhale.

  2. Jordan Piaget (verified owner)

    Very good strain. Rush onset ending in a calming relaxation.

  3. David Cooke (verified owner)

    Smooth smoke. Good for depression and anxiety.

  4. Aidan Robertson (verified owner)

    Cool, calming, and stress free. I suffer from Chronic PTSD.

  5. Carla Hauet (verified owner)

    Great smoke for daytime or evening. Really gets you going.

  6. Jack Triggs

    This is an awesome deal and the AAA product is very enjoyable, even for a seasoned smoker.

  7. Mimi Vadeboncoeur (verified owner)

    Sweet fruity notes enjoyable strain nothing too crazy just a lovely mellow buzz

  8. Jean-Marie Courtial (verified owner)

    Just like candy great fragrance and great effects

  9. Arlette Genest (verified owner)

    tasty strong love the flavour the kicks on strong a while after

  10. Luc Bissonnette

    decent bud got it as a free gram with my order, taste is good looks nice and nice calm stone but not as strong as i would like but not bad in any way

  11. Kermit Foley (verified owner)

    Great for focus and creativity!

  12. Foster Townsend (verified owner)

    Helps with anxiety and appetite loss and its got a really nice fruity taste

  13. Darlene Velasquez (verified owner)

    Found this strain super sweet tasting it was delicious and the high is super relaxing

  14. Kelly N

    Perfect for this strain, highly recommend

  15. malakovski7

    This ones not bad at all. Beauty to look at as its basically “Blinging with trichomes along with dark green purple splashes through large dense buds. Taste is slightly fruity on exhale but rough inhale.

  16. Chris Birkin (verified owner)

    First time buying from this site, great streamlined experience, nice coupon for free extras, would recommend!

  17. jmk44 (verified owner)

    i liked this strain because it didn’t make me feel sleepy or lazy. it gives you a nice calm feeling.

  18. Graham-curt (verified owner)

    Nice sweet taste to it. Amazing body high also just goofy feeling and giggly lol love it. Seems to be relieving some digestive pains I’ve been having too.

  19. alecko911 (verified owner)

    so fucking nice boom

  20. Malik Radeke (verified owner)

    Nice quality and smokes well, sweet tasting, and great for chilling out.

  21. Rhys Ball (verified owner)

    Relaxing, laid back high. Feeling withdrawn and sinking into the couch. Amnesiac effect. Good sleep as long as you don’t stuff yourself first which is definitely a possibility.

  22. Jack Berman (verified owner)

    A great heady and body high. Eases the entire body of any tension and pain.

  23. Joel Barnes (verified owner)

    Amazing plant to cultivate or just pick up for an evening kicking back. Dense buds make for a perfect cone. Highly recommend.

  24. Jackson Robertson (verified owner)

    Smooth and heavy effects. I could keep ounces of this at a time and never get sick of it! HIGHLY recommended if you can get a GOOD cut of this.

  25. Toby Hemlock

    Really nice weed! Very smooth inhale with cough free exhale. Evaluated perfectly @ AAA. Perfect from wake and bake, to bedtime. Smokes very well.

  26. Ross Edmonds (verified owner)

    I got a high tolerance since I been smoking for the last 4 years. I was glad to try this bud and experience a strong high. It increased my energy so I got lots done.

  27. Evan Rose (verified owner)

    Smooth bud, very chill. Although, maybe it should have been named bad breath.

  28. Goats22 (verified owner)

    A lovely strain for immediate help with mood and pain. A great party bud for guests that are newbies. Great aroma and terpenes. Great but and not too heavy!!

  29. Celine Rodd (verified owner)

    This is more like a lazy chill buzz. I really liked how good it makes your head and body feel

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