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Chunky Diesel Strain

Chunky Diesel strain is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a potent cross of the delicious (DJ Short’s Blueberry X Headband) X Sour Diesel BX3 strains. With a delicious flavor that you must experience at least once in your lifetime and dazzling daytime effects, Chunky Diesel is certainly a wonder to behold! This bud has a sweet fruity candy flavor that drips off of your tongue with each tasty toke. The aroma is very floral and sweet with a sour berry effect accented by fresh mellow earth as the nugs are burned.

Chunky Diesel Effects

Chunky Diesel strain high comes on fairly quickly after you take a few hits, filling your mind with clear-headed focus and a tingly sense of happiness. This effect will increase your motivation and creativity as a sense of happy relaxation spreads from head to toe. These effects in combination with its moderate THC level give Rockstar an edge in treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, migraines or headaches, depression, chronic stress, and eye pressure or glaucoma. Chunky Diesel buds have fluffy neon green nugs with pinkish undertones, bright orange hairs, and a coating of golden crystal trichomes.

People that have smoked Chunky Diesel say that you will feel the effects after just taking a couple of rips. You will experience an increased sense of focus. If you need to get through some boring chores or an exciting special project, the focus and clarity this strain offers will make the time move faster. This weed strain has the added benefit of the ability to boost your mood and have positive energy spread from your mind through your whole body.

You may expect this strain to be a soft pink color like it’s candy namesake, but the buds are not pink at all. The plant has vivid neon green buds that are pretty fluffy and will definitely impress anyone who eyes it. The buds also have a gorgeous purple undertone that can take on a pinkish hue, depending on the lighting.

More About This Weed Strain

Chunky Diesel strain is named after the best Starburst flavor because this hybrid weed strain Pink smells just like the candy. This strain combines Headband and Blueberry and was created by an unknown breeder. If you’re a seasoned weed smoker or some new to buying weed online, this sativa dominant hybrid weed strain should be on your list or strain to try.

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15 reviews for Premium Shatter – Chunky Diesel (Sativa)

  1. Savannah Mill

    This put me on a happy go lucky type of vibe. It was a much needed mood as I’ve been feeling down a lot lately. Gotta smoke this one every morning and every afternoon, its the most perfect pick me up

  2. Mark Jameson (verified owner)

    If you love the sativas, this is the strain for you! Great buzzing energy

  3. Jerome Victor (verified owner)

    Pink starburst just sounded like it was going to be a good ass time … so I took a chance on it and I am super happy that I did. This put me on a happy go lucky vibe

  4. Gregory M (verified owner)

    Pretty sure this is one of my ultimate favourite strains of all time. Just checks all the boxes and more! Love how this tastes literally like a starburst haha, love the pink one too its my favourite. Gotta try it if you haven’t yet!

  5. Hailey Beal (verified owner)

    An excellent quality product. Love how easy it was to break apart, easy to burn, great to hit.

  6. micah rimbles (verified owner)

    everyone i showed this to, has loved it. for good reason too. its high quality. has an enjoyable taste. the effects are uplifting. if you need to stay awake for a couple of hours, this will be great for you.

  7. Jack Kakouris (verified owner)

    Great strain! It gives you that uplifting and euphoric boost in the morning

  8. Zac Vedara (verified owner)

    Chunky diesel has a nice calming effect. It really hits your head first. Expect to experience the lightness/floating effect. Leading to a mellow buzz over your body.

  9. Olivia Hartman

    great quality and has a nice after taste

  10. Reyna Harrell

    randomly chose this in a mix and match and now its mty favourite

  11. Ella Catlin

    good for energy smoked this during the day and It got me through my day

  12. Alaric Garneau (verified owner)

    Clean shatter that tastes so delicious. Hints of sweetness and earthy in every inhale. The buzz lasts hours. It has a calming effect on the mind

  13. Lyla Trahan (verified owner)

    If you need a boost especially in social settings then you will love this strain. It makes you feel so lively and happy

  14. Zac Goodman (verified owner)

    Good morning or daytime medicine. Really easy going high

  15. Dale B

    Provides an energetic high with a non-couch-lock head to toe body buzz, resonates feelings of contentment, happiness, and creativity, and is very uplifting.

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