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Donkey Breath is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a Big Island Skunk phenotype that took on a rather illicit appearance. This bud has long and super dense pepper-shaped dark olive green nugs that are covered with thin furry amber hairs and clear crystal trichomes with visible droplets of sticky sweet resin. The Donkey Breath high is pretty mellow in nature, with indica effects that are perfect for a less experienced user. It starts with a euphoric lift that gives your mood a boost and eases any mental pain with a hazy laziness. This is accompanied by a building body buzz that warms you but doesn’t weigh you down or cause couch-lock. You might feel hungry or a little bit lethargic at times, but that’s about it. Because of these effects and its high 28% THC level, Donkey Breath is good for treating experienced users suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines or headaches, and appetite loss. Donkey Dick has a powerful stench of spicy dank skunk with an overtone of sharp pungency that fills any room instantly. The taste is very sour, with skunky pungency that is accented by a spicy exhale that’s surprisingly smooth.


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams)

15 reviews for Premium Shatter – Donkey Breath (Indica)

  1. Marija-Ana💞AddicTHC (verified owner)

    Nice potent clean dabs, Just like the flower it tastes and smokes amazing! Goes great in a blunt of craft Donkey Breath too😜 Love this strain

  2. Robert Cassidy (verified owner)

    Best Shatter around.
    Burns clean.

  3. Roy Lee (verified owner)

    Super quality, taste and color.. highly recommended

  4. Terry Landess (verified owner)

    Very good.
    As a matter of Fact I am going to get active and get my bike together again and go for a ride

  5. Aahil Hill (verified owner)

    Tout ce que je dois dire c’est que ce truc est lisse

  6. Vincent Paul

    Donkey Breath = great strain and super great high!

  7. Kingston Moore (verified owner)

    Really effective strain for helping relieve any pains!

  8. Hayley Tomas (verified owner)

    Great shatter with an amazing high, super long lasting and very enjoyable

  9. Ishaan Ali (verified owner)

    This shatter is pretty potent and hits you hard after one hit. I’d be careful if youre not a chronic! Otherwise i love this shit!!!

  10. Faith U (verified owner)

    The cleanest and smoothest shatter i’ve ever had. I’m impressed!

  11. stacy mckalvey (verified owner)

    amazing customer service and fast shipping times! cant complain with how solid the products always are and the prices are reasonable. tried a few of their shatter and every strain is crazy potent including this one.

  12. Jordan Arshe (verified owner)

    Pretty heavy for me, definitely felt this in my limbs. Sleep was no issue after this

  13. Charlene Holland

    smokes lovely. very easy on the lungs.a great balance between a celebral and body high. i honestly think i found im in love. gets me chatty and thinking. something to try.

  14. Florine Sullivan (verified owner)

    pretty strong and I love it.

  15. Charlotte Ali (verified owner)

    Great shatter that leaves you in the happiest of moods

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