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Purple Frost is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Resin Snob and produced by Samadhi Farms. This pungent cross of Obama Kush and Skunk #1 offers consumers a bouquet of diesel fuel, spices, and a round, earthy undertone. The strain’s effects are relaxing and peaceful, helping consumers shrug off stress and unwind after a long day. Purple Frost stays true to its name with buds coated in frosty trichomes atop dark purple foliage. These chill effects make it a perfect choice for consumers seeking to abate anxiety while donning a stoney glow.

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Though not especially potent, popular, or versatile, Purple Frost can be an effective medical treatment for insomnia as well as anxiety and depression. It’s a sativa-indica hybrid, but the exact balance of sativa to indica is a mystery; it’s not even clear which type of genes is dominant. The limited high suggests it could be the indica, since the effects are sleepy and mostly physical, but there isn’t enough information to say for sure. There are few if any public reports on THC levels in this strain, but they don’t appear to be terribly high; though covered in trichomes, Purple Frost is reported to have below average potency. CBD quantities aren’t widely available, but that alone means this strain isn’t a good choice for medicating seizures or other conditions that require that cannabinoid. The flavor and smell are fruity and spicy, while the nugs are small with leaves of dark green and purple, brown hairs, and a layer of crystals that looks like granulated sugar. Though sold in select medical marijuana dispensaries on the West Coast, Purple Frost isn’t widely available.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 26-28%

Common Usage: Insomnia, Stress

Effects: Body High


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

37 reviews for Purple Frost AAAA

  1. Jake Evans (verified owner)

    The smell and terpenes are top class and sweet to exhale. I can smoke this all day! You can definitely feel that it derives from purple frost, very energetic and hard hitting strain

  2. Vicki Spencer (verified owner)

    great bag appeal super frosty nugs and amazing taste

  3. Sami Burnett (verified owner)

    Such nice looking buds and great to smoke! Was shocked at how great the high was, I recommend!!

  4. Herman B

    This weed is my style of weed for sure. It’s got the hybrid 50/50 straight down the middle, with the nice easy feel good type of vibe.. and not to mention the nice big frosty nugs this thing has!

  5. Kai Walker (verified owner)

    This strain is great for a chill relaxing day or evening. Helps to relax enough to drift into a good nights sleep. Doesn’t require a lot to get the wanted effects.

  6. Owen Chavez (verified owner)

    Really nice looking nugs the aroma is just unreal

  7. Kieran Dixon (verified owner)

    One good toke will be perfect for feeling better and upbeat. More than that it is great for the lazy day or evening unwind

  8. Ian Joseph (verified owner)

    super dense buds loads of trichomes

  9. Vic Boran (verified owner)

    I actually got this as a freebie and I was pretty stoked with it. Decided to order some more and I am still damn impressed. Thankful for this strain wcc

  10. Maya Mcleod (verified owner)

    I had such a delightful experience with Purple Frost! You can tell its great quality, from the appearance of the nugs to how buzzed it’ll get you. Pretty long-lasting buzz too!

  11. Nicki Hewton (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the denseness of each nug from this strain, i love the dense strains as they are perfect to my blunts

  12. Minz S (verified owner)

    Smokes very well, tastes really sweet and smells so good.

  13. Cameron Webb (verified owner)

    You feel relaxed and happy but not in a heavy way.

  14. Cashius Ederer (verified owner)

    Nice and easy going vibe with this strain

  15. Jessica Chavez (verified owner)

    super dense nugs and nice chill vibes from this strain great to relieve stress and anxiety

  16. Arnie Valladolid (verified owner)

    One of my favourites without a doubt. Possibly my favourite strain for stress and anxiety without losing function

  17. Kim Lee Tan (verified owner)

    Great value for the quality,
    made me high and reduce stress

  18. Tommy Rose (verified owner)

    Just an average bud to the everyday smoker. But kicks in pretty nice has good taste as well on exhale. High 7/10 Taste 7/10

  19. Victoria Martin (verified owner)

    Vary good smoke…good daytime..vary strong plant…one of my favs

  20. Jen Smithe (verified owner)

    SUPER KICK … Hits fast & last. Very tasty. Great bag appeal. Very dense buds! Just enough sativa to keep it functional:-)

  21. Adam Noway (verified owner)

    dope. nuff said

  22. Armani Franco (verified owner)

    Just an average bud to the everyday smoker. But kicks in pretty nice has good taste as well on exhale

  23. Niam G (verified owner)

    The high was surprising it hit me in an instant which I didn’t expect.. definitely love this strain

  24. Susan (verified owner)

    would definitely recommend this to some of my friends, it’s got a great taste and long lasting high

  25. Chad m (verified owner)

    Smoked this before this before the gym… bro i was hitting PR’s like crazy. Helps relax your body so you don’t feel a thing, no soreness or pain…

  26. Isaac Walker (verified owner)

    Beautiful, delicious and POTENT bud wrapped in what looks like a fuzzy green sweater. I can say that this stuff could easily cure most of what ails ya. Stoned and happy is the end result. Mission accomplished

  27. Sylvia Weeks (verified owner)

    This stuff is great. It’s a really chill powerful high that’s really fun. Only downside is in my experience it can make you alittle paranoid and you will not remember eating 20,000 calories of food off this shit after you’re finished.

  28. Erika L (verified owner)

    A much needed well deserved high, it was instant and very long lasting

  29. June Quelch (verified owner)

    Burns so smooth and tastes great. Pretty looking buds too. Great quality and strong flower that leaves you working efficiently during the day or night.

  30. Alani Roveri (verified owner)

    Purple frost was smooth from start to finish. I’m very impressed by the quality and trim on the nugs. The high is fast and provides nice relief.

  31. Zoilus (verified owner)

    perfect strain with all its classic effects: happy, relaxed, warm, tingly, sleepy

  32. Rin O kin (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains of all time very relaxing and helps with stress and anxiety

  33. Douglas (verified owner)

    i really needed it.. good way for that instant relaxation

  34. Josie Duflo (verified owner)

    The only strain I will smoke before going out. I get bad anxiety especially being high in public. But I don’t have this issue with Purple Frost! It makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. It makes me feel more neighbourly too!

  35. Riley Doane (verified owner)

    It actually makes me feel like a brand new person. If you need something to help boost your mental for trying to reinvent your life, this is the one for you. Transformation and happiness are guaranteed

  36. Elain (verified owner)

    Best tasting I’ve had for sure. It’s extremely good if you wanna get just a passive- still functioning high.

  37. Gabrielle (verified owner)

    Hit me fast and hard. Great tasting buds as well

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