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Popularized by Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 classic, Purple Haze delivers a dreamy burst of euphoria that brings veteran consumers back to their psychedelic heyday. This nostalgic sativa staple remains cherished for its high energy cerebral stimulation that awakens creativity and blissful contentment throughout the day. Purple Haze is believed to have descended from parent strains Purple Thai and Haze, which pass on a mix of sweet and earthy flavors underscored by notes of berry and sharp spice. Purple Haze buds typically acquire vibrant hues of lavender that further justify the naming of this strain.

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Purple Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid (85% sativa/15% indica) strain that is a potent cross between the rare yet popular Purple Thai X Haze strains. This dank bud boasts a THC level ranging from 21-24% on average and an array of sativa and indica effects. Purple Haze was named after Jimi Hendrix’s classic 1967 song and is one of the most famous strains ever thanks to its popularity in the 1960s. Users describe the Purple Haze high as one with almost immediate high-energy cerebral stimulation accompanied by an intense sense of creative inspiration and blissful contentment. You may experience a mild body buzz that is warming and spreads from your head and neck throughout the rest of your body. Due to these potent effects, Purple Haze in ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, and chronic stress or anxiety. Purple Haze has long, dense pepper-shaped nugs that are light minty green with rich purple undertones. These nugs are covered in long thin light and dark purple hairs and a fine layer of milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin. Purple Haze has a sweet earthy berry aroma and a pungent berry taste with a hint of spice.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 85% Sativa / 15% Indica

THC: 21-24%

Common Usage: Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Sociable


1g, Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarters (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (4 Oz), Half Pound (8 Oz), Full Pound (16 Oz)

19 reviews for Purple Haze AAA

  1. Eliza Finney (verified owner)

    Purple haze was hella smooth on the inhale and had a nice taste to it

  2. Peter Ledge

    Really enjoyed this energy boosting product, definitely experienced a really good and lasting buzz

  3. Sarah Pilgrim (verified owner)

    Great high energy mental stimulation. Classic for a reason!

  4. Jooey (verified owner)

    it’s definitely a head high, it gets me uplifted creative and euphoric I think It definitely holds longer than usual and also Im not tired after being high of pujrp haze. Awesome!

  5. Sion Bautista (verified owner)

    First time trying this strain. I am very pleased with it. A nice happy high. Will purchase again for sure.

  6. Ryley Feens (verified owner)

    Great for anxiety, smoking this purple haze gives that head high leaving you with a great burst of energy while still keeping the mind at ease

  7. Mario Richer (verified owner)

    Première fois pour moi et non la dernière 😉 merci à wcc pour les beaux cadeaux reçus avec ma commande .. First time for me and not the last 😉 thanks to wcc for the beautiful gifts received with my order..

  8. Rihanna Olsen (verified owner)

    Wonderful strain. I like that I don’t get the munchies and it lasts a long time. makes my worries go away

  9. Jay George (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite day time strain. It relieves any mental issues, gives me a little energy and everything is going to be ok. Buzz lasts for a couple of hours. Doesn’t hold you hostage for the entire day

  10. John Hunter (verified owner)

    Love to start my day with this strain as I find it puts me in a motivational mind state and elevates my mood in general.

  11. Alfie Clarke (verified owner)

    This is amongst the top on my list of favorites! I’m a fan of the purple haze Its soo potent and enjoyable in every aspect! Grade A++! I will buy it everytime I can get ahold of it? PHENOMENAL

  12. Luther Williamson (verified owner)

    so dank and smooth 10/10

  13. Ashton Harvey (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure how good this would be, but holy shit am I glad I ordered this. Really good high – I found it gave me energy and I stayed sociable. Very little burnout too. 100% would recommend.

  14. Jo Yang (verified owner)

    glad I picked some of this up pretty dank it has a great aroma

  15. Theresa Velez (verified owner)

    Amazing… gives ya great buzz and energy during the day. Night time… Nice and relaxing. This so far only one that works day and night.. Especially for pain.

  16. Giselle

    I Got well relaxed by deep sleeping.

  17. Nick Reese (verified owner)

    Super dense sticky and tasty too!

  18. Andrea C (verified owner)

    great taste very rich in flavours. High was super smooth from start to finish

  19. Mikey C (verified owner)

    The only strain I can smoke consistently and never get tired of. Very strong dense sweet sticky keif filled nugs! They look way better in person

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