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Sesh blunts are made with hemp wraps hand rolled with 1.5 grams of AAAA flower, premium distillate and kief. The outside is coated with distillate and kief.

54 reviews for Sesh Blunts – Sativa

  1. iwrite3 (verified owner)

    Awesome blunts, I was a bit skeptical but my entire circle loved it. Burned evenly, wasn’t harsh and the high was very good. Lots of laughter going around. Would recommend for a good time.

  2. sweetnsour (verified owner)

    First time ordering Sesh product and I cannot say enough how good the quality of the packaging and most importantly the blunt itself. Definitely AAAA quality and the distillate kicks it up a notch . Worth every penny. Looking forward to more products from you guys !!

  3. amysunshine (verified owner)

    I shared this blunt with two other friends, prior to watching the new Zombieland movie, and all I have to say is WOW!! Wonderful smell, kind of like an earthy-pine aroma, that filled the parking lot. Everyone around us knew what we were up to but we didn’t care. It made the movie very intense and “high” -ly entertaining. Blunt burned fantastically and was perfectly rolled, not too tight, not too loose. Would recommend it for any social setting that you want to kick up a notch. <3

  4. sausageparty (verified owner)

    what a great pre-roll it burned evenly, the smoke was nice and dense, not to mention the blunt lasted around 15 minutes.

  5. idrinkismoke (verified owner)

    Got this to smoke with friends…hit very hard thanks wcc

  6. BigWeedBoi (verified owner)

    hits really hard and lasts very long will be ordering more!

  7. Urmomisfat (verified owner)

    It’s been a while since I’ve smoked a blunt… but man this takes the cake, its superbly rolled and hits very hard not to mention it lasts like 15 minutes

  8. Blazeit420guy (verified owner)

    what a treat, I love how this is coated on the outside it looks amazing, not to mention how well it burns

  9. lindasparling420 (verified owner)

    delicious tasting blunt, I love smoking this by myself or with friends either way I always get super baked

  10. JordanDrunks (verified owner)

    Great VALUE!!!!! would buy again burns evenly and literally takes 20 minutes to smoke a whole one. I love the taste of these blunts 🙂

  11. Peopleplease320 (verified owner)

    definitely will be ordering more this burns great and the high is super nice.

  12. HenryOH123 (verified owner)

    HOLYY!! I ordered one of these and showed it to my friends they were all impressed. We definitely smoked to the filter of this blunt this thing is a treat. I’m definitely buying more

  13. comeonebaby (verified owner)

    i smoke this everyday, super nice and i can hold on to this all day.
    weed in this product is most definitely 4A plus and roled real nice

  14. Bennie Mccall (verified owner)

    You’ll be fully medicated after is. Great for you and a friend to have a session that last a long time!

  15. Worksgreat (verified owner)

    best blunt i ever tried. super strong and products used in this blunt is top grade. wowwowwow

  16. Megan Kim (verified owner)

    hard to believe this is handrolled, its so perfectly rolled and i would grade this 10 for 10

  17. Luke Jordan (verified owner)

    Fire smoke, smooth and tasty. I definitely recommend this blunt

  18. Poo Poo (verified owner)

    wow i cant smoke all in one sit, damn strong and hell good quality.

  19. Romeo (verified owner)

    no stem no seed!!! good quality! strong hit. recommend

  20. Isaac Kennedy (verified owner)

    Awesome pre-rolled blunt, good head high with a relaxing body buzz later

  21. Kane (verified owner)

    amazing stuff!!! wow im happy that i got this in my cart, its worth the price

  22. Kimbo (verified owner)

    got this on my cart for the first time and it will be on my cart from now on, way better then i thought for this price

  23. Jason Harper (verified owner)

    smoking this is like heaven for weed smokers,,,, too good!

  24. Toby Collins (verified owner)

    Tasty & euphoric high. The blunt lasted way longer than I expected. Lots of good things to say!

  25. S michal (verified owner)

    nice blunt, get my day started and feels damn strong, well done made for real

  26. Benton Cline (verified owner)

    Great high & long lasting! Super smooth smoke & burn

  27. Roberts (verified owner)

    sometimes you have to go with blunts and never a disappoint. top shelf !!

  28. cobra kai (verified owner)

    its the best quality blunt i ever smoked.

  29. Bobby Jenkins (verified owner)

    Great smoke, effects were excellent. a rush of brain high with a bit of sedation. felt happy, talkative, relaxed and of course, so high. Really perfect for depression, stress, anxiety and maybe PTSD or ADHD.

  30. [email protected]

    its pretty juicy

  31. westcoast234 (verified owner)

    Top notch product! – I was pleasantly surprised! – Pure magic!

  32. NumaGB (verified owner)

    Smoked this with my brother last night celebrating 4/20. Great high and tasted amazing. Definitely worth it.

  33. Josh Woods (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with sesh blunt. It feels great mentally- so uplifted, inspires creative thinking

  34. Blake Thompson (verified owner)

    It’s strong weed it smells amazing the high is good for creativity and clear head as well. Awesome smoke that lasts loong

  35. Edward Sharp (verified owner)

    Love it taste amazing, perfect for relieving stress and relaxing with friends.

  36. Jackson Gibson (verified owner)

    My wake and bake favorite for a balanced morning

  37. shred chaos


  38. T Bernier (verified owner)

    Amazing taste. Doesn’t burn the throat… it also burns for a while.

  39. Bennie Perry (verified owner)

    This sativa blunt is delicious and lasts very long. After smoking I feel energetic and strong its like a capuchin shot. The pre-roll’s are out of this world.

  40. dn9597 (verified owner)

    10/10 buzz man I’m still able to get on with my every day shit but I’m a lot happier and just have a nice buzz

  41. mistyrain5882 (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this pre roll nice smooth buzz that leaves you feeling blissful and eased my aches and pains to enable me to get things accomplished.

  42. Omar-rw5vg (verified owner)

    I have multiple pre rolls in my possession right now, but I always come back to this pre-roll. Great for chronic pain and awesome strain to enjoy music and nature. High holds on longer than most strains, too!

  43. DustinPlatt (verified owner)

    It’s strong weed it smells amazing the high is good for creativity and clear head as well. I had a batch that literally made me fall asleep. Idk what was different about that Sour Diesel but it got me really stoned and sleepy.

  44. charlesdean640 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this blunt wrap it is my new go to . It gets up to go and tastes amazing as well! Stay high

  45. blueconversechucks (verified owner)

    This has always been one of my favorites, smooth and strong with excellent flavor.

  46. timdumoulin2576 (verified owner)

    This is an excellent sativa strain. One blunt later and I would think deeply about one topic before jumping into the next topic and contemplating that topic. I was high for about three hours.

  47. RobbieDucharme (verified owner)

    It’s amazing. My boyfriend and I smoke this and our libidos shoot up to the sky.

  48. just_d3gree30 (verified owner)

    Very nice taste, uplifting buzz gets me creative. I can be ready to jam, draw or play video games, a mostly clear headed high but a good one

  49. kenyancutiepam (verified owner)

    A very enjoyable strain to use throughout the day. Helped with my severe anxiety and balanced creativity. Will be coming back!

  50. joelface (verified owner)

    Good for chilling but wont knock you out, able to perform tasks and go about your day with this one. The flower has a great aroma and taste citrus like flavors. Good everyday type of herb.

  51. Jacob Cole (verified owner)

    Very energetic and creative and cerebral high. Unlike any strain I have tried in terms of energetic buzz.

  52. GioBaby (verified owner)

    This blunt kicks ass! Don’t expect to get much done for about 3 Hours!

  53. PhysicalBreakup (verified owner)

    Simply the best pre roll for creativity hands down. Smooth smoke

  54. Warddiac (verified owner)

    An excellent pre-roll that proves reliable every time you partake…An uplifting head buzz that eventually becomes a totally relaxing experience that endures for hours.. .’Highly ‘ recommended.

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