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Do you have a stoner friend that’s a little difficult to buy gifts for? If so, worry not! Here are some CBD gift ideas for the stoner in your life. We have everything from vape pens and cannabis-infused oils to chocolate bars and stuff for your pets at wccannabis.co.

CBD is one of the most versatile products on the market. It offers an array of benefits for those who need it, such as athletes, those with anxiety or chronic pain. Our gift guide will help you find something that everyone will love this Christmas season.

Introduction to CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis, which means it’s non-psychoactive. It’s extracted from the plant to create an oil, which offers different benefits for people who need it. It can be used as a dietary supplement or topical cream for conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis.

Take this opportunity to learn more about CBD—and to find out what would make the perfect gift for your favorite stoner this Christmas season.

CBD Products for the Stoner

CBD products make for an excellent gift for any person. Whether you’re looking for a present for someone who needs it or is simply interested in trying it, we have something for everyone. The wide range of CBD products on the market allows you to buy something that will cater to the individual.

For instance, if you know someone with anxiety, you can buy them a CBD-infused tea or smoothie. Likewise, if your stoner friend loves chocolate but needs to stay away from THC, opt for some CBD-infused chocolate bars! For those who want a more long-term solution, there are different types of vape pens and oils available—some come with added benefits like pain relief or relaxation.

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Herbivore Edibles CBD Mix And Match 3 Pack

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Herbivore Edibles CBD - Mix and Match - 10 pack

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Twisted Extracts Mix and Match 3

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Vape Pens

Vape pens are one of the most popular items on our list. If you’re looking for something that your stoner friend will really enjoy, then this is the perfect option. Vape pens offer an easy, discreet way of taking cannabis oil or THC.

There are plenty of different vape pens on the market to choose from. Pick one with features like adjustable heat settings, battery life, and tank size to find one that will best suit their needs. You can also get refillable oil cartridges or cartridges with pre-filled CBD oil if they want to make it more economical.

Cannabis-infused oils

CBD oil is an excellent option for the cannabis lover in your life. There are a variety of brands to choose from, each offering their own dosage rates, flavors, and CBD concentrations.

There are many reasons why CBD oils make for a great gift. First, oils come in a variety of different sizes, which means you can pick the perfect one for your budget. Second it’s easy to carry around and doesn’t have that same harsh scent that people associate with cannabis consumption. And finally, it has an infinite amount of uses!

If you want something different but still delicious, check out the mango flavor option available at wccannabis.co.

So High THC Distillate Mix and Match - 5

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So High THC Distillate Mix and Match - 10

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So High THC Distillate Mix and Match - 25

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So High THC Distillate Mix and Match - 50

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CBD in Chocolate bars

For the cannabis-loving foodie, there are cannabis-infused chocolate bars. These are perfect for those who enjoy sweet treats with a little spice to them! Mota chocolate bars are available in a variety of different flavours. Each bar contains 300mg of THC. You can easily separate into a smaller portions for smaller doses.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone who loves sweets, this is it!

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Ripped Edibles - Chocolate 400mg THC

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Euphoria Extractions - Shatter Bar - Cookies And Green (Indica)

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Euphoria Extractions - Shatter Bar - Cookies And Green (Sativa)

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Euphoria Extractions - Shatter Bar - Pumpkin Spice (Indica)

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CBD For the pets

Let’s not forget about our furry friends. We have CBD enriched pet treats with organic non-GMO ingredients enhancing pets longevity, vitality and immune system. They are made with the best possible ingredients and have gone through extensive lab testing to make sure your furry friends are getting the best products. Your pups will surely enjoy getting a treat for the holiday season.

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Mary’s CBD Pet Tinctures

Buy Mary’s CBD Pet Tincture at Wccannabis

Harmony Nutraceutical Pet Treats

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Longevity Nutraceutical Pet Treats

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Serenity Nutraceutical Pet Treats

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Whether you are shopping for someone who smokes weed, uses vape pens, only uses CBD products, or for your beloved pets, the gifts on this list are sure to help you find the perfect gift. Products are available at Westcoast Cannabis wccannabis.co.

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