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Top 10 Unwritten Weed Smoking Rules And Etiquette

The cannabis culture has unwritten rules that must be followed to have a successful and enjoyable group smoking session. These weed-smoking rules and etiquette ensure no friction in the group and that every member feels comfortable and enjoys the experience.

There are unwritten rules about when and how to pass a joint, how to hit a bowl or bong, which side to pass a joint, and more. Ignoring these rules could mean not being invited to the next smoke session.

In this weed smoking rules and etiquette article, we teach newbies and smokers whose weed-smoking school ended at puff, puff, pass what to keep in mind when smoking with people for the first time.

Here are the top 10 weed etiquette rules you need to know about.

1. Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

If you are hosting a smoking session, ensure you do your best to make the guests feel as comfortable as they can. Chat with your guests, put on some chill stoner music or films and ensure everything, including the glass, is clean.

Make sure you have enough snacks and weed for the session. Snacks are important if the munchies kick in. Also, initiate a stoner game to make the experience even more fun.

2. Don’t Pressure Those Who Don’t Smoke

It’s important to know who in the group will smoke or not. If you are in a communal room, ask the people present if they are okay with you lighting up. If they aren’t, you can always take your joint or bong to a different room.

If someone says they don’t wish to smoke, respect their wishes and don’t make an issue with them. When offering a joint, only ask once. If they say no, move on to the next person.

3. Whoever Rolls It, Sparks ItMan lighting up a joint. Weed Smoking Rules And Etiquette. Buy weed online in Canada from online dispensary west coast cannabis.

Whoever rolls the joint or blunt for the session gets the privilege of sparking it up. This is probably the most well-known rule of smoking cannabis as a group.

Of course this rule doesn’t apply to you if you are the host. If you are hosting the smoke out, offer your guests the first hit. Some guests may kick back the offer to keep good with the rule.

4. Let The Participants Know What They Are Smoking

Weed etiquette dictates that you let your friends know what they are about to smoke. If the weed is too strong – let’s say above 20% THC, make the participants aware before they take the first hit so they can decide whether to continue or not.

If the weed has something added to it to increase the potency, ensure you disclose that beforehand. Remember, everyone handles their weed differently. While you may have developed some tolerance, some in your group may not handle double-digit THC.

5. Bring Your Own Bud

While not absolutely necessary, if you have some stash at home and you are invited for a smoking session, bring some and share with the group. You don’t have to bring your whole stash, just a little bit. I am sure your host will appreciate it.

6. Its Puff, Puff Pass, Not Puff, Puff, Puff Let Me Get One MoreOne person passing a joint to another. Weed Smoking Rules And Etiquette. Order weed online from mail order marijuana online dispensary west coast cannabis.

Everyone, even non-smokers, knows about the puff puff pass mantra. It’s common practice for smokers in a group to form a rotation where the joint goes to the next person, ensuring everyone gets a chance to take a hit.

Don’t be the one who messes up the rotation by hogging the joint. Puff puff pass is a great mantra if, for some reason, you can’t remember that you are in a group session. Don’t engage in “bogarting,” where you hold the joint for too long, preventing others from using it.

Take a few puffs; two or three are okay and pass to the next person.

7. Keep Your Saliva In Your Mouth, Not On The Joint

While the delicious aroma of the bud may have you drooling, when the joint gets to you, it’s only right that you keep your saliva where it belongs. Don’t subject your buds to the terror of hitting a wet joint.

If you are using a bong or any other pipe and feel the mouthpiece is wetter than you are comfortable with, just wipe it with a clean cloth. Alternatively, do the right thing and learn the best ways of smoking weed.

8. Ash Before You PassImage of a lit joint in an ashtray. buy weed online. buy vapes online canada. top weed site.

Puff, puff, pass should have been puff, puff, ash, pass, but that would be too long to remember when hitting some good indica. However, weed-smoking rules and etiquette demand that you consider the next person taking the joint after you. 

Don’t hand over the joint with ash still stacked on end. They probably have been waiting for too long for their turn, don’t make them wait more. Ash the blunt or joint and ensure they have the best possible hit.

9. Don’t Smoke If You Are Sick

A group session means every participant will be sharing a single joint, blunt or bong rotationally. Everyone will probably put their lips on the same mouthpiece or filter. It’s only fitting that you disqualify yourself from the session if you have a cold or any other easily transferable illness.

Pass, don’t puff if you have to be there. Alternatively, you can be the DJ or offer to supply snacks as they will be needed. 

10. Contribute & Share

If you are a guest, always make a point of contributing something to the session. If you have some weed at home, carry some to go and share with your buds. If you don’t, offer to pay for the weed or contribute a few bucks as a thank you for the invitation.

If you are broke – it happens no big deal, bring a bag of supplies. Anything from snacks, rolling paper, smoking apparatus to good – “note good,” music will be appreciated. 

Additional Rule, Left Is Right

Don’t know which side you should pass the joint? Always pass left. Don’t ask why; it just is.

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