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10 Most Popular Vape Pen Cartridges In Canada

Vape pens and vape pen cartridges are a fantastic way to get your daily THC dose. They are easy to use, discreet, cleaner and don’t produce a strong odour like smoking. However, many vape products are on sale in Canada, which makes it hard to decide on one. To help you make that decision, we have created a list of the ten best vape pen cartridges you can buy online today.

Vape cartridges are mini vape tanks that contain a heating coil, mouthpiece, tank and threading to connect it to a compatible battery. Most cartridges come prefilled with THC distillate which may be flavoured with terpenes from specific strains to provide a delicious experience. 

Most cartridges hold 1ml (1g) or 0.5ml/g of THC oil. This article lists the top 10 vape pen cartridges in Canada and where to buy weed online for the best products and prices. 

10 Best THC Vape Pen Cartridges To Buy Online In Canada

1. CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Durban Poison 1ml (Sativa)CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Durban Poison 1ml Sativa. Buy weed online from the best online dispensary and mail order marijuana weed shop in Canada.

Looking for a high-quality vape pen cartridge that you can use to start your day with or boost your energy when the day gets slow? This CG Extracts prefilled cartridge may be just what you need. This premium concentrate cart comes in a 1ml cartridge containing some of the best distillate in the country.

CG extracts use a standard 510 threading, so it’s compatible with lots of batteries and vape devices. This THC vape pen cartridge is prefilled with premium distillate infused with Durban Poison terpenes. Get this energizing THC cartridge from West Coast Cannabis today.

2. Bob Vape Carts2. Bob Vape Carts and vape pen cartridges for sale at online dispensary west coast cannabis canada.

Are you looking for the best value cartridges? Nothing beats these premia Bob Vape cartridges when it comes to value for your money. Bob Vape Carts use top-notch distillate and terpenes to deliver a premium experience you only expect from high price vapes. 

Bob Vape Carts are well priced and contain .6g of product in .5g cartridges. They are also refillable, so you don’t have to get a new one when the juice runs out. Bob Vape Carts are available in various flavours on West Coast Cannabis online dispensary, including White Widow, Gelato, Blue Dream and others.

Buy Bob Vape Carts online today!

3. Straight Goods – Laughing Buddha Sauce Cartridge (Sativa)Laughing Buddha Sauce Cartridge Sativa vape pen cartridge for sale from mail order marijuana dispensary west coast cannabis canada.

This THC sauce cartridge from Straight Goods’ new craft lineup is all the rage. It only contains 60% premium solventless delta 9 THC distillate and 40% HTFSE sauce. 

These 1ml vape pen cartridges use 510 threading and contain high-quality THC distillate infused with premium terp sauce for extra potency, aroma and taste. Laughing Budha is a 75% Sativa strain known for its laughter, smiles and giggles-inducing high.

Buy Straight Goods Laughing Buddha sauce cart from West Coast Cannabis online store.

4. Straight Goods Distillate CartridgeStraight Goods Distillate Cartridge for sale from online dispensary west coast cannabis. buy weed online in Canada.

This product is a different offering from the sauce terp product in number three above. Straight Goods distillate cartridges are for those whose primary concern is to get out-of-space high, but with a bit of flavour and extra benefits on the side.

This 1g THC vape pen cartridges 95% THC distillate infused with 5% organic terpenes derived from different strains, including Runtz, Blueberry OG, Gorilla Glue, Maui Wowie and Master Kush. The high-quality distillate is contained in a 1g adjustable airflow cartridge that delivers an unmatched smooth vaping experience.

Buy this high-quality Straight Goods THC vape Cartridge from West Coast Cannabis online dispensary.

5. So High Extracts Premium Vape 0.5ml THC – Orange Pineapple Cart (Sativa)So High Extracts Premium Vape 0.5ml THC Orange Pineapple Cart Sativa.

This So High Extracts’ Orange Pineapple cart is among the most popular cartridges you can buy online in Canada today. 

Orange Pineapple marijuana strain is a delicious, slightly Sativa dominant hybrid known for its mellow effects. This strain boasts of a mild 12-15% average THC level. But it’s mostly famous for its mouth-watering taste and sweet orange and earthy pineapple hints. Get this high-quality cartridge online today from Canada’s top mail-order marijuana dispensary.

6. CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Gelato 1ml

CG Extracts Gelato vape cartridge is a popular option for cannabis consumers who value the strain’s delicious taste and balanced hybrid effects. This 1ml cartridge contains high-quality THC distillate infused with natural terpenes from the Gelato #33 strain.

Gelato, also known as Larry Bird, is an evenly balanced hybrid weed strain created by the Cookie Fam collective as a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert. In terms of flavour, the name says it all. It has a fruity and creamy taste – similar to the Italian-style ice cream it’s named after.

These GC Extracts vape pen cartridges deliver the same taste and balanced experience but with a high THC content to ensure you get a more potent kick. Buy Gelato THC vape cartridge online from West Coast Cannabis today.

7. So High Extracts Premium 0.5ml Grapefruit THC CartSo High Extracts Premium 0.5ml Grapefruit THC Cart Vape pen cartridge for sale.

Grapefruit Sativa hybrid is described as one of the best strains in Canada. While everyone has their personal preferences, you have to test it to believe it, and what better way than a potent THC cartridge?

This So High Extract’s 0.5 ml cartridge contains high-quality THC distillate for the maximum high and effects, infused with natural Grapefruit terpenes for the exotic citrus flavour that has more sour and acidic notes than other orange strains.

This Grapefruit vape cartridge is available on West Coast Cannabis.

8. Straight Goods – Santa’s Little Helper CartSanta’s Little Helper Cart from Straight Good. Buy weed online in Canada.

This cart contains high-grade solventless THC distillate and HTSFE (sauce), delivering notes of vanilla, custard and other delicious flavours. 

This Straight Goods Saucy Distillate only contains two ingredients – THC concentrate and HTFSE. No PG, VG, PEG or MCT. It uses 510 threading and the latest ceramic core technology to deliver the cleanest hits efficiently.

Get this limited edition Santa’s Little Helper THC Cartridges before stocks run out!

9. CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Lemon Skunk 1ml

CG Extracts premium concentrate cartridges contain 1ml of high-quality distillate extracted using industry-standard methods to guarantee safety and quality. The distillate is then infused with high-quality terpenes from the Lemon Skunk strain for flavour and additional benefits.

Lemon Skunk is a sativa dominant strain, so expect high energy effects from this popular cartridge. This strain is known for its energizing and uplifting effects and a pungent flavour with zesty lemon undertones.

These vape pen cartridges use the industry standard 510 threading, which is compatible with most reusable vape pens. Buy This GC extracts Lemon Skunk THC vape pen cartridge from West Coast Cannabis today and enjoy the best prices, fast Canada-wide shipping and premium products.

10. So High Extracts Green Apple Vape Pen Cartridges – 0.5mlGreen Apple Vape Pen Cartridges 0.5ml. Buy weed online in Canada. Online dispensary Canada for mail order marijuana.

This tasty vape pen cartridge from So High Extracts is one of the most popular carts for daytime use. This cart contains 0.5ml of premium distillate infused with terpenes from the Green Apple OG sativa dominant hybrid.

Green Apple is a 90% sativa dominant hybrid known for its intensely euphoric and energizing effects and delicious flavours and aromas. This cartridge is compatible with 510 threaded vape batteries. Buy this Green Apple weed vape cartridge online today from West Coast Cannabis mail-order marijuana dispensary.

Where To Buy The Most Popular Vape Cartridges Online In Canada

If you are looking to purchase THC vape pen cartridges online, check out West Coast Cannabis, the top weed dispensary in Canada.

At West Coast Cannabis, we have all types of weed products, from flower, cannabis concentrates, to the best vape pen cartridges. All our products are tested and come from reputable producers who put quality and safety first. Order weed online from us today, and we’ll ship it to you anywhere in Canada.

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