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What is Budder? Your Favourite of All Cannabis Concentrates

What is budder and why should it be an addition to your cannabis collection? If you are asking yourself these questions because you are thinking of buying budder from your local weed store, you are in the right place. We have done the research for you.

This comprehensive article will answer the question of what is budder, how to smoke budder, the difference between budder and wax, and much more.

Before jumping to the facts, we want to remind you of the importance of choosing a reliable online dispensary such as West Coast Cannabis. 

Budder is exceptionally potent and you should consume it responsibly. Unfortunately, you will likely run into a shady weed dispensary selling unregulated products. 

For your safety and your ultimate enjoyment, buy cannabis concentrates online in Canada from tried and tested dispensaries.

If all of this sounds good, let’s go to the question of the day; what is budder & why should I care to learn about it?

What is Budder?What is budder cannabis concentrate. Buy weed concentrate dab drug. buy cannabis concentrates online. concentrates canada.

Let’s cut straight to the chase and answer “what is budder”, besides being one of the most beloved cannabis concentrates available on the market. In short, “budder” or budder wax is a popular THC-rich canna concentrate with amazing psychedelic effects. 

The consistency resembles cake frosting, and due to its unique appearance, many people falsely mistake it for something called “cannabutter.” 

Although cannabis butter (a product used to make delicious edibles) and budder weed may look alike, the two are vastly different. 

Budder has a similar texture to regular butter, and it is yellowish/amber in colour. 

Some potheads say that budder has a “waxy texture” and that it is slightly thicker than peanut butter.

This product gets its ultra-creamy consistency via a complex process that you will find out later as we continue answering the question of what is budder.

More importantly, besides its creamy and luscious texture, this product is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates out there for a good reason: It is extremely rich in THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. 

Although the THC percentage will vary from one batch of budder to the next, it usually ranges between 80 and 90 percent

Moreover, since this weed concentrate contains an abundance of terpenes that typically get lost with conventional weed, you will get all the benefits of a high-grade flower (such as the burst of aromas and flavours). 

Overall, weed budder is typically considered the most delicious concentrate by cannabis lovers.

What Is Budder & How Is It Made?

Making weed budder concentrate. buy cannabis concentrates online canada. dab weed.

If you are looking for the finest weed concentrate, choose budder. Here is why.

The process of creating weed budder is highly complex, and to make it, you will require sophisticated tools. Since the process also includes flammable solvents such as butane, there can be a lot of risks involved. 

We recommend avoiding making budder at home. Instead, choose an online dispensary with excellent customer testimonials, such as West Coast Cannabis. By doing this, you ensure that your weed concentrate is safe and potent. 

Most importantly, you do not need to worry about health risks.

With that in mind, manufacturers use CO2 or butane to extract the precious cannabinoids from the flower. Next, they blast the solvent through the cannabis, collect the extract, and then purge the solvent from the extract with a blend of heat and air pressure. 

Finally, the crystalization process begins, and this will result in the cannabis concentrate we call “budder”.

The Best Budder in Canada (Top 3 Picks)

Now that we know what is budder, how do you go about picking the best budder online?

If you are looking to buy budder online in Canada but do not know where to start, our dispensary is here to help. Check out these customer-approved picks for the hottest products on the weed market.

1. Budder – Bubba Kush (Indica)Bubba Kush budder weed Indica concentrates. cannabis concentrates. marijuana concentrate oil.

Stoners seeking the ultimate couch lock will want to try out this Budder – Bubba Kush (Indica). If you are not familiar with Bubba Kush or BK, here is the tea. 

This Indica leaning hybrid (80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa), the “child” of OG Kush and Afghani, comes in with THC levels ranging from 14 to 25 percent. According to stoners, you can expect a head-spinning high that will leave you in ecstasy for hours. 

If you want to elevate your mood, feel happy, and ward off negative thoughts, you will enjoy dabbing budder. The addictive hashy coffee flavour and slightly sweet taste will make you ask for more. 

Overall, it is the best choice for lovers of rich flavours, especially chocolate aficionados. 

What about the effects? Say goodbye to mood swings, muscle spasms, depression, and chronic pain. Buy this budder online in Canada from our dispensary starting from only $25.00.

2. Budder – Girl Scout Cookies (Indica)Girl Scout Cookies Indica budder weed. thc concentrate. weed concentrate. high concentrated thc oil

If you enjoy dabbing budder and you want to try something different, consider the Budder – Girl Scout Cookies (Indica). Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is a notorious hybrid cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush, well-known for its earthy and sweet aroma. 

Besides making you drool and crave more, GSC will launch you into an insane euphoric high. If you want to lose track of time and feel like you are floating in space, this may be the best choice for you. 

However, due to its high THC levels (this hybrid won countless Cannabis Cup awards!), minimal doses are enough. Due to its incredible potency, medical patients dealing with appetite loss, nausea, and chronic pain will benefit from this budder.

You can find this product at our dispensary mere $25.00.

3. Budder – Hawaiian Snow (Sativa)Hawaiian Snow Sativa budder weed dab drug cannabis concentrates. buy weed online. budget buds. cheapweed dispensary.

A fantastic choice for Sativa connoisseurs is the Budder – Hawaiian Snow, an electrifying product that will spark your creative side and boost productivity levels. 

This 100 percent pure Sativa hybrid is a cross between the popular Neville’s Haze, Purple Haze, and Hawaiian Haze strains. 

This budder has THC levels that go across the roof. Of course, the percentages will vary depending on where you purchase your product, but generally, you can expect around 20 to 25 percent of the psychoactive compound. 

According to users, this strain hits quickly and hard. You will initially feel uplifted and euphoric, and as the high progresses, distant and “spacey”. 

We recommend dabbing this budder if you are a struggling artist looking for inspiration. 

Medically speaking, this budder may also be suitable for chronic fatigue, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Of course, before buying budder online in Canada for medical conditions, consult with your healthcare professional.

You can get this budder in Canada from our dispensary for as low as $25.00.

Budder vs WaxBudder weed next to cannabis wax. Budder vs Wax. wax concentrate. marijuana dabs. dab oil.

Now that you know what is budder, you may be asking yourself, “how does budder differ from other concentrates such as wax?”. Here is how.

When mentioning budder vs wax, it is important to know that “budder” is a medium cannabis wax, and it is the creamiest of all concentrates. 

Due to its creamy and moist texture, budder is ideal for manipulation (such as placing it in a vaporizer or on a rig). Overall, “waxes” come in three specific categories, and these are:

  • Budder
  • Crumble
  • Honeycomb

So, the main key in the budder vs wax dilemma is that these products are easy to manipulate and they involve a careful whipping process during manufacture. However, budder and wax aren’t whipped the same way. 

Namely, if you whip the extract long, you will get a crumbly and dry wax. If you cut the process short, the end result will be creamier (in the case of budder).

Budder vs CrumbleBudder weed next to crumble weed. wax concentrate. marijuana dabs. dab oil.

Now that we know what is budder and what is wax, how do the two concentrates compare to crumble?

Crumble is a concentrate with a structure that is similar to cheese. As the name implies, crumble usually tends to “crumble” into pieces or chunks. You can also easily break it by hand, making it convenient for stoners on the go.

As for budder vs. crumble, the difference is easy to spot: Budder is creamy and easy to scoop, while crumble is “crumbly” and dry. Also, during the manufacturing process, the oven temperature is a bit lower than for the budder. 

What Is Budder & How Can I Smoke It?

Budder in Canada is getting increasingly popular, but not a lot of people know how to use it properly. Here is a quick rundown on how to smoke budder the right way.

There are two ways you can use budder. You can either dab it or you can use it for edibles.

If you prefer dabbing budder, you are like the majority of potheads! For this, you will require a quality dab rig and a dab tool. All you need to do is scoop a tiny amount of budder and put it on the nail. Next, heat up the budder and enjoy. 

For best results, we recommend using a premium quartz nail. You will get the best flavour with the dab rig.

You can also vapourize the budder. Just load your product into the vaporizer and when you reach the desired heat (approximately 300 degrees), you will get to enjoy the vapour.

Alternatively, some stoners like using water pipes or bongs. You may need to be patient with this method.

As mentioned, you can also use budder for cannabis infusions such as edibles. However, this method is not as popular as the others.

What are the Average Budder Prices?

The budder prices vary depending on the dispensary. For reference, you can find a high-quality budder from $25.00 up to $450.00. The budder prices will range based on the amounts purchased.

What Is Budder & Where Can I Buy It Online in Canada?

What is budder? It’s something you need to have. 

Budder in Canada is available from most online dispensaries. However, the quality is not always guaranteed.

That is where West Coast Cannabis, Canada’s best online dispensary comes in. Take a look at our website for an impressive collection of dry herbs, concentrates, CBD products, and much more. Buy cheap weed in Canada and enjoy the high of your life!

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