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Do you have trouble staying connected to your emotions and the world around you? Do you feel like your brain is a complex computer locked in an old, dusty basement? Maybe you feel too much or too little. Do you ever wonder what lies beyond that high mountain peak? Or perhaps the company of others is not your forte. Do not fear! What if there was a simpler way to connect with yourself and others through trust, openness and acceptance? Weed might just be the answer. Many people experience what’s known as “the cannabis effect” when they smoke weed.  It is a sensation that can make them more creative, empathetic, insightful, and relaxed. And it doesn’t stop there. Cannabis has proven medical properties that can benefit anyone who takes it regularly. It can help treat anxiety, insomnia, pain, cramps and stress while also boosting moods and appetites.

Weed: The emotional connection

When you’re stoned, you’re often feeling a sense of empathy toward others and yourself. This is because weed activates the same part of your brain as the feeling of empathy. This isn’t just a theory, either. Studies have found that weed can actually make you feel more connected to your emotions. One study found that pot smokers were more likely to cry and show empathy toward others. Yet they were also less likely to judge or be prejudiced against others. So weed can be therapeutic, but it could also open you up to experiencing new feelings of empathy and acceptance.

Weed: The creative connection

While stoned, you may be super creative. This may be because weed can activate the part of your brain that fosters creativity. Brain scans have shown that when you’re high, your brain looks different than it usually does. It becomes less organized, producing more random neuron firings, which could explain why you feel freer than normal to be creative. That’s not to say that you won’t be creative when sober—it just probably won’t be as creative. Pairing weed with creativity could be a new experience for you both. If you are someone who usually doesn’t use weed, this could be an experience that opens you up to more creative outlets. Perhaps you’re a writer and weed makes you write more. Perhaps you’re an artist and you usually only paint when drunk, but with weed, you start painting again.

Weed: The spiritual connection

Why are so many people choosing to use it? Perhaps the answer is as simple as the feelings it can produce. The spiritual connection refers to the feelings of unity, peace, and trusting yourself. You may also experience feelings of love and acceptance. When you are high on weed, all of these feelings can become more apparent, making you feel like you’re connecting more deeply than normal. There are many ways to experience the effects of weed. The “high” you get from using marijuana is not the same as the “high” you get from drinking alcohol. Marijuana is a mind-altering substance that alters your mood and perception of reality, while alcohol is a stimulant that increases dopamine and endorphin production in the brain.


If you are someone who struggles to stay connected to themselves, or others, or who feels like their brain is broken or in some way “too complicated” for them, then weed might be what you need. If you experience severe pain, insomnia or cramps, or a severe case of stress, then weed may be your miracle. For many people, weed is a more effective outlet for emotional and creative connection than alcohol. It could also have spiritual benefits that help you connect more deeply with yourself and others. You may not need to smoke weed to find the connection you need in your life, but it may be worth a try.  Visit Wccannabis.co online dispensary and grab some weed today.


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