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How to Store Shatter Concentrate Correctly

A shatter concentrate breaks down when exposed to environmental elements, so it is essential to know how to store shatter properly.

How to Store Shatter Properly: A Quick Definition of Shatter

Before we learn how to store shatter correctly, we need to understand what shatter is.

Shatter, also called cannabis shatter or weed shatter, is different from any other cannabis product in the Canadian market.

It is a cannabis concentrate made through a high-tech manufacturing process involving a combination of marijuana plants and solvents such as ethanol, propane, or butane hash oil. 

Shatter weed generally looks like stained glass and has a stretchier consistency. Its colour is somewhere between dark yellow and honey gold.

Shatter dabs are extremely popular because they contain a rich amount of THC. Your high is fast-acting and potent. 

If you want to buy shatter online in Canada, head to West Coast Cannabis. This top-tier weed dispensary offers intensely flavoured, aromatic, and potent shatter concentrates. 

Why Is It Critical to Know How to Store Shatter Concentrate Properly? Shatter dab drug cannabis concentrate for sale online from BC cannabis online dispensary Canada. How to store shatter. Buy weed online.

Every marijuana product, much like anything else that perishes, must be stored appropriately. Nothing can kill your mood quicker than toking stale marijuana with a weak potency.

The same is valid for cannabis concentrates. If you don’t know how to store shatter properly, it will lose its taste, aroma, and potency.

Environmental elements such as light, humidity, and heat can deteriorate your shatter concentrate more quickly than when it is stored properly.

At best, your cannabis shatter will have a weak potency and a stale taste, and at worst, it will develop a bacterial infestation, a severe health hazard.

How to Store Shatter

Unlike marijuana strains, knowing how to store shatter weed is a picky process. It is because improper storage can make your concentrate lose its flavour and potency.

A cannabis shatter should always be stashed in an airtight and sealed container.

Moreover, to keep the potency, flavour, and consistency intact for an extended duration, protect your weed shatter from extreme temperatures, ultraviolet light, oxygen, direct sunlight, and heat.

Most critically, keep your concentrate in a dry and cool place. Exposure to heat activates the terpenes and cannabinoids in shatter, which should only happen when consuming it.

How to Store Shatter for Short-Term Storagehow to store shatter in glass jars

A silicone jar is the best way to store shatter for short-term storage. It is straightforward to get any shatter consistency on and off the jar because of its bendability. 

However, a silicone jar is not airtight, which means it cannot be counted on for an extended duration. 

Lastly, ensure that the jar is manufactured with medical-grade silicone to make sure your shatter weed remains uncontaminated and sanitary.

How to Store Shatter Concentrate for Long-term Storage 


Here’s how to store shatter for long-term storage;

You can freeze your shatter weed for long-term storage if you live in a warm climate.

First, you must place your concentrate on parchment paper or a jar. After that, place the jar or parchment in a ziplock bag, and put the zipped bag in an airtight container. 

Remember, when you take out the container, you must allow it to reach room temperature before opening the seal. 

If you immediately open the container, you risk a bit of moisture sweating from the container into your weed shatter. 

The downside is that you will hear water sizzling in your cannabis shatter during your next dabbing session.

Learn How to Store Shatter the Best Way

Shatter weed gets sticky when you handle it with your bare hands. 

Therefore, to ensure its consistency and flavour, wrap it in parchment paper until it is sealed from moisture and light. 

After that, please put it in a cool and dry place. 

If you want to store your cannabis shatter for a medium term, use a ziplock food bag. 

Put the shatter folded in parchment paper in that bag, remove the air and zip it. 

Then, stash the bag in an airtight container, and put it in a cool, dry place. 

Top Shatter Concentrates From Our Online Dispensary

Now that you know how to store shatter for short-term and long-term storage, let us discuss four premium quality shatter concentrates that you confidently order from West Coast Cannabis – one of the top pot stores in Canada to buy shatter online.

1. Alaskan Thunder Fuck Shatter by So High Extracts

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Shatter, a.k.a ATF, is a Sativa-based shatter concentrate with Ruderalis and Afghani genes. The texture is thick and snappy with a translucent and golden yellow appearance.

The ATF weed shatter is extremely popular because of its unique high and 65 to 75% THC volume. The flavour is a blend of skunky pine and herbal citrus which is quite addictive.

Your buzz comes instantly and makes you creative, joyful, and talkative.

The concentrate is quite effective in lessening stress, depression, and chronic pain, besides assisting with treating anorexia. Many consumers have reported a fantastic taste that is easy on the lungs. 

The strain used to create Alaskan Thunder Fuck shatter weed originates from Matanuska Valley, Alaska. 

If you want to buy shatter online from a trustworthy weed dispensary, head over to West Coast Cannabis – a top-tier pot store selling a host of shatter concentrates and budget buds.

2. Northern Lights Shatter

Northern Lights shatter weed is your escape from darkness to bask in bright lights. The concentrate is translucent and clear, which signifies that it is free from cannabis plant matter and is made from the most potent and pure extracts.

To enjoy its long-lasting high, you can consume the Northern Lights shatter any time of the day. You can dab it after a hard working day or toke it after completing your favourite activity.

Its spicy terpenes are guaranteed to take your body and mind on a joyride. 

Northern Lights shatter concentrate makes you happy, relaxed, and sleepy. It is also a great stress, pain, and anxiety reliever. 

The strain used to create Northern Lights shatter is a well-known Indica flower with Thai and Afghani lineage. 

Many users who have consumed it have reported a stable high and no nasty aftertaste.

3. Hawaiian Snow Shatter by So High Extracts

Hawaiian Snow shatter weed is made from a marijuana strain, a beautiful cross of Hawaiian Haze, Pure Haze, and Neville’s Haze.

The terpenes of the concentrate got a sweet, mellow, and fruity aroma, while your flavour is a delicious tropical pine

Hawaiian Snow shatter concentrate got a glass-like texture which snaps upon bending. Your high is a delightful concoction of creative energy and full-body euphoria with many giggles.

It is most suited for social gatherings and creative pursuits.

It is admissible to vape or take shatter dabs of Hawaiian Snow through a vape pen or a dab rig.

Moreover, the concentrate can help you lessen your paranoia and anxiety. 

Many users who have consumed Hawaiian Snow have reported a fantastic flavour and a shatter that burns well. The energy they felt often lasted the whole day. 

If you are looking to buy shatter from a secure online dispensary, visit West Coast Cannabis – a top-of-the-line weed store – to mail order your concentrates now. 

4. Purple Candy Shatter

Purple Candy shatter concentrate is made from a marijuana strain that is a splendid hybrid phytoextraction of Sativa Mendocino Purps and indica Canadian BC Sweet Tooth.

The shatter has an intense aroma and an incredible floral flavour with shades of grapes. 

The Purple Candy cannabis shatter offers a whole-body buzz with deep relaxation and uplifting euphoria. 

However, dabbing Purple Candy weed shatter can couch-lock you while craving a lot of munchies. 

Therefore, play smart and keep a lot of light snacks at arm’s length before your dabbing session. You can also use it for nighttime dabbing.

Many users who have consumed Purple Candy shatter have reported a fantastic high for an extended duration.

It is also a great concentrate to reduce fatigue, anxiety, migraines, and depression. 

Takeaway on the Best Way to Store Shatter

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate made with a combination of marijuana plants and solvents. 

You must know how to store shatter properly to safeguard its potency and taste from environmental elements.

For short-term storage, use a medical-grade silicone jar. Because of its bendability, getting any shatter consistency on and off the silicone jar is quite simple. 

For long-term storage, fold the shatter concentrate in parchment paper, and put it in a sealed bag. Then put the bag in an airtight container and in a cool, dry place. 

Now that you know how to store shatter appropriately, head to West Coast Cannabis to order your premium weed shatter. 

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