Marijuana Chocolate Benefits

Marijuana has come a long way. Not only is it legal now, but users have all kinds of options when it comes to how to use it. You don’t need to grind up flower strains and roll a joint, you can now vape it, use oils or even eat tasty edibles like marijuana chocolate.

While you might not see chocolate as the healthiest thing in the world, marijuana-infused chocolate has a whole host of health benefits. In fact, many medical marijuana patients use edibles to treat all kinds of symptoms from pain to depression. Here’s a guide on marijuana chocolate and your health.

What is Marijuana Chocolate?

There are all kinds of marijuana products to choose from nowadays. And while some users might go for the typical cannabis strains and concentrates, edibles are another popular option. Edibles are food products infused with THC, CBD or both. Marijuana edibles can give you one of the most intense highs possible, but they can also give you a whole host of medical benefits.

Marijuana chocolate is one such type of edible. Simply put, these are chocolate bars and other chocolate treats infused with marijuana. All you need to do is eat these to get the effects of marijuana. They can make consuming marijuana much more enjoyable for many users.

Many people use edibles for recreational use. After all, they can give you extremely potent effects and get you high for a very long time. However, they can also be useful for medical purposes, especially since they’re easy to use.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana Chocolate

Medical Benefits of Marijuana Chocolate

Your dentist or doctor might warn you to stay away from chocolate. However, marijuana chocolate comes with many positive effects on your health. This is thanks to the cannabinoids within them which can give you some powerful medical perks.

For one, marijuana can help significantly with pain and inflammation. A 2019 study found that chronic pain accounts for around 62.2% of medical marijuana users. Cannabinoids bind to receptors in the body to lessen the sensation of pain and reduce inflammation over time.

It can also help mentally. THC is known to induce a happy and euphoric mood, which can help relieve symptoms of depression and chronic stress. One study found that cannabis could significantly reduce ratings of depression, anxiety, and chronic stress in users.

Cannabis also has neuroprotective properties. It’s been shown to help with neurological disorders such as MS and epilepsy. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial effects which can help improve overall health.

Many people also use marijuana for sleep. Its anti-anxiety effects, along with the sedating high it gives you, can be extremely helpful for dealing with insomnia. Many people find they have a better and deeper sleep under the influence of marijuana.

It also has various other positive effects. For instance, it’s been shown to help with diabetes, obesity, HIV/AIDs, spinal cord disease, glaucoma, and even cancer. As such, many people take marijuana edibles as a convenient way to treat symptoms and improve their overall health and wellness.

How Does Marijuana Chocolate Work?

Marijuana chocolates work the same as other edibles. Unlike smoking or vaping cannabis, edible products take a while to kick in. They also have longer and more potent effects when they do kick in.

When you eat marijuana chocolate, it needs to be digested into the liver. Here, it’s converted to 11-hydroxy-THC, a stronger form of the chemical which gives powerful psychoactive effects.

However, it usually takes around 1-2 hours to really kick in. This can vary based on the user’s weight and metabolism. Once it takes effect, edibles can last for anywhere from 4-12 hours. Most users will feel peak effects at around 2.5 to 3.5 hours after consumption.

It can be overwhelming for beginner users, and it’s best to only start with a small dosage. However, many find strong recreational high and medical effects very enjoyable.

Where To Buy Marijuana Chocolate

Where To Buy Marijuana Chocolate

You’re unlikely to find marijuana chocolate in Canadian marijuana stores. However, you can buy it online for delivery across the country. offers some great marijuana chocolate products, as well as other edibles. Here are a few options.

Baked Edibles Chocolate Bar – This cannabis-infused chocolate bar comes with 150mg of THC, split into 15 servings of 10mg. This makes it easy to control your dosage and use multiple times. You can choose from two delicious flavors- Hazelnut Crunch or Mile High Mint. Each bar costs $20-22 so you get plenty of value for your money.

Mota Chocolate Cubes – This small 9-square chocolate bar contains a whopping 900mg of THC. It’s split into nine 100mg squares, but you may want to make these even smaller for a manageable dose. You can get it in Cherry or Milk Chocolate flavors.

Mota Canna Cocoa – Eating cannabis chocolate isn’t your only option. You can also try out this delicious cocoa drink. Just add the mixture to the milk and mix together for a refreshing and relaxing nighttime drink. Each pack has 150mg of THC and it even comes with marshmallows.

Buying online is an easy and convenient way to get the products you need. Online orders are sent out discreetly so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you’re having delivered.

Alternatives to Marijuana Chocolate

Marijuana is a great choice for those who want an enjoyable way to get the recreational and medical effects of cannabis. However, there are plenty of other options also available to buy online.

Marijuana edibles come in all shapes and sizes, from sour gummies to vegan protein bars. If you’re not a big fan of chocolate, there’s sure to be something you do like.

Cannabis Oils offer a super fast and convenient way to take THC, CBD or both. Many people use these for medical effects due to their ease-of-use.

Of course, there are also plenty of cannabis strains and concentrates to choose from. You can smoke or vape these for fast-acting effects.


Marijuana chocolates are another way to enjoy the great effects of cannabis. All you need to do is eat a square or two and wait for it to kick in. It’s best to start off with a low dose of 10mg before you try any more- THC chocolates can be highly potent. However, as long as you use them wisely, they can be fantastic both for recreational and medical effects.

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