Weed Edibles First-Timer Guide

Weed Edibles are one of the many alternative ways to take marijuana and provide one of the most sensational highs possible.

When you consume marijuana in edible form, your body converts the THC into 11-hydroxy-THC. Not only does this give you a much more intense high, but it also lasts for many hours longer than just smoking or vaping weed.

Edibles come in various forms. While you’ve likely heard of weed brownies, you can also get marijuana-infused chocolate bars, gummies, and even marijuana drinks. Many users use edibles for the powerful recreational effects, but they can also give you strong relief for issues such as chronic pain, migraines, depression, and many other medical symptoms.

These products are a lot of fun when you use them wisely. However, edibles provide a much different experience than smoking or vaping weed, and there are a few things beginners need to be aware of before they try edibles for the first time. It also helps to know how much to take and what exactly to expect. Here’s a first-timer guide to weed edibles for anyone thinking about trying them out.

What Exactly are Weed Edibles?

Weed Edibles (often referred to simply as edibles) are food products that are infused with marijuana. They can be made in multiple different ways, although they’re usually created by cooking marijuana into butter or oil and infusing the resulting product into all kinds of unique recipes. You can now buy marijuana gummies, brownies, cakes, chocolate bars, and all kinds of other unique edible creations.

What Exactly are Weed Edibles

Edibles can be made with any regular marijuana strain, which means you can get edibles with indica, sativa or hybrid effects. However, they provide a unique experience to regular methods of marijuana consumption. When you take weed edibles, your body converts THC into a stronger form of the chemical, 11-hydroxy-THC, which results in a longer-lasting high with more powerful effects.

Although the effects of edibles can be intense, they’re also extremely enjoyable. First-timers should always start with a low dose to get used to the effects and keep in mind that they work a little differently from regular methods of consumption. There are also other ways to take edibles- some users take microdoses for much milder effects. You can also buy CBD Edibles which give you various medical perks without getting you high.

Should You Take Weed Edibles?

If you’re looking for a unique way to get high, edibles are the perfect product for you. You’ll experience a powerful head and body high that can last eight hours or sometimes even more with higher doses. As long as you don’t go over your limits, you’ll have a very enjoyable experience full of euphoria, happiness, and a powerful physical high that relieves your entire body of pain and tension.

If you don’t like getting too high, you might want to avoid taking edibles. They’re also not ideal if you plan to be productive- the high will last for hours on end and most likely make you a little too lazy and relaxed. However, you can split your edibles into much smaller doses for a mild yet long-lasting high. CBD Edibles are another option for medical users who want sustained benefits without any psychoactive effects.

How Long Till Edibles Make You High?

One of the most important things to know before taking edibles for the first time is that the high will take a while to kick in. When you smoke or vape weed, the THC reaches your system and gives you effects almost instantly. However, with edibles, you should expect to be waiting much longer.

How Long Till Edibles Make You High

Usually, the effects of edibles kick in anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours after consumption. Your body needs to digest the edible and convert the THC into 11-hydroxy-THC before you start feeling high. As such, you should be careful with edibles and consider whether you have time to take them- especially as the high lasts even longer.

The time edibles take to kick in can depend on numerous factors. For instance, lighter users and users with faster metabolisms will likely feel the effects much sooner than heavier users and users with slower metabolisms. It can also depend on the kind of edible you take as some foods digest faster than others. The dose you take and your tolerance to THC will also have an impact.

How Long Does the High from Edibles Last?

It’s also important to know that the edibles high lasts much longer than your regular high. While they can take up to a couple of hours to kick in, the high can last for hours on end, and you’ll need to time your consumption and control your dosage accordingly.

Users generally report feeling high for around 4 to 12 hours. A study on edibles found that peak effects of edibles usually occur at around 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours, although the effects can linger for much longer. You may even feel some mild residual effects up to 24 hours after taking edibles.

Of course, the length and intensity of your high will also depend on numerous factors. Users with a lower tolerance for weed will likely feel the effects more strongly and for more time. Your dosage will also make a significant difference. Those who want a shorter, milder high are better off sticking to small amounts. Either way, it’s generally best to take edibles when you have plenty of free time ahead.

How Long Do Edibles Stay In Your System?

While the effects of edibles will wear off within the day, you’ll still be left with some THC in your system. Although this won’t make you high, it may be a concern to users who want to avoid failing a drug test. However, there are ways to speed up the process of detoxifying and flush the THC out of your system.

Marijuana metabolites from edibles usually stay in your body for around 3 to 14 days, although most of them will be flushed out within a week. A study found that you generally excrete around 80-90% of THC within around five days.

There are numerous ways you can get marijuana metabolites out of your system faster. You should always drink plenty of water and eat high-fiber foods to speed up your digestive system. Liquids such as prune juice and cranberry juice will also help.

If you have a drug test coming up, you’ll also want to take B Vitamins and Creatine, along with plenty of water. This helps mask the THC in your system while also flushing more of it out. You can also buy detox kits to help you deal with an upcoming drug test. However, if you know you have a drug test coming up within a week, it’s best to avoid edibles.

Best Edibles Dosage for Beginners

Best Edibles Dosage for Beginners

Since edibles deliver such a strong high, it’s especially important for first-timers to be careful about how much they take. Even a small dose of weed edibles is usually enough to deliver potent effects for hours. 

Packets of edibles will usually tell you how much THC they contain in each serving and as a whole. Usually, the best edibles dosage for beginners is around 10mg of THC. You can get a long-lasting euphoric high this way without it being too overwhelming or uncomfortable.

As you build up your experience with edibles and your tolerance grows, you can build up to higher doses of 20-30mg or even more. However, it’s always best to start low before you take too much. Since edibles can last for up to 12 hours, it’s much more important to avoid a bad trip.

It’s usually easy to control your edibles dosage, especially as many are split into easy-to-consume servings. For instance, weed gummies usually contain 10mg of THC per gummy. Other edibles, such as brownies and cakes, may have to be split in order to get an appropriate dosage.

Guide to Microdosing Edibles

While a 10mg THC serving of weed edibles is good for those who want a strong recreational high, you could also consider microdosing. Microdosing refers to taking an extra small dose of THC in order to get milder effects. When you microdose with edibles, you can still get a long-lasting high, but the effects will be much more manageable.

You can microdose with edibles by splitting your edibles up into even smaller servings. For instance, a 10mg marijuana gummy can be split into servings of 5mg or even 2.5mg. That way, you can get tons of use out of your edibles and still experience enjoyable effects.

What are CBD Edibles

Microdosing is good for users who want a recreational high that isn’t too overpowering. It’s also especially useful for medical users who want sustained benefits of pain and anxiety relief without getting too high. It’s simple to split your edibles into smaller servings and you can make your doses as small as you like.

What are CBD Edibles?

If you want long-lasting medical benefits but don’t want the intense psychoactive effects of marijuana, you can use CBD Edibles as an alternative. CBD Edibles contain pure cannabidiol, a cannabinoid with a plethora of medical benefits and no psychoactive effects.

Unlike THC Edibles, you can take as many CBD Edibles as you like without worrying about side effects. CBD is very safe to use in any quantity and won’t cause any harm to your health. It’s also non-addictive and it’s impossible to overdose on CBD.

CBD is commonly used to treat symptoms such as pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, migraines, and various other medical issues. CBD Edibles make it easy to treat these issues simply by eating them. While it can take a while for them to have an effect, they can be very effective for helping with various symptoms.

Can You Make Your Own Edibles?

It’s fairly easy for anyone to make their own edibles. There are a few different methods you can use, some of which make it extra easy to create homemade weed-infused foods and drinks.

Edibles are often made by creating cannabis butter or cannabis oil. To do this, you’ll need to decarboxylate your weed in an oven for around 45 minutes to activate the THC. Once decarboxylated, the weed is then infused into butter or oil to create a THC-packed ingredient. You can use cannabis butter or oil in all kinds of recipes, from brownies and cakes to regular meals.

Alternatively, you can also add THC Oil into recipes for a quick and easy weed edible. You can also add it to drinks such as smoothies and cocktails for a potent weed-infused beverage.

Although it’s easy enough to make edibles, many people choose to simply buy readymade edibles. It’s now easy to buy edibles online in Canada and have them delivered to you anywhere in the country.

Can You Make Your Own Edibles?

Best Edibles to Buy for Beginners

If you want to try edibles, the best way to get them is to buy online. You can find a massive selection of edibles to suit all tastes, from tasty marijuana chocolate bars to weed gummies. Here are some of the best edibles to buy for beginners.

Twisted Extracts Black Cherry ZZZ Bombs give you eight doses of 10mg of THC in the form of mouth-watering fruit gummies. With 80mg of THC in each pack, you can get plenty of use out of these. The gummies are infused with indica cannabis, so expect a long-lasting, intense euphoric and relaxing high.

Baked Edibles Cookies are a classic edible product. Each cookie contains 30mg of THC, but you can easily split it into halves or even smaller pieces for a more manageable dose. Three flavors are available- Double Chocolate, Ginger Chew, and Oatmeal Chocolate. With one cookie costing just $6, you can get amazing value for your money with these delicious edibles.

Buuda Bomb Gummies give you 100mg of THC in each pack. However, they’re split into ten gummies each with 10mg of THC, making it easy to get a good dose by just taking one. You can get these in all kinds of fruity flavors from blue raspberry to strawberry.


Weed Edibles can be an incredible experience, providing that you use them wisely. Beginners should always start off with a low dose of around 10mg of THC and only build up when they’re ready. Keep in mind that the high from edibles can take a couple of hours to kick in and last as long as 12 hours. However, if you want a potent, long-lasting high, edibles are the way to go.

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